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David: What's Operation Scorpion?
Henry: The code name for our mission to find Emma and Snow.
David Nolan and Henry Mills about Operation Scorpion src

Operation Scorpion is a mission featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It makes its début in the second episode of the second season.


After First Curse

Operation Scorpion begins in the aftermath of losing Emma and Mary Margaret, in which David decides to use the magical hat to rescue them. However, both Regina and Jefferson are unable to make it work. Thanks to Mother Superior, David learns that he needs fairy dust to activate the hat again. Henry, who also desires to help Emma and Mary Margaret, suggests that they work together on this mission, which he dubs "Operation Scorpion". David refuses and instead encourages him to go to school as usual. Henry relents by going onto the school bus, but as soon as David is gone, he runs off to distract Regina so he can access her vault. Once there, Henry searches the vault for something magical, hoping it can rescue Emma and Mary Margaret. After unlocking a box, he finds himself cornered by poisonous vipers, before David saves him. David notes that maybe Henry should have chosen the name "Operation Viper" instead. Again, David insists Henry must not be involved with the mission, however, he makes up for it by agreeing to teach him to sword-fight. With each of them armed with wooden swords, they begin a sparring match. ("We Are Both", "Lady of the Lake")

Operation Scorpion continues, with David and the seven dwarves mining for fairy dust. This task comes to a halt when Mr. Gold asks for David's help to find a missing Belle. Later, Henry begins having nightmares about being trapped in a red room with Aurora, as neither of them realize they are suffering from a side affect of waking from the Sleeping Curse. After multiple days of digging the mines, Leroy stumbles upon a cave of fairy dust, leading everyone to celebrate the discovery as Operation Scorpion is one step closer to being fulfilled. Albert, who has long since had a score to settle with David, kills Billy and sets up Ruby as the murder, as a means to make his nemesis choose to protect a murderer or punish the accused. During the night, while David is attempting to clear Ruby's name, Henry gains a necklace from Mr. Gold, which will help control the fire in his nightmares. ("The Crocodile", "Tallahassee", "Child of the Moon")

Operation Scorpion returns to square one, once Albert burns the magical hat, before Henry learns from Aurora that Emma and Mary Margaret are trapped in the Enchanted Forest and cannot go home because of Cora. Mr. Gold asks him to relay to Aurora about squid ink, which is in Rumplestiltskin's Cell, and can be used to defeat Cora. Henry gives Aurora the news, but she cannot hear him and is then forced out of the dreamworld early. Noticing Henry is suffering from burns because of repeatedly returning to the red room, David volunteers to be put under the Sleeping Curse and go into the dream world, in the hopes of communicating with Mary Margaret. After David has undergone the procedure and remains asleep, Regina and Mr. Gold conclude that it's very likely the one coming into Storybrooke will be Cora, instead of Emma and Mary Margaret. Worried over the possibility of dealing with a common foe, the two collect fairy dust into a wand and enact a portal over the wishing well to kill whoever crosses into it. Henry, realizing what has happened, rushes to stop Regina, pleading for her to have faith that Emma and Mary Margaret are returning. She eventually gives into his persuasion, absorbing all the magic from the portal, just in time for Emma and Mary Margaret to pass through safely. In the aftermath, Operation Scorpion concludes with Mary Margaret waking David with true love's kiss, and Henry praising Regina for changing into a better person. Although her son's view of her has evolved, and Emma and Mary Margaret thanked her for saving their lives, Regina still finds herself excluded, as everyone heads to Granny's for dinner, while she is left behind. ("Into the Deep", "Queen of Hearts")

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