Proper formatting includes:

  • Please remember to include the template TranscriptBox at the top of the page and the template Transcripts at the bottom of the page. If the transcript has not had any information added to it yet, please remember to move the Transcripts template to the bottom of the page or the text will not appear properly.
  • Please link the first mention of a character item or location only. Do not link every single time.
  • Please remember to place a break at the end of every line in source mode, <br>
  • Please bold the names of the character speaking, and keep in mind the colon (:) at the end of the names SHOULD be bolded.
  • If a transcript is unfinished, please include it in the category "Unfinished Transcripts". (when the transcript is complete, remove the category "Unfinished Transcripts")

Example transcript

Use the {{TranscriptBox}} here

SCENE: Name the World. Name the time period ("Past" or "Present"). Specific Location within world. Brief description of the scene

Character1: (place any unspoken action in italicized parenthesis) Words spoken here.
Character2: Words spoken.
Character3: Words spoken.

SCENE: Describe the second and any further scenes with the above format.

Character4: Words spoken.
Character5: Words spoken.

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