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Operation Glass Slipper is a go.
Henry Mills src

Operation Glass Slipper is a mission featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It débuts in the first episode of the seventh season.


After Fourth Curse

In the New Enchanted Forest, Henry Mills meets Cinderella when he accidentally causes her carriage to crash. She steals his motorcycle and dagger to attend a ball, where she plans to murder the Prince, though Henry follows her and tries to convince her to come back home to Storybrooke with him instead, where she can start over. Cinderella refuses and runs off to complete the deed, but finds herself unable to go through with it. Unfortunately, her stepmother, Lady Tremaine, kills the Prince instead and frames Cinderella. Henry helps her escape, telling her to take his motorcycle and meet him where they first met to go through a portal to Storybrooke. When he arrives, she is nowhere to be found and he laments this; however, he soon spies her glass slipper laying in a garden of Hyacinths and realizes something must have happened to her. The portal closes and Henry picks up the glass slipper, announcing to no one in particular that "Operation Glass Slipper" has begun. ("Hyperion Heights")



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