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I am going as far away from you and Robin as possible. Over the rainbow, where you can't follow.

Zelena to Regina Mills src

The Land of Oz[1] is a world featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the sixteenth episode of the third season.

Oz is based on the location of the same name from the novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


Before First Curse

A woodcutter and his wife are travelling to Emerald City when a cyclone drops a basket in front of them. The woman discovers an infant girl in the basket. Only the husband sees the newborn use powerful magic, and out of fear, he attempts to convince his wife to leave the girl behind, but she insists on keeping the child and naming her Zelena. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Years later, Zelena's mother passes away while the father grudgingly raises the girl. One day, Zelena is visited by Cora who seeks help from her to help cure her daughter. Zelena is then taken to the Enchanted Forest by Cora as Zelena agrees to help her. After helping Cora, Zelena and Cora's daughter Regina becomes friends. This results in Cora bringing Zelena back and forth from Oz to the Enchanted Forest for playdates. Zelena eventually finds out that she is Regina's older half-sister and Cora's first born, but in order to keep it as a secret, Cora removes her memories of such events and sends her back to Oz. ("Sisters")

Zelena also befriends a young woodcutter named Stanum, who encourages her to use her magic to help people. Still, with her adoptive father's ongoing abuse, Zelena internalizes that magic is a mark of wickedness. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

Years later, Zelena's father admits her true origins. Upset, Zelena goes to the Wizard of Oz about her birth family. He reveals Zelena was abandoned because her mother, Cora, desired to become royalty, which her first-born child could not suffice. Zelena gets a glimpse of her half-sister, Regina, who became Queen and is being taught magic by Rumplestiltskin. The Wizard of Oz gifts her a pair of slippers to travel anywhere she desires, to which Zelena goes to Regina's palace. Later, Zelena, whose envy for Regina has turned her skin green, asks the Wizard to send her back in time to change the circumstances of Cora's abandonment. When told this is not possible, she angrily tears away the Wizard's curtain to reveal he is a showman named Walsh. Zelena makes use of the man by turning him into a flying monkey. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Shortly after, Glinda, the Witch of the South, arrives and asks Zelena to join her in Oz's sisterhood of witches. Along with the Witch of the East and the Witch of the North, they believe Zelena is destined to join them because of a prophecy foretelling of a sorceress arriving by cyclone and becoming the Witch of the West. Despite still obsessed about changing her past, Zelena is convinced by Glinda of her destiny as a witch of the sisterhood. After receiving a pendant to harness her powers, they reach a girl, Dorothy, who arrives to Oz by cyclone. Fearing this child is the actual Witch of the West, Zelena's skin begins reverting to green and she discovers the prophecy also states the sorceress will "unseat the greatest evil the realm has ever seen," which she believes is herself. Zelena fakes her own death after purposely attacking Dorothy, who responds by throwing water onto her. Realizing the prophecy was right, Glinda offers Dorothy Zelena's place in the sisterhood, but the girl wishes to go home. With Zelena is gone, her magic is undone, thus the Wizard returns, or so Glinda believes. In truth, Zelena masquerades as the man to send Dorothy home. After the big reveal, Glinda vows to find another sorceress to fulfill the prophecy, but Zelena banishes her to the Enchanted Forest. ("Kansas")

Following Rumplestiltskin's orders, world traveler Jefferson heads to Oz in search of magic slippers capable of jumping through lands. Though unsuccessful, he does return with a crystal ball that Rumplestiltskin begrudgingly accepts. ("The Doctor")

With the Wizard under her control and Glinda trapped in the Enchanted Forest, Zelena takes dominion over the Emerald City and its guards. One day, a thief known as Robin of Locksley travels to Oz to acquire a potion called the Elixir of the Wounded Heart. He meets a young man named Will Scarlet, who helps him break into the Wicked Witch's palace. Zelena catches Robin, who narrowly escapes with some of the elixir. However, rather than taking it with him, Robin chooses to give the elixir to Will Scarlet. ("Heart of Gold")

Years later, Dorothy learns that Zelena faked her death and returns to Oz to lead a resistance against the Wicked Witch, while Zelena herself continues to develop her Time Travel Spell. Dorothy storms into the Emerald Castle to rescue a Scarecrow whose brain the Witch intends to use as an ingredient in her spell. However, Zelena finds an unexpected ally with Hades, god of the Underworld. The Wicked Witch and the King of the Dead fall in love on their mission to take the Scarecrow's brain, but she rejects him, paranoid that he is trying to steal the time travel spell for himself. ("Our Decay")

Zelena's childhood friend Stanum visits her in the Emerald Castle, hoping for her help in reversing a curse that is gradually turning him into a tin statue. The Witch and Stanum rekindle their bond as he tries to show her that she can have a happy life even if she is not dictator of Oz, but when she realizes that the Crimson Heart needed to save Stanum would cause her to lose her magic, she refuses. Stanum tries to get the Witch to see reason, telling her that he always has and will continue to accept her for who she is, but Zelena insists that her magic is her entire identity. The Wicked Witch stands by as Stanum turns completely to tin, snarking that maybe the people's heroine Dorothy will come along and save him. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

