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Dead in the Water

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. The Jolly Roger is navigating towards the Southern Isles. Captain Jones is making sure the ship and its crew survive the terrible tempest they are facing.

Hook: Look sharp there! Secure that tieback! It's leaping around like a fish in a net! And you, get below decks! I don't care how seasick you feel, this is no place for a cook!
Cook: Captain Jones, sir, I... I just needed a breath of--
Hook: Better sick than drowned. Go on, get below!
Unknown: Incoming!
Cook: (the ship tilts to one side and the cook falls to the ocean) AAAHHH!
Hook: Damn fool.
Cook: H-h-glg-help!
Hook: Grab ahold of the line! (Captain Jones grabs a rope and throws it overboard for the cook to take it)
Cook: (coughs, sputters, coughs) Thank (coughs) Thank you, captain--
Hook: Get below now! I may not waste a line next time!

SCENE: Moments later, on the other side of the Jolly Roger. Captain Killian Jones approaches the ship's helmsman, Lewis, who is having a hard time getting the ship steady.

Lewis: No point in sugarcoating it, captain.
Hook: I know. Not one of our easier days, Lewis. She's not settling right, we're taking on water.
Lewis: There's no ship truer than the Jolly Roger, but even she's got limits, Killian.
Hook: We've been through worse.
Lewis: Aye, but not by much. The way this is looking... I don't know that we'll make it to the Southern Isles. Or any other port for that matter...
Hook: So you've given up, then? Ready to hang up the old skull and crossbones?
Lewis: Hardly, Captain. Just speaking my mind.
Hook: Well, I, for one, am holding out hope. (Captain Jones takes out his telescope) There has to be a safe harbor close by. And as they say, it's when you least expect it that... Wait! I see something! Calm waters ahead, and possibly our salvation! Hard to port!
Lewis: What makes you so sure those waters are calm?
Hook: I spotted some mist in that direction. No fog could cling to the kind of waves we've got here!
Lewis: Let me see! (Lewis takes the telescope off Killian) Captain, no! Didn't you get a good look at those mists? They're--
Hook: Green as our seasick cook, aye.
Lewis: So you're purposefully driving us into the Leviathan Shoals?
Hook: I'd sooner take our chances with the legendary sea beast over there than die out here.
Unknown Pirate: Captain, the bilge pump's overwhelmed! We must 'ave popped a seal but the men can't find it, the way we've been pitchin' around. If we take on any more water...
Hook: Sorry, Lewis, it doesn't sound like we've got much choice. The shoals it is.
Lewis: But the mists—they can cloud the mind. Induce visions, madness... Even drive men to murder!
Hook: I'm not too concerned... I've yet to meet the pirate who didn't indulge in a little madness and murder from time to time.

SCENE: Later the same day, after the Jolly Roger succesfully leaves the tempest and arrives to the Leviathan Shoals.

