[2020-03-12 23:11-53] ~ Matheus1234zx has joined the chat ~
[2020-03-12 23:17-02] ~ Schroeswald has joined the chat ~
[2020-03-12 23:17-07] <Schroeswald> hi
[2020-03-12 23:17-12] <Matheus1234zx> hi
[2020-03-12 23:17-30] <Matheus1234zx> Julie Gonzalo is returning for season 6
[2020-03-12 23:18-05] <Schroeswald> seriously, Julie? Like I'd understand Dey, but she's an arc character
[2020-03-12 23:18-55] <Matheus1234zx> She confirmed on twitter today
[2020-03-12 23:19-08] <Matheus1234zx> I thik they will kill William off
[2020-03-12 23:19-41] <Schroeswald> yeah, but he has some staying power, she has none
[2020-03-12 23:19-49] <Matheus1234zx> has he?
[2020-03-12 23:19-59] <Matheus1234zx> no one likes his character
[2020-03-12 23:20-02] <Matheus1234zx> or his relationship
[2020-03-12 23:20-16] <Schroeswald> oh yeah, but the same was true for James
[2020-03-12 23:20-24] <Matheus1234zx> while her character has fans, and Acrata's story is about to begin
[2020-03-12 23:20-35] <Matheus1234zx> James had a multi season deal tho
[2020-03-12 23:20-40] <Matheus1234zx> and these were other times
[2020-03-12 23:20-44] <Matheus1234zx> with other showrunners
[2020-03-12 23:21-01] <Matheus1234zx> Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner joined in season 3
[2020-03-12 23:25-13] <Schroeswald> I mean more, Andrea is tied to the Leviathan and tech stuff a whole lot, she's very important to that story and that story is the only stuff that is important to her, while Dey is more tied with the show at large
[2020-03-12 23:26-17] <Schroeswald> so my predictions so far are 1/4 correct
[2020-03-12 23:30-09] <Matheus1234zx> I'm 60% sure that Dey is leaving
[2020-03-12 23:30-20] <Matheus1234zx> Same thing about Eve
[2020-03-12 23:30-56] <Matheus1234zx>
[2020-03-12 23:31-40] <Schroeswald> I really hope Eve stays
[2020-03-12 23:32-15] <Schroeswald> hmm
[2020-03-12 23:46-12] ~ Schroeswald has left the chat ~
[2020-03-12 23:46-39] ~ Schroeswald has joined the chat ~
[2020-03-12 23:47-49] ~ Schroeswald has left the chat ~
[2020-03-12 23:48-05] ~ Schroeswald has joined the chat ~
[2020-03-12 23:50-34] <Schroeswald> I do hope we only have to deal with two random new cast members signing on (maybe even both of them will be good!)
[2020-03-12 23:51-24] <Matheus1234zx> i hope so
[2020-03-12 23:53-33] <Schroeswald> or maybe even we don't have more main cast members this season! Maybe, just maybe, the main cast doesn't get overblown
[2020-03-12 23:54-22] <Matheus1234zx> oh I wish
[2020-03-12 23:55-49] <Schroeswald> I mean, it won't happen, but maybe it'll be like S3 or 4 and they'll be mostly good
[2020-03-12 23:59-18] ~ Schroeswald has left the chat ~
[2020-03-12 23:59-52] ~ Schroeswald has joined the chat ~
[2020-03-13 00:08-57] <Matheus1234zx> Watching Manifest
[2020-03-13 00:15-41] <Schroeswald> cool
[2020-03-13 00:21-07] <Matheus1234zx> Season 2 is far better than season 1
[2020-03-13 00:27-04] <Schroeswald> yeah
[2020-03-13 00:28-31] <Schroeswald> they realized only 3 mains worked last season and now 5 work if you combine all the good parts of Olive, Grace and Jared
[2020-03-13 00:30-08] <Matheus1234zx> Zeke works too
[2020-03-13 00:30-12] <Schroeswald> oh yeah
[2020-03-13 00:30-14] <Schroeswald> 6
[2020-03-13 00:31-32] <Schroeswald> @Brooklyn-99 Madeline Wuntch just f*cking died!
[2020-03-13 00:31-45] <Matheus1234zx> WHAT?
[2020-03-13 00:31-54] <Matheus1234zx> How?
[2020-03-13 00:32-27] <Matheus1234zx> I love how this season has a more serialized story
[2020-03-13 00:32-32] <Schroeswald> presumably someone staked here
[2020-03-13 00:33-21] <Schroeswald> and then we switch from that to talking about the Kwazy Kupcakes movie
[2020-03-13 00:34-17] <Matheus1234zx> lol
[2020-03-13 00:34-36] <Schroeswald> Wuntch sent an email to Holt
[2020-03-13 00:36-37] <Schroeswald> so she is truly dead, but she's prepared to end Holt by making him speak at her memorial service
[2020-03-13 00:36-47] <Matheus1234zx> lol
[2020-03-13 00:36-54] <Matheus1234zx> did she appear in the episode?
