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Let's just say when the Dark One offers you onion rings... Ah! Don't eat them.
Zelena to Regina src

Onion Rings are a dish featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the thirteenth episode of the fourth season.


After Second Curse
While Emma is working at the sheriff's station, Hook brings her favorite grilled cheese from Granny's Diner. Grateful, the blonde grabs the take-out packages and asks if he brought French fries too. Hook says that he took onion rings instead, to which Emma replies that would have been her choice as well, and that she was just testing him. ("Unforgiven")

Before Third Curse
To track down a missing Emma, Granny's Diner is absorbed into a cyclone and transported to the Enchanted Forest. When the diner crash lands in the middle of the forest, the fryers are damaged, and Leroy is unhappy over this because this means "no onion rings". ("The Dark Swan")

After Third Curse

Emma, now the Dark One, discovers Belle is working on a spell to wake Mr. Gold, but the last ingredient must be something that touched him before he became the Dark One. Suspecting that Hook may have it, Emma orders a take-out from the diner with a note asking him to meet her on the Jolly Roger. While Hook is talking to Robin Hood about their respective love lives, Granny hands him the packages. Though Hook claims he hasn't ordered anything, he notices the note Emma wrote and leaves to meet her. Below deck, she apologizes for how she behaved last time and asks him to have lunch with her. As the pirate drops the food on the table, Emma magically sets up their meal, which includes onion rings, over which they have a conversation. ("Siege Perilous")

While incarcerated at the asylum, a pregnant Zelena is reading when Nurse Ratched comes to serve her lunch. The redhead comments on her cravings to have onion rings, which she attributes to her unborn baby being hungry. The nurse explains that Regina has given strict orders to feed her sister with healthy meals, much to Zelena's disappointment. Immediately after Nurse Ratched leaves, Emma shows up in the cell. Zelena dismisses her by claiming to have no interest in talking to the Dark One, but she teleports both of them to her house and delivers a bag containing onion rings, which Emma has secretly enchanted to accelerate the other's pregnancy to full-term. Though Zelena suspects the treat is not without a catch, she gladly eats the onion rings. Emma offers her freedom and protection in exchange for helping her use the Apprentice's wand, but Zelena turns down the deal and is teleported back to the psychiatric ward. ("The Bear and the Bow", "Birth")

Once again reading in her cell, Zelena feels a strong kick in the stomach. As the pain gets more and more intense, she realizes that she is going into labor. When a confused Regina, having been called by Nurse Ratched, tries to understand how could her sister's pregnancy sped up that much, Zelena recalls her meeting with Emma and addresses it by saying that one should not accept onion rings from the Dark One. Eventually, despite being pregnant for just a few months, Zelena gives birth to a baby daughter as a result of Emma's age manipulation magic. ("Birth")


On-Screen Notes

Production Notes

  • In "The Bear and the Bow", Emma gives to Zelena some onion rings to eat. At the origin, these were supposed to be normal onion rings. The fact that they were able to speed Zelena's pregnancy was decided when "Birth" was being written.[2]
  • Onion rings are supposed to be served at Roni's.[3]



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