Hook: Now that's better, this waters are gentler than a woman's touch. All right, men, let's look to those repairs! We'll not be spending a moment longer here than we have to.
Lewis: You there! (he points at one side of the ship, talking to a group of pirate) Get that corner secured, looks like the wind had its way with it! (he notices Captain Jones has something in his mind) What is it?
Hook: We're not alone. (he points at something on the sea surface) Move to intercept that vessel! And don't lose sight of it! The damnable light here plays tricks on the eyes!
Lewis: What's another vessel doing all the way out here? Think it's a trap?
Hook: Most likely, but perhaps we can do the trapping if we keep our wits about us. (upon getting closer to the other vessel) Ahoy there! (he sees who's in the boat) It can't be...
Liam Jones: Killian? Brother, is that really you?
Hook: Liam? Hang on! (Liam is brought aboard of the Jolly Roger and the brothers hug, both smiling) You're... You're alive!
Liam: I never thought I'd see you again, brother.
Hook: Neither did I. The last time I saw you, you were...Poisoned by that dreamshade from Neverland... I thought... you were dead.
Liam: No, brother—It only appeared that way.
Hook: But Liam... your body was lifeless, I watched you sink to the bottom of the ocean! How is any of this possible?
Liam: It's... I myself am not sure how to explain it...
Hook: I'm sure you'll have an easier time once we get you a hot meal and some fresh clothes.
Liam: (walking down the stairs, entering the captain's quarters) Once I tell you my tale, you'll have to tell me yours. How does an officer of the royal navy end up a pirate?
Hook: I had plenty of reason to turn, brother. If it wasn't for that "King" of ours, I never would have lost you in the first place. The last time we were in these quarters, I held you in my arms as the dreamshade's poison crept back into your veins. The magical waters from Neverland failed you once we were home...
Liam: I remember. I remember the pain of it... And the darkness. There were no dreams, no feelings... (flashbacks showing what Liam narrates) When I finally awoke, I found myself marooned on a desolate island. There was fresh water and abundant fishing. But no people, no landmarks I could recognize. The loneliness was almost too much. I don't know how long I was there before a boat armed on the island's shores, blown off course during a storm. I begged them to let me on board, though their vessel was small. They agreed, and I thought I was on my way back to you, Killian. But then a storm blew up, more ferocious than any I'd ever encountered... When the waves suddenly calmed, we thought we had been miraculously spared. We gave thanks to the gods of the sea. It was only once the madness struck the crew that I knew without a doubt where we were... The Leviathan Shoals. Hysteria spread amongst the men, each succumbing in turn as our attempts to escape the shoals failed. For each time we tried to flee, we were thwarted by the monstrous Leviathan that inhabits this cursed realm of the ocean. I was the only one aboard my vessel who survived.
Lewis: (entering the quarters) Captain, a word?
Hook: What is it, Lewis? Has the creature shown itself?
Lewis: Not yet, Captain. I wanted to speak to you about a more pressing issue. (once outside Liam's hearing range, on the ship's deck) You realize that man below cannot be your brother. It's not possible.
Hook: Obviously it is. He must have been alive when we cast his body overboard.
Lewis: I saw what the dreamshade did to him. There was no way we were mistaken, or we would not have buried him at sea. So whatever is in your cabin eating our soup? Is not your brother.
Hook: How can you be so sure? We've seen many odd things in our travels. Perhaps the dreamshade only put Liam in a deep sleep, or a mermaid placed him under an enchantment... The man below deck is flesh and blood. And I see my brother looking back at me from his eyes.
Lewis: I merely wanted to remind you that this region is known for its phantasms--
Hook: All right, men, gather 'round, we'll be departing these shoals with haste!

SCENE: Later the same day, aboard of Liam's vessel.

