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Did I hear that right?
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Regina: You want to know why I got so angry? Because you're right. The Evil Queen is inside me. Always trying to get out. I can't expect you to get it.
Emma: Well, I fought the darkness. You know I do understand.
Regina: All due respect, but... you don't. You went up to the precipice. But you got pulled back before it consumed you. I was consumed. And I have to live with it every day.
Emma: I can't imagine how that feels.
Regina: It's exhausting. I'm constantly at war with my instincts. Like with Hook. My first impulse, was to rip his throat out. Because it's not fair that he survives and Robin doesn't. But I didn't. Because now I know that's wrong. Much as I want to give in to evil, I don't. So I do good... and hate every moment of it.
Emma: You hate doing good?
Regina: Yes. It's complicated. I know it's right, but it always leads to loss for me. Yet I keep doing it now and I keep suffering. But I know the Evil Queen can't return, so... that's how it has to be. I'll never be at peace with myself.
Emma: That's not true. You fell in love with Robin and you were happy.
Regina: Yeah, and look what happened. I am what I am. I did what I did. Many years ago, I had a choice. Snow White told a secret. And I could have chosen to forgive her. Instead, I did terrible things. Unspeakable things. That will always hang over me. I've tried to be the hero.
Emma: And you have been.
Regina: Well it doesn't matter. There's no redemption for me. There's only suffering. Because now I have a curse. The curse of knowing the difference between good and evil and I'm caught between them. If I revert, I lose everyone I love. Henry... my friends... everyone. And if I go forward trying to be good, I have to live with my past darkness and all its well-deserved consequences.
Emma: I don't believe that. I believe in you.
Regina: That's because... you are good. But for me, it's a simple choice, really. I'd rather suffer than see that pain on the people I care about. This is my fate. I'm trapped.

Wait... What happens next?!
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