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Orang is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. He débuts in the third episode and is portrayed by co-star Hugo Steele.


After First Curse

Orang works as a guard for Jafar. His main task is to watch over the captives, such as Cyrus and an older man. One evening, he serves Jafar and his ally, the Red Queen, dinner in the dungeon while Cyrus is brought before them. The pair decide to send a beast called Bandersnatch after Cyrus's lover, Alice, in order to force her to make one of the three wishes. ("Forget Me Not")

One day, as another drunk guard stands on watch duty in Jafar's lair, he snacks on meat. Because Cyrus begs for scraps, he throws him a bone, which Cyrus splits in half to carve both into pointy ends. Later, Orang notices Cyrus is hiding something and orders him to show his hands. Cyrus complies, and reveals he is holding nothing. Not fooled, Orang abruptly turns the switch to push down Cyrus' cage; causing one of the bones to bounce out. He then picks up the bone, and drops it down to seemingly bottomless lair pit. This apparently crushes Cyrus' hopes of escaping his prison, but in truth, the dropped bone floats up to rejoin with the remaining half. As they stick together, Cyrus drags the wishbone in his hand to carve a way out of the cage. ("The Serpent")

After kicking out the bottom of his cage and swinging from the enclosure to jump onto a platform, Cyrus makes it to safety just as Orang arrives to check up on them. Alerted by the Old Prisoner, Orang's attention remains focused on him, but he realizes too late what is really going on as Cyrus sneaks up from behind. Pushed by Cyrus, Orang falls to his death into the pit. ("Heart of Stone")


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