Hook (background voice): Now listen closely. We have at best one shot at defeating the creature who rules these shoals... This monster is used to chasing one target at a time. But if that target should split into two, and if those two should then attack it...
Hook: (getting Liam's vessel ready for the attack) Aye, that should toss quite a distance.
Hook (background voice): might provide enough of a distraction. And buy us enough time to flee to honest waters.
Hook: (upon getting back aboard his own ship) The Jolly Roger is ready to set sail. Good luck, brother! And know this... Though you helm a different vessel, you will always be at my side.
Liam: Awfully sentimental for a pirate, aren't you?
Hook: Just like an older brother. Making jest of everything.
Liam: Well, hear this for it is not in jest: Take care, Killian, and may luck be with you, too.
Unknown: All right, boys, it's now or never!
Hook: Steady on! We're nearing the edge of the shoals!
Lewis: Killian, look! The waves ahead--
Hook: Keep the course and we'll make it yet!
Leviathan: (emerging from the ocean) KRRRRSHHHHH
Hook: Men, veer to starboard! We have to circumvent the beast! (the Leviathan's many tentacles grab the Jolly Roger from all sides) The gunpowder, Liam! Now!
Hook: It's working, hit him again, Liam!
Liam: (lighting the gunpowder) Open wide...
Leviathan: (Liam flings dynamite and it causes a huge explosion inside its mouth) SSSSKKRRAAAAA!
Hook: Brother! (pointing at Liam's vessel, which is setting ablaze with huge flames) Your boat! Look out!
Liam: Oh, no! (he tries to put the fire off with his jacket, but it's too big)
Hook: Liam! Abandon ship! There's no time to lose! Jump and we'll haul you aboard!
Liam: Are you mad, Killian? Who's to say there's not another sea beast lurking in these waters!
Hook: Then we'll send out a lifeboat!
Liam: One of these monsters could swallow a lifeboat whole. You have to come back for me with the Jolly Roger
Hook: But we're so close to freedom.
Liam: There's no reason we have to leave tonight, Killian! Let's stay in the shoals a bit longer! Search out other lost souls who may be hidden in the mists. We can try for free waters another day. Please, come back for me!
Lewis: Captain, it's just as I said, this is all some sort of trick.
Hook: Lewis, still your tongue.
Lewis: You know as well as I do that Liam was a fierce lad. A man brave enough to face any waters, no matter how treacherous.
Hook: Perhaps you're right. That man looks like my brother... But the brother I knew would never give up so easily. Even so, this is not your decision to make. It's mine. And I say we pull for our freedom. No matter what we're leaving behind.
Liam: Killian, no! You left me once... Don't do it again! Please! Don't go!

SCENE: That night, still aboard the Jolly Roger, but sailing through much calmer waters.

Lewis: Captain... You have to know we wouldn't have had another chance like that. You saved us.
Hook: I know. I just wish I could be sure I didn't leave my brother to die. (and after Lewis leaves his side) May the stars guide you home, Liam, wherever you may be... (he lifts a bottle of rum to the sky) Until then, your spirit will never leave my side.

Truth and Daggers

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past. The Dark castle. Rumplestiltskin is searching for his maid.

Rumplestiltskin: Belle! Where are you, dearie?
Belle: (Belle is struggling with the fastener of her cloak) Why can't I ever get this fastener--
Rumplestiltskin: Belle! Oh, there you are. And so near the front door. Planning on leaving me?
Belle: You know I wouldn't do that, Rumplestiltskin.
Rumplestiltskin: No, certainly not. At least not while wearing that fastener.
Belle: Don't be so dramatic. I'm just going to the market down the road. Unless you start spinning straw into meals, I still need food to cook with.
Rumplestiltskin: (he approaches closer to Belle) Just don't forget, that fastener is enchanted. If you wander off, I'll know. (Rumplestiltskin fixes the fastener on Belle's cloak)
Belle: I made a promise to stay with you forever. And I hope that someday you'll realize I'm a woman of my word.
Rumplestiltskin: Well, we'll see about that. Now, don't catch a cold there. (Rumplestiltskin adjusts the hood over Belle's head) The forest path is quite damp. We wouldn't want an illness interfering with your daily chores, would we? (Belle smiles)
Belle: Definitely not. We both know this place would fall into disrepair without me. (Belle waves goodbye as Rumplestiltskin leans on the door)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Belle walks the market of a small town. The residents are all in a flutter about there visitor.

