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I just thought that you two might appreciate an actual working vehicle.
Henry to Sabine src

Operation Food Truck is a mission featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It débuts in the eighth episode of the seventh season.


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During Fifth Curse

On a Friday night, Sabine finds Henry working to fix the food truck that Jacinda Vidrio recently purchased for the two of them. As the woman asks what he is doing, Henry explains that he calls it "Operation Food Truck", which includes tasks as getting the engine to work and installing fryers. Sabine wonders if his dedication to the work is a way to gain Jacinda's attention since Lucy's father's reappearance, but Henry assures her that all he intended was to leave them with a functional vehicle. He then enters the truck and turns on the engine as well as a whole set of decoration lights that he placed over the truck. Sabine approves of Henry's work, right before Jacinda arrives with Nick, who find the truck fantastic. Jacinda is very grateful to Henry, but he is not comfortable with Nick's presence and simply hands her the keys to the truck before walking away. ("Pretty in Blue")


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