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Changing the profile quote one of the most common proposed changes to articles on the Once Upon a Time wiki. For that reason, the wiki centralizes these changes on this page.


  1. The proposer posts their suggestion under Current Proposals. The proposer should support their suggestion with a sensible reason for replacement (such as "this quote fits the character better"). Due to the low number of voters on this wiki, the proposer should only list one quote; having multiple options will most likely result in a deadlock. Remember to sign all of your comments with four tildes (~~~~).
  2. The proposer must then apply the PCQ template to the top of the article for which a change is being proposed.
  3. Discussion about the proposal can begin immediately. An administrator may, however, decide to retroactively reject the proposal if it is felt it does not meet the required standards (such as the suggested quote not being about the subject in question at all).
  4. If a discussion ensues and:
    1. five days after the original suggestion, the people involved are all in agreement and no one else voices their objections, the quote can be replaced.
    2. the people involved are not in agreement after the five days are up, the wiki goes with the majority. For example, if two users agree with the suggestion and one disagrees (meaning a majority of three against one, including the one who suggested the image), the quote will be replaced. However, if there is a tie (for example, one person agrees with the suggestion while two people disagree, meaning a situation of two against two, including the one who suggested the new quote), the quote will not be changed.
  5. The consensus of the proposal is carried out after five days, starting from the time the original suggestion was made. The discussion is archived on this page.

Current Proposals


This page has been adapted from its namesake on the Avatar wiki.