Woman: I'm tellin' ya, that's Rumplestiltskin's servant!
Friend: You're daft. She's far too pretty. Don't you know he turns everything around him ugly? (Belle approaches a stall)
Belle: Morning, Robert, do you have any of those small yellow potatoes today? The golden ones?
Robert: Oh, yes! I have some. Not very many. But you can have the lot!
Belle: Don't worry. I only need a couple.
Costumer: But I was here fir-- (Robert pushes him to the side)
Robert: You'll have to come back later!
Man (whispers to the customer) Don't you know who that is, you idiot? You bother her, the Dark One'll get you!
Belle: (to Robert) Thank you, sir. You're most kind.
Robert: N...Not...Not at all! (Belle hears a rumble and a crowd is gathering)
Belle: What's that?
Old Woman: More wounded soldiers. Seems like the toll from the ogres will never end.
Belle: Oh, those poor men! The ogres are horrible! Wait, is that... Stop! Please! Where did you find that man?
Soldier: You know 'im?
Belle: We grew up together. I...I thought he'd been killed on the battlefield years ago.
Soldier: We're coming from the Ogre camps. Hard to know how long those me had been there. (The man growns)
Belle: Samuel, do you recognise me? He's so pale... How bad are his wounds?
Soldier: Seems like his leg was cut by somethin' enchanted. The wound has gone all funny and won't heal. Though it's the fever that'll do him in if he don't get the chance to rest up in a clean bed.
Belle: Are there no doctors traveling with you?
Soldier: None with any knowledge of an enchanted wound such as this. And, at the pace we move, we don't have the luxury of stopping to look for one.
Belle: How far's the camp?
Soldier: Good several days' hard least. Sorry, miss. Better say your goodbyes. I don't think the likes of him will last long.
Belle: Wait! Stop! I can help him!

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past. Belle takes the wagon Samuel lies on towards the Dark Castle.

Belle: We're almost there, Samuel. (She nears the castle) Rumplestiltin, I need your help!
Rumplestiltskin: Please tell me it doesn't have anything to do with the cart of rotting flesh behind you.
Belle: Rumple, he's badly wounded. He may die.
Rumplestiltskin: I seem to remember that you went out to buy food, yet you return with a stranger. Do you expect me to eat him?
Belle: He's not a stranger to me? And your magic is the only thing that might be able to heal him. Please, we can send him on his way as soon as he's better.
Rumplestiltskin: And why should I assist this man? What do I get out of it?
Belle: Nothing. But it's the right thing to do. (Belle places a damp cloth on Samuel's forehead.)
Rumplestiltskin: Wait, what have you done to this rag (Rumplestiltskin materializes the same cloth in his hand.) I was just trying to make a point. Already my belongings are being rendered into filthy wrecks! (Rumplestiltskin holds the cloth from his fingertips.)
Belle: I won't just stand here and do nothing while you play games and let him die? You are being awful!
Rumplestiltskin: All right. Bring him in, then. I won't heal him, but I won't snuff out his breath either. If he dies, he dies. We'll let fate decide, shall we? She's never been particularly kind to me, but she is capricious. Who knows what might happen, dearie?