[2020-03-13 00:37-22] <Schroeswald> in a video recording telling him that
[2020-03-13 00:39-45] ~ Schroeswald has left the chat ~
[2020-03-13 00:40-03] ~ Schroeswald has joined the chat ~
[2020-03-13 00:44-20] <Schroeswald> Wuntch was two-timing Holt
[2020-03-13 00:52-18] ~ Schroeswald has left the chat ~
[2020-03-13 00:52-40] ~ Schroeswald has joined the chat ~
[2020-03-13 00:52-40] <Schroeswald> why is it that comedies are the most consistently good things I watch?
[2020-03-13 00:54-09] <Bot of Solitude> i watched allllll of Chernobyl yesterday
[2020-03-13 00:54-19] <Schroeswald> cool
[2020-03-13 00:54-27] <Bot of Solitude> idek what reality is anymore
[2020-03-13 00:55-11] <Schroeswald> reality is that I have nothing to do for the next three weeks
[2020-03-13 00:55-24] <Bot of Solitude> nice
[2020-03-13 00:55-51] <Bot of Solitude> i have to have a meeting to decide if I can go back to work next week, so that'll be fun
[2020-03-13 00:58-13] <Schroeswald> do you think you will be able to do it?
[2020-03-13 00:58-56] <Bot of Solitude> I have no idea. idk what it is they're looking for. like if my test results have to be in a certain range or whatever
[2020-03-13 01:00-23] <Bot of Solitude> or my job could just be like "haha jk, we don't want the risk" anyway
[2020-03-13 01:01-17] <Schroeswald> uncertainty is fun
[2020-03-13 01:01-23] <Bot of Solitude> it sure is
[2020-03-13 01:01-48] <Bot of Solitude> i get like 5 emails a day about stuff being canceled
[2020-03-13 01:02-10] <Bot of Solitude> which is fun because i don't go anywhere
[2020-03-13 01:02-29] <Schroeswald> I've gotten like fifty notifications about stuff being cancelled or not being cancelled, today, and I only like 5 things I do over the course of a month
[2020-03-13 01:02-38] <Bot of Solitude> yeah
[2020-03-13 01:02-40] <Schroeswald> *I only have like 5
[2020-03-13 01:05-22] <Bot of Solitude> i guess now's a good time to rewatch breaking bad
[2020-03-13 01:05-51] ~ Schroeswald has left the chat ~
[2020-03-13 01:06-13] ~ Schroeswald has joined the chat ~
[2020-03-13 01:06-13] <Schroeswald> new episode of OUAT S8 coming out soon I guess
[2020-03-13 01:07-33] <Bot of Solitude> always fun
[2020-03-13 01:08-46] <Schroeswald> presuming I don't reach new levels of being bad at doing work I want to do
[2020-03-13 01:10-58] <Schroeswald> like, I want to write, but then I find myself watching a youtube video I've seen many times, but I still can't get myself to click off of it
[2020-03-13 01:11-19] <Bot of Solitude> i know the feeling
[2020-03-13 01:11-49] <Schroeswald> and my vids are long so it takes longer for me to finally click off
[2020-03-13 01:12-16] <Bot of Solitude> xd
[2020-03-13 01:13-03] <Schroeswald> at least I found a new channel to waste my time on recently, so its new videos
[2020-03-13 01:13-07] <Schroeswald> sometimes
[2020-03-13 01:13-10] <Schroeswald> not now
[2020-03-13 01:13-32] <Bot of Solitude> i need to watch more new things
[2020-03-13 01:13-34] <Schroeswald> right now its a two year old video of one of the first channels I found when I returned to youtube
[2020-03-13 01:14-24] ~ Matheus1234zx has left the chat ~
[2020-03-13 01:14-56] <Bot of Solitude> i got waaaaay into watching "movie" versions of RPGs last week
[2020-03-13 01:15-02] <Bot of Solitude> like all the cutscenes put together
[2020-03-13 01:16-18] <Schroeswald> I wish I at least reread some of the webcomics I read, but I end up on youtube anyway
[2020-03-13 01:16-35] <Bot of Solitude> yup
[2020-03-13 01:17-22] <Schroeswald> or catch up on the Revolutions or The History of Byzantium podcast
[2020-03-13 01:18-55] <Bot of Solitude> i have a whole list of documentaries i want to watch
[2020-03-13 01:19-33] ~ Schroeswald has left the chat ~
[2020-03-13 01:20-17] ~ Schroeswald has joined the chat ~
[2020-03-13 01:20-19] <Schroeswald> whats on it?
