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This article focuses on the operation named by Henry Mills.
For the Season Five episode, see "Firebird".
Mary Margaret: That means everyone here...
David: Can be saved.
Regina: Every soul in this town has unfinished business. And chances are, for a lot of them, we're that business.
Mary Margaret, David and Regina src

Operation Firebird is a mission featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It makes its début in the twelfth episode of the fifth season.


After Third Curse

Operation Firebird begins after Emma and her companions arrive to the Underworld to begin searching for Hook. After Regina is able to help her father move on to a better place, she and Henry regroup with everyone else to tell them that souls can be saved from the Underworld. The group decides that they should free as many souls as they can, to which Henry then monikers the plan as "Operation Firebird". ("Souls of the Departed")

The mission ends up helping Hercules, Megara, Hook's brother Liam, Captain Silver's six crewmen, and Regina's mother Cora all move onto Mount Olympus. Belle attempts to assist with Gaston's unfinished business, and David tries to do the same with his twin brother James, but both are unsuccessful. ("Labor of Love", "Devil's Due", "The Brothers Jones", "Her Handsome Hero", "Sisters")

As Emma and Hook journey deeper into the Underworld to find ambrosia and the other heroes await their return, Henry reminds his friends and family of Operation Firebird. Having been the main antagonist keeping people from moving on, Hades explains that people can now work out their unfinished business once he is gone. Despite this, Henry decides he wants to help anyway, because some souls may not even know what their unfinished business is. Taking the Underworld storybook, they make a booth, where Henry uses the quill to write down each soul's unfinished business. Among these souls is Stealthy, who realizes how much deep resentment he had for Bashful. Before leaving to move on, Stealthy asks Henry to tell his brothers that he misses them. Cruella and the Blind Witch stop Henry from helping more people by magically sealing him and his family in the library, which will also keep them from taking the portal back to Storybrooke. When Regina's magic against the seal is ineffective, she realizes Hades is actually the one holding them back. She and Emma combine powers to break open the door. Before following his family to the portal, Henry leaves behind Underbrooke's storybook with pages that he wrote for the souls that still need to move on. ("Firebird")


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