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past. Belle tends to Samuel as he lies in a bed. Belle wrings a cloth over a basin and binds Samuel's wounded leg.

Belle: We're going to fix you up, Samuel. (Belle then places a damp cloth on Samuel's forehead.)Though the books say even a small wound from an enchanted weapon can be difficult to heal... (Belle tries to give Samuel a drink) That's right. Just a sip. (As time passes, Belle anxiously searches for answers in a book.)
Samuel: Be...Belle?
Belle: Samuel! You're awake!
Samuel: that truly you, Belle?
Belle: Yes, it's truly me. You"re safe now. The ogres can't harm you any longer.
Samuel: But...this place...where are we?
Belle: We're in the Dark One's castle.
Samuel: The Dark One? I don't understand. Are we...his prisoners?
Belle: No...well, not exactly. You see, only one who had to face the ogres... (Belle recounts what happened as a flashback.) Not that long ago, my father sent word to all the nearby kingdoms. Our troops were struggling to save our land from the ogres. We needed reinforcements badly. But no one came to our aid. And then...when it was almost too late... someone finally did. Rumplestiltskin. He promised to protect our people from the ogres. But in return he wanted a servant for his castle. So I volunteered to go. My father and fiancé were against it, of course. But, in the end, I know I made the right choice to keep our people safe. But now, this is my new home.
Samuel: Belle, we're not safe here, we have to leave.
Belle: Samuel, it's all right. Rumplestiltskin gave me his word that no harm would come to you Trust me, you'd be dead otherwise. Now, try to drink this, and tell me how you were rescued from the ogre camps. Or did you escape?
Samuel: Well, it's kind of a long story.
Belle: Tell me everything. Did they make you work or keep you locked up?
Samuel: A little of both, I guess. You just never knew what would happen on any given day.
Belle: Wait...before you go on...this wound on your leg, it has all the signs of one inflicted by an enchanted weapon Do you remember what sort of blade it was? I need to know if we're to find a cure for you.
Samuel: I don't entirely remember. My head is still....foggy.
Belle: Of course it is. I'm sorry. I'll keep going through the books on magical metallurgy and we can talk about it later, all right?
Samuel: That sounds like a good idea.
Rumplestiltskin: Belle! (Belle arrives at the door to find Rumplestiltskin waiting behind it.) I'm glad you aren't too busy with your guest to at least show your face when I call for you...although I must confess, I wouldn't have extended him my hospitality if I'd known how long it would take him to die.
Belle: Samuel's not going to die. In fact, his fever broke.
Rumplestiltskin: Thanks to your expert touch, no doubt. Although fevers have been known to return. Hopefully this little drama will soon be played out. In the meantime, the castle is yours, Belle. (With one eye open, Samuel, eavesdrops on the conversation.) I have some business to attend to tonight and shan't be back until first light.
Belle: Then I suppose we'll see you in the morning. Good luck. Doing whatever it is you do. (Belle looks back to Samuel.) Oh good. We didn't wake you.

