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Orang is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. He débuts in the third episode. He is portrayed by co-star Hugo Steele.


After First Curse

Orang works as a guard for Jafar. His main task is to watch over prisoners, such as Jafar's father and genie Cyrus. One evening, Orang serves Jafar and his ally Red Queen dinner. The couple decide to send a beast called Bandersnatch after Cyrus's lover Alice. ("Forget Me Not")

Another day, as Orang lazily stands on watch duty in Jafar's lair, he snacks on meat. Cyrus notices and pleads that he hasn't eaten in days and would be grateful for even a morsel left on the bone. The guard relents and throws the remnant bone to Cyrus, who catches it. The other prisoner feels pity for Cyrus' hunger getting the best of him to the point of groveling. Yet, Cyrus turns around to show that it wasn't the food he wanted, but the wishbone. Cyrus splits the bone in half and begins sharping both so each has a pointy end. To test it, he pokes his finger with one, drawing blood, to make sure the bone is getting ground down enough. Orang catches sight that Cyrus is hiding something and orders him to show his hands. Cyrus does as he is told and the guard lets the subject drop after not seeing anything suspicious. However, Orang abruptly turns the switch to push down Cyrus' cage, forcing one of the bones to bounce out, to which he picks it up and lets it drop down to seemingly bottomless pit of the lair. Later, Cyrus describes to his fellow prisoner the origin of the wishbone as a myth genies made up to trick people into thinking they can grant their own wishes without a bottle. By breaking a wishbone, whoever possesses the larger half can make a wish, or so people believe. In actuality, a wishbone wants the same thing as what others desire; to be joined with their other half. Cyrus demonstrates by putting the halved wishbone through one of the gaps on the bottom of the cage as the other lost half rises from below to rejoin with its match in the same position on the outside side of the enclosure. As they stick together, Cyrus drags the wishbone in his hand to carve a way out of the cage. ("The Serpent")

Cyrus kicks out the cut out bottom of his cage and swings the enclosure until he is at a near enough distance to make a jump for the platform. He barely makes it and almost loses his grip as Orang approaches to check up on them. As the Old Prisoner distracts the guard, Cyrus sneaks up on him from behind and pushes him to death down to the bottomless pit. ("Heart of Stone")



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