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Knowing the future is a heavy burden. The future's always in motion, always changing, but also inevitable.
—The Oracle to Emma Swan src

The Oracle, also known as Young Nurse,[1] is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the first episode of the sixth season and is portrayed by co-star Jordyn Ashley Olson.


Before First Curse

In Agrabah, a young girl known as the Oracle cares for a former thief named Aladdin, who is known throughout the land as the Savior. One day, a messenger arrives and begs for Aladdin's help. The Oracle sadly informs him that Aladdin will not be seeing anyone, despite the messenger's pleas. Suddenly, Jafar arrives and turns the messenger to ash with his staff. The Oracle attempts to stop him, only to be thrown across the room and knocked unconscious. ("The Savior")

Sometime later, through unknown circumstances, the Oracle makes her way to the Land of Untold Stories and meets Mr. Hyde. ("The Savior")

After Third Curse

Mr. Hyde brings a number of people from the Land of Untold Stories to Storybrooke, with the Oracle being one of them. After Emma, a Savior like Aladdin, experiences uncontrollable hand tremors and sees visions of the future, an imprisoned Hyde tells her to follow a red bird that belongs to the Oracle. Emma eventually finds the red bird and follows it into Storybrooke Wilderness Park, where the Oracle is waiting for her. The Oracle then proceeds to show her the entirety of the vision, in which Emma battles a cloaked figure and is stabbed in the chest. After the vision ends, Emma starts to panic, but the Oracle warns her that even if she changes the path to her destination, the end will always be the same and she will die. ("The Savior")

One late evening, the Oracle meets with Jasmine in the woods. The girl asks Jasmine if anyone has figured out her true identity yet, to which Jasmine states no one has yet. She then asks the Oracle if she's made progress on her "mission", and the Oracle tells her no, but she knows that Aladdin is in Storybrooke somewhere and that she's foreseen it. Jasmine tells her that she has wasted so much and she doesn't want to give up on finding Aladdin. The Oracle agrees, vowing that she won't leave her side until they do. ("Strange Case")

Prior to Mr. Hyde's demise, the Evil Queen learns from him that the Oracle showed Emma a vision of her own future. The Queen hunts her down for information, but the Oracle refuses to tell her anything, to which the Queen kills her with venom from the Agrabahn Vipers. Her body is later found by Emma and Archie, who were following the red bird to learn more about Emma's visions. ("Street Rats")

Magical Abilities

  • Foresight - Ability to see the future in bits and pieces.
  • Teleportation - Ability to magically teleport oneself and/or others from one location to another.


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