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My village... I was in my garden when a masked man rode in. His name is Vortigan. He ransacks towns, burns them to the ground, so I-I fled on foot to the woods. I looked back from the hillside, and everything was in flames. He had killed everyone.
Nimue to Merlin src

Oxleigh[1] is a Camelot location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the seventh episode of the fifth season.


Before First Curse

A young woman named Nimue lives in the village of Oxleigh, where middlemist flowers are known to grow. One day, Nimue is in the garden outside her house, when a man named Vortigan storms the village in search of the Holy Grail. Nimue escapes unscathed, fleeing into the woods and taking middlemist flower seeds with her. Meanwhile, Vortigan forces every household to bring out their cups for him to see, but none of the cups are the Holy Grail. Not finding the treasure, Vortigan slaughters the remaining villagers and proceeds to burn the village to the ground, leaving Nimue as the sole survivor. He then continues on to the next village, Camelot.

Nimue meets a sorcerer named Merlin and the two fall in love. Wishing to become mortal again so the two of them can grow old together, Merlin takes Nimue with him to the Temple of Prometheus. On the way to temple, they stop at Nimue's ruined village and sees all the cups lying in the street. He asks her to check on the pack she's carrying and make sure the Holy Grail is secure. While Merlin is busy performing a detection spell, Nimue secretly takes out the Holy Grail and drinks from it, in the hopes she can be immortal and never have to part from him. Through the detection spell, Merlin discovers that Vortigan is near. Nimue begs Merlin to destroy him, but he declines because using magic to kill someone is giving into darkness. ("Nimue")


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