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When I saved your life back in that New York hospital, I didn't do it out of the kindness of my heart.
Zelena to Mr. Gold src

Our Lady Providence Medical Center is a Land Without Magic location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the seventeenth episode of the fourth season.


After Third Curse

Mr. Gold travels to New York City and enters his son Neal's old apartment, where Robin Hood and his family have moved in, much to his ire. As he tries to throw them out, Mr. Gold suffers chest pains, causing Robin to whisk him to the Our Lady Providence Medical Center. There, the doctors report it was a heart attack, but Mr. Gold knows it was caused by the poison of all his deeds as the Dark One. Through coercion, he forces Robin into procuring the elixir of the wounded heart from Walsh's furniture store, in order to heal him. After Mr. Gold receives the elixir and Robin has left, he ingests the liquid, only to find it's not working. While he panics, Maid Marian walks in, admitting she switched the potion with a fake, before revealing she has been Zelena all along. Gleefully, she recounts escaping her own death and killing Marian in the past before taking her place in the present. A shocked Mr. Gold goes into cardiac arrest, but the doctors manage to resuscitate him in time. When he awakens, Zelena offers to give him the elixir if he has the Author write her a happy ending. Mr. Gold reluctantly agrees. After Mr. Gold leaves the hospital, he finds Robin waiting for him outside with a box of Neal's belongings. Robin wants him to have it, but Mr. Gold refuses since they are a reminder of the man his son became after he abandoned him. Having experienced happiness with Baelfire and not appreciating it at the time, Mr. Gold advises Robin to chase after what his heart truly desires and never let it go. ("Heart of Gold", "I'll Be Your Mirror")

Later, during an encounter with Zelena, an angry Mr. Gold magically attacks her and constricts her throat, but he lets go of her after having strange chest pains. Zelena then merrily reveals that, during her run-in with him in New York she put an enchantment on his heart to prevent him from hurting her without harming himself. Swearing to find a loophole around it, Mr. Gold asks the Serum Queen to kill Zelena. ("I'll Be Your Mirror")



  • There is a cross on the Our Lady Providence Medical Center sign.[1] ("Heart of Gold")



  • According to the heart monitor screen over his hospital bed, Mr. Gold's heart gives out at 14:33.[3] The date, however, is wrong: It says 25 Dec 14, but since there was a one-year time jump in "Going Home", which takes place in 2012, the flashback story in "Heart of Gold" should take place in 2013. Nor could the flashback take place in December 2013, because the episode clearly states that both the flashback scene where Robin Hood an his family leave Storybrooke, and the New York City flashback, take place nine weeks before the frame story, meaning that there is no gap between the two flashbacks. However, "Heroes and Villains" establish that Robin left town shortly after Mother Superior's disappearance in "Fall", and according to the missing person form in "Darkness on the Edge of Town", Mother Superior was reported missing on November 6.[4] ("Heart of Gold")

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