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Roni: If we pretend we believe her, then she'll stop being defensive and finally believe the truth when she sees it. Trust me. The sooner the fantasy fades, the sooner she can heal.
Henry Mills: Okay. Operation Heartbreak it is.
Roni and Henry Mills src

Operation Heartbreak is a mission featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It débuts in the sixth episode of the seventh season.


During Fifth Curse

Roni and Henry discuss Lucy's claim that they are mother and son, and Roni confides in him with the story about how she once tried to adopt, but was dismissed by the agency at the last minute. Henry comforts her by saying that her caring behavior makes her seem like a mother for many of her friends, which prompts her to turn the subject back to Lucy by stating that they should pretend to believe her about the curse so that she will eventually realise that it is simply fantasy. Henry agrees and names their mission Operation Heartbreak, explaining that secret operations are a thing from his novel. Henry prepares to go find Lucy with Roni, but the latter encourages him to ask Jacinda on a date instead, and leave her alone to deal with Lucy. ("Wake Up Call")

Following that, Roni goes to Jacinda's apartment and finds Lucy searching for something in the wardrobe. The girl explains that, when Henry needed it the most, the storybook appeared in Mary Margaret's closet. She shares her belief that, if someone touches the storybook, they will remember their past life. Roni seemingly agrees to help Lucy find proof that they are cursed, but actually plans to prove the opposite, that there is no such thing as a curse. ("Wake Up Call")

At the police station, Roni asks Weaver to gather any information about a certain "Regina Mills" that might have adopted a baby in Boston. Later that day, she is surprised to learn the detective did find documents concerning such adoption. She compares Regina Mills' handwriting in the adoption form with her own and is surprised to see they match. Soon, Ivy approaches her at the bar and serves her whisky containing magic that will bring back her memories as Regina. As the effect of the magic starts to activate Roni's memory, Victoria's assistant explains that she was aware of Roni and Lucy's "adventure" and that it was required for Roni's mind to start getting "warmed" by her increasing questioning of the reality, allowing Ivy herself to "wake" her. ("Wake Up Call")

Weapons, Items and Magic Involved

  • Regina Mills' Adoption Papers - obtained by Weaver, they were supposed to convince Lucy that the curse is not real. However, Roni later believed herself and regained her memories as Regina Mills due to Ivy's intervention.


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