Zelena's addiction to magic and intense need to feel special spirals to a point where she actively hunts down the rest of Oz's witch population, including the Witch of the North (the woman responsible for Stanum's condition) and the East, banishing or killing them. One day her hunt leads her a cannibalistic witch who lives in a gingerbread house. Zelena refuses to help the two children that the witch is holding hostage, and is defeated by the other sorceress. A wounded and disoriented Zelena is discovered in the woods by Ivo, a blind woodcutter and the father of the witch's two captives, Hansel and Gretel. Her time with Ivo convinces her to use her abilities to help people, and so she returns to the gingerbread cottage where she casts a blinding spell on the witch and attempts to rescue Ivo's children. However, Hansel and Gretel have already escaped back to their father, who calls out Zelena for not helping his children when the opportunity presented itself. Having spoiled yet another chance at redemption, the Wicked Witch destroys the bottled eyesight she brought for Ivo and leaves young Hansel badly burned. ("Chosen")

Alongside the Enchanted Forest, Oz is affected by Snow White's accidental casting of a singing spell. Using her mirror magic to spy on Regina, now known as the Evil Queen, the Wicked Witch revels in her sister's failures and gleefully sings "Wicked Always Wins". Hoping to humiliate Regina further and demonstrate that she is the superior witch to Rumplestiltskin, the Wicked Witch creates a magical box to stop the singing and sends it to the Enchanted Forest. However, with the end of the singing spell, the Blue Fairy transfers all the songs into the heart of Snow White's unborn daughter and removes everyone's memories of the incident, so Zelena never gets her chance to reveal what she did to Rumplestiltskin. ("The Song in Your Heart")

After First Curse

At some unknown point between Emma breaking the first Dark Curse and Regina shutting down all transportation between the Land Without Magic and the realms of story, Zelena leaves Oz for the Enchanted Forest, hoping to use Rumplestiltskin's brain, Prince Charming's courage, Regina's heart, and Snow White's unborn son's innocence to finally cast her Time Travel Spell. ("A Land Without Magic," "Going Home," "New York City Serenade," "Witch Hunt," "Bleeding Through," "Kansas")

Also unknown is when Gretel, Hansel, and the Blind Witch left Oz for the New Enchanted Forest. ("Chosen," "The Eighth Witch," "Sisterhood")

After Third Curse

Regina, using the apprentice's wand, brings a cyclone to take Zelena to Oz so she can protect Baby Hood. It breaks the glass of the clock tower. Zelena holds on to the clock and tries to not get taken away. She claims that it won't be the last they'll see of her, and she can't hang on and lets go. The cyclone then takes Zelena to Oz. ("Swan Song")

Coincidentally, Ruby and Mulan travel to Oz in search of werewolves around the same time, where they meet Dorothy and her faithful dog Toto. Determined to return to Storybrooke and reunite with her infant daughter, Zelena dognaps Toto and demands that Dorothy surrender the realm-traversing Silver Slippers to get him back. As the three women work to rescue Toto, Ruby and Dorothy begin to fall in love. However, before Ruby can confess her feelings, Zelena subdues Dorothy, placing her under a sleeping curse and stealing the silver slippers.("Ruby Slippers")

While Ruby chases down Zelena, Mulan remains in Oz and finds the sleeping Dorothy. She gathers a crew of Munchkins to watch over the Ozian heroine until such time that she can be awakened. With encouragement from her old friend Snow, Ruby returns to Oz and gathers the confidence to attempt true love's kiss on Dorothy. Once she is revived, Ruby and Dorothy affirm their love as Mulan, Snow, and the Munchkins look on happily. ("Ruby Slippers")

As the Final Battle with the Black Fairy looms, Zelena is offered a chance to return to Oz, but ultimately decides to use the cyclone to retrieve the Crimson Heart to sacrifice her own magic to deal a blow to the Black Fairy's power. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

During Fourth Curse
Oz, like all of the realms of story, is threatened with non-existence by the Black Fairy's curse. Zelena, baby Robin, and a group of Munchkins manage to escape using one of the Mad Hatter's portal hats before Oz and everyone therein vanishes entirely. ("The Final Battle Part 1")

After Fourth Curse
After the forces of good win the Final Battle, Oz, like all the other realms of story, is restored. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

After Sixth Curse
After Regina casts the sixth and final "light curse," Oz is merged into the United Realms. ("Leaving Storybrooke")


* This inhabitant's status and/or current whereabouts is unknown


For detailed location information, please see the Oz Locations category or the list of minor Oz locations.

Ways to Access Oz

Oz can be reached:

  • By a natural cyclone. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")
  • By Jefferson's Hats' portal of doors where the green curtain door leads to Oz.[2] It is distinguished by the word "OZ" painted in golden letters on each side of the door.[3] ("Hat Trick")
  • Also, every other way that can be used in a magical location is possible due to the location being a magical world. (For more information, see World-crossing.)


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