This page is where users can find what to do in the Wiki. Your being here probably means you are willing to help but do not know exactly what you can do. You've come to the right place! You will find a list of pages that need your attention. If you read this, and still have any doubts, feel free to contact any of the admins.

Articles that Need Attention

Incomplete History Summaries

  • You will find a list of all pages that need revision by visiting this category.
    • Remember to write the summaries in present tense. For example, the sentence "While David was walking down the street..." should be "While David is walking down the street...".
      • Events are also written in chronological order. This means even if something in the character's past is not revealed until a certain episode, the event should still be written in as chronologically as possible.
    • Call the characters by their current counterpart's name. For example, for Storybrooke events do not write "Snow White goes to Mr. Gold's pawnshop and she...", but "Mary Margaret goes to Mr. Gold's pawnshop and she...".
      • Apart from that, reference characters by their full first names. Rumplestiltskin instead of Rumple, Snow White instead of Snow, etc.
    • Don't forget to create links when you name characters, locations or items, but only the first time you use them per section.
    • Take in mind you're summarizing, not rewriting the episode, so don't be too detailed.

Infoboxes that Need an Image

  • As you very likely know, we try to be as fair as possible in what concerns deciding what image should be used in each page's infobox. Users are asked to suggest the image(s) they want to use in the comments section, and after five people agree with the photo, it can put the image in the infobox. You can find a list of articles that have no infobox images here.
    • Once you suggested an image for an article's infobox, feel free to let other users know so that they can help deciding by posting a link to the comment in this thread.
    • Note that there might be pages without infobox images that are yet to be listed in there. If you find an article in this situation, please add NoImage.jpg to its infobox. This does not need a consensus.

Unfinished Transcripts

  • You can find the episode transcripts that have yet to be finished in this category.
    • If you are not entirely familiar with what format you should follow, don't hesitate in guiding yourself with the transcript format page!

Create New Pages

  • If you find out there's a location, item or character important enough to have its own page, or categories or lists that could be added to the wiki, suggest it in this thread.
    • There, you can also discuss on whether you agree or not about creating pages other users have suggested.