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Roni: If we get your dad and his old friends together, fate'll do the rest.
Lucy: I'm on it. Operation Bromance is a go.
Roni and Lucy src

Operation Bromance is a mission featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It débuts, with its only appearance, in the fifteenth episode of the seventh season.


During Fifth Curse

After driving a wedge between Henry and Jacinda to prevent them from breaking the Dark Curse with true love's kiss, which would cause Henry to die from the poison in his heart, Lucy begins to worry about Henry, who doesn't have any close friends in Seattle, while Jacinda has her roommate Sabine. She laments about this to Roni, who points out that, in the New Enchanted Forest, Henry's best friends were Captain Hook and Jack. She thus recommends that Lucy set Henry up with their cursed counterparts, Detective Rogers and Nick Branson, an operation which Lucy dubs "Operation Bromance". To accomplish her goal, Lucy sends texts to Henry, Rogers, and Nick to lure them to Flynn's Barcade. The operation is a success, with Henry, Rogers, and Nick becoming closer friends afterward. ("Sisterhood")


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