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past. Later that evening, Belle prepare's something to drink for Samuel. As she pours the liquid into a cup she continues to read up on enchanted weapons.

Belle: Don't worry, Samuel. We're going to heal that wound...But first we have to figure out what sort of weapon made it--(As Belle walks out the kitchen, she sees...) Samuel! Your can walk!
Samuel: Belle. I suppose it's time I told you why I'm really here. (Samuel takes out a small box from his satchel.) The truth is... your father sent me here to rescue you.
Belle: What? but you were traveling with a convoy of soldiers...and your wound... You're telling me it was all a lie?
Samuel: I'm sorry about my deceit. But it was the only way I could get inside this castle. And now that I'm here. I'm going to imprison Rumplestiltskin forever! The vessel I hold in my hand is capable of ending his reign of terror. And once it does, you can finally return home.
Belle: But... I made a promise. I'd be betraying him. It would be wrong.
Samuel: Wrong? How many people has the Dark One wronged? How many lives has he destroyed with his evil? If you helped me capture him, you would be a hero, Belle. All I need you to do is tell me where I can ambush him. When he returns from his mischief, I'll trap him in this box, and then the Enchanted Forest will never have to worry about the Dark One again. And neither will you.
Belle: (Silence.) You're right. I'll show you where to go. Hurry! If you wait for Rumplestiltskin in his private chambers you'll take him completely by surprise.
Samuel: What's the rush?
Belle: You want to be well hidden before he returns, don't you? We can't take any chances. Through here!
Samuel: The pantry? Are you planning to feed me first?
Belle: Rumplestiltskin's sanctum has enchantments all around it. Going through the pantry is the best way to avoid them. Trust me, I've learned a thing or two about outsmarting the Dark One while living in this castle.
Samuel: Are we almost there?
Belle: Yes! Just through there! (Belle points to a door.) Now—You go ahead of me—And I'll make sure this bar falls back into place. We can't leave any clues about what we're up to.
Samuel: Thank you, Belle, for your bravery. This plan couldn't succeed without.
Belle: (Slams the door.) I know it.
Samuel: (Through the door.) Belle? What...? This isn't a sanctum! I'm outside, damn it.
Belle: I know that, too.
Samuel: (Banging the door.) Belle, have you gone mad? What are you doing? Let me in!
Belle: Samuel, you need to leave. Right now. If Rumplestiltskin finds you out there...I saved your life once. I can't promise that I'll be able to do it again. He's going to be especially unforgiving once he realizes what you intended to do to him.
Samuel: But how can you do this to me? We've been friends since we were children! Don't you want to come home to your father? He misses you so!
Belle: I made a promise. And I'm a woman of my word. Besides, Rumplestiltskin may be the Dark One, but he doesn't deserve to be tricked like this. And he certainly doesn't deserve to be trapped in a box for eternity.
Samuel: Belle! Please! Let me in! BELLE!
Belle: Goodbye, Samuel.
Rumplestiltskin: Well, well, well... (Rumplestiltskin applauds.) What an opportune time for me to return home I had the chance to see some of what transpired with your friend.
Belle: Rumple, I'm sorry. I didn't--
Rumplestiltskin: That's quite all right, dearie. (Rumplestiltskin materializes the box into his hand.) As it happens, I've had my eye on this little trinket for some time. Never was able to get my hands on it... But now your compatriot has delivered it right to me.
Belle: What about Samuel... What will you do to him?
Rumplestiltskin: Don't worry, dearie, I won't kill him. I promised you I wouldn't, and I am a man of my word. I'm merely sending him somewhere...a bit less comfortable. (Rumplestiltskin transports Samuel to murky location.)
Samuel: Belle? Belle?!
Rumplestiltskin: I suppose I should be grateful that you stopped him from relegating me to this terrible fate. I don't imagine there's much room to stretch one's legs inside this box. I'm quite touched by what you did.
Belle: I hate to disappoint you, but I didn't throw Samuel out just to save you. I did it for the people of the Enchanted Forest.
Rumplestiltskin: Oh?
Belle: I wanted so badly to believe Samuel's story, but something about it didn't make sense from the beginning. And when he wouldn't give me a proper answer about what he'd been through, I went through his things. I soon discovered it wasn't a coincidence that I found him in the marketplace. I was just a means to an end. Samuel had a map to this castle and a drawing of your Dark One dagger. That's when I realized...he was a mercenary. He came here to seize your dagger so he could control you with it. He and his men intended to use you to plunder the Enchanted Forest. There was no way I could let that happen. So really it all went much beyond your well-being.
Rumplestiltskin: I see.
Belle: I think that's enough excitement for one night. I'm off to bed. But first, one question... After everything that's happened tonight do you finally trust me? Never mind. I already know the answer. (Rumplestiltskin smiles.)


SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past. The Evil Queen's palace. The sound of heels can be behind the door. The door suddenly slams open to reveal a muddied Evil Queen. The Queen goes straight to her dressing table.

Evil Queen: Where is it? There you are... (She picks up a jewelry box and looks inside.) I thought I'd lost you.

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past. Five hours earlier. The Evil Queen travels through the woods in her carriage.

Black Knight: My Queen we've searched every town north and south of here. Ransacked every stable, every attic, every cowshed. There is still no sign of Snow White!
Evil Queen: Then clearly your methods are incompetent. Snow White must be found. Begin your search anew. And this time, perhaps you should check the outhouses, as well.
Carriage Driver: Your highness. May I suggest that we return to this area another day, when the sun is still out?
Evil Queen: I know where we are. The Forest of the Dead doesn't frighten me. If we turn back now, that bratty princess may gain even more ground we must press on.
Carriage Driver: (to horses) Whoa, there! Easy! Easy!
Evil Queen: What's wrong?
Carriage Driver: Steady there! Hey!
Evil Queen: What on earth...?! (The Queen attempts to use magic to but is thrown to the side.) Damn it! Oh, my head... (The Queen finds her way out of the now destroyed carriage.) These men are more delicate than my mother's crystal. (She pulls on her dress which is caught on something) Wonderful. A dislocated shoulder always makes for easy spell casting...(The Queen attempts to pop her shoulder back in.) Oww—Ow! (She suddenly hears a twig snap.) Show yourself, whoever you are! (She then spots a cloaked figure with a familiar face.) It can't be... Daniel? (The figure turns into the thick forest.) Wait! You don't need to fear me, Daniel! Whatever stories you might have heard about who I've become...they're not true! (She get's her foot snagged on a root and falls into a pit.) Daniel! Pull me up! I've been hurt and I can't-- Daniel?!
Figure: Well, this was a good deal easier than I thought it would be.
Evil Queen: You're not Daniel...
Figure: Of course not. My brother lies moldering in the ground.
Evil Queen: You're...William? But...Daniel said you were off in a faraway realm. That you left to seek your fortune when he was just a child.
William: Indeed, I did. But I came back to find you, Regina. Or should I call you the Evil Queen? I'm sure you're wondering what I want with you.
Evil Queen: Amongst other things.
William: I'm here because you killed my brother.
Evil Queen: What?! Whoever told you that was spinning lies.
William: So it's a lie you were going to run away with Daniel against your family's wishes? They say you loved him. But if that were really true, you would have left him alone.
Evil Queen: It's Snow White who's to blame. If it wasn't for here, Daniel would still be alive.
William: No matter what Snow White did, the fault lies with you. You made him believe a fantasy... convinced him the two of you could have a life together.
Cora: (In a flashback to Snow White) You can tell me... You must tell me...
Evil Queen: And we would have—if Snow White hadn't betrayed our secret.
William: Do you honestly believe that, Regina? When had a romance between a noble and a peasant ever ended well?
Evil Queen: I thought...
William: You were a spoiled brat, bored with her life of leisure. So you took up with a stable boy without contemplating the consequence he might face.
Evil Queen: I wanted to spend the rest of my life with your brother.
William: And now you'll have the rest of your life to consider your sins. I know you're already injured, your magic incapacitated, but I want to make sure you remain in the prison I've created for you. I procured this sand form a sea nymph in another realm. She said it could neutralize any magic, no matter how power the sorcerer. Once I cover you in it, you won't ever be able to escape this pit.
Evil Queen: William...Stop! (The Queen magically teleports out of the pit.)
William: Wha..You're devious, aren't you?
Evil Queen: Let's talk about this.
William: There's nothing to talk about. (The Queen raises her arms ready to cast a spell.)
Evil Queen: Please, I don't want to hurt you.
William: Unfortunately, the feeling isn't mutual. You're going to suffer for what you did to my brother. I shall have my revenge.
Evil Queen: I want revenge for your brother, too. We should work together, William. Join fores to hunt down the wretched Snow White.
William: No. You are Daniel's true murderer.
Evil Queen: William, stop! (She magically throws William back only to hit a tree.) Wi...William? William! Oh no, no. Hold on... I can save you!
William: You can't...just like you couldn't save my brother...
Evil Queen: No!

SCENE: Enchanted Forest. Past. The Evil Queen's palace.

Evil Queen: I'm so sorry, Daniel. I hope you can forgive me. (She opens her jewelry box...) And I need you to believe... (to reveal what's inside -- a ring) Daniel...I will avenge you. I will make Snow White pay for all the damage she has wrought. (She holds the ring tightly between her hands.) Guards! Ready another carriage! Snow White won't find any peace tonight...

Tea Party in March

SCENE: Camelot, Past. Jefferson walks through a ball in the palace, wearing his magical hat.

Jefferson: Well, this shouldn't be too difficult. Pardon me, Madam! (bowing down to a dancing lady) Just passing through. Now, milady, if you could just dance a little to the left... (staring at the guarded entrance of a hallway) Those glasses full? (asking a passing waiter) I could use some more wine.
Waiter: Headed to the kitchen for refills sir, I'll be right-- (Jefferson causes him to trip over, spilling the remaining wine all over the dancing lady's dress) Oop!
Lady: My dress!
Waiter: I... I'm so sorry! I don't know how--
Lady: You... You oaf! I'll have you skinned for this!
Guard: (leaving the hallway's entrance unprotected) What's the trouble over there?
Lady: My dress! Who's going to pay for my dress? It's ruined! Oh, I've never been so humiliated!
Guard: File a grievance on the morrow, Madam.
Jefferson: (speaking to himself as he enters the now unguarded hallway) By all means, Madam. By then, I'll be long gone.

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