[2020-03-13 01:22-20] <Bot of Solitude> The indifferent stars above (donnor party)
[2020-03-13 01:22-20] <Bot of Solitude> Double lives (office people doing crazy shit outside work)
[2020-03-13 01:22-20] <Bot of Solitude> West of mephis
[2020-03-13 01:22-25] <Bot of Solitude> that's a few
[2020-03-13 01:22-36] <Bot of Solitude> i need to go through my list because it's just like, keywords
[2020-03-13 01:22-43] <Bot of Solitude> some of these are definitely books
[2020-03-13 01:24-50] ~ Matheus1234zx has joined the chat ~
[2020-03-13 01:25-00] <Matheus1234zx> back
[2020-03-13 01:25-06] <Matheus1234zx> PC overheated
[2020-03-13 01:25-09] <Matheus1234zx> hi
[2020-03-13 01:25-17] <Bot of Solitude> how dare you
[2020-03-13 01:25-24] <Schroeswald> monster
[2020-03-13 01:25-39] <Matheus1234zx> i am a monster
[2020-03-13 01:25-45] <Schroeswald> pure evil
[2020-03-13 01:28-35] <Bot of Solitude> same
[2020-03-13 01:29-06] <Matheus1234zx> ok so there's a new Brazilian reality on Netflix
[2020-03-13 01:29-13] <Matheus1234zx> why the hell am I watching this?
[2020-03-13 01:29-14] <Matheus1234zx> idk
[2020-03-13 01:29-16] <Matheus1234zx> but I am
[2020-03-13 01:29-34] <Schroeswald> at least its content you haven't seen before
[2020-03-13 01:29-59] <Matheus1234zx> it looks awful
[2020-03-13 01:30-06] <Matheus1234zx> it's about social media
[2020-03-13 01:30-24] <Matheus1234zx> the title is The Circle Brazil
[2020-03-13 01:30-39] <Schroeswald> oh that is enough to write it off
[2020-03-13 01:30-43] <Matheus1234zx> it makes me think that there might be versions of it around the world
[2020-03-13 01:31-49] <Matheus1234zx> It's british
[2020-03-13 01:32-01] <Matheus1234zx> Netflix is also creating an American version
[2020-03-13 01:32-14] <Matheus1234zx> and a French version
[2020-03-13 01:32-28] <Bot of Solitude> but why
[2020-03-13 01:32-36] <Matheus1234zx> i don't know
[2020-03-13 01:34-05] <Schroeswald> stupidity
[2020-03-13 01:34-18] <Bot of Solitude> they really are just making everything
[2020-03-13 01:34-24] <Matheus1234zx> yeah
[2020-03-13 01:34-31] <Matheus1234zx> I think I understand how it works
[2020-03-13 01:34-35] <Matheus1234zx> for example
[2020-03-13 01:34-40] <Matheus1234zx> this dude
[2020-03-13 01:34-49] <Matheus1234zx> is pretending to be a 30 yo doctor
[2020-03-13 01:34-53] <Matheus1234zx> but he's 20
[2020-03-13 01:35-06] <Bot of Solitude> catfish?
[2020-03-13 01:35-25] <Matheus1234zx> The contestants, or "players", move into the same apartment building. However, the contestants do not meet face-to-face during the course of the competition, as they each live in their own individual apartment. They communicate solely using their profiles on a specially-designed social media app that gives them the ability to portray themselves in any way they choose. Players can thus opt to present themselves as a completely different personality to the other players, a tactic otherwise known as catfishing; for example, one male player in the first season presented himself as a female identity, while another female contestant used photos of a woman she felt was more attractive.[6]
[2020-03-13 01:35-25] <Matheus1234zx> 
[2020-03-13 01:35-25] <Matheus1234zx> 
[2020-03-13 01:35-50] <Matheus1234zx> Throughout the series, the contestants "rate" one another from first to last place. At the end of the ratings, their average ratings are revealed to one another from lowest to highest. Normally, the two highest-rated players become "influencers", while the remaining players will be at risk of being "blocked" by the influencers. However, occasionally there may be a twist to the blocking process – varying from the lowest rating players being instantly blocked, the identity of the influencers being a secret, or multiple players being blocked at one time. Blocked players are eliminated from the game, but are given the opportunity to meet one player still in the game in-person. Then, the day after a blocking, a video message is shown to the remaining players to reveal if they were real or fake.[6]
[2020-03-13 01:35-50] <Matheus1234zx> 
[2020-03-13 01:35-50] <Matheus1234zx> During the finale, the contestants rate each other one final time, where the highest rated player wins the game and R$300,000 (US$67,000).[2]
[2020-03-13 01:35-50] <Matheus1234zx> 
[2020-03-13 01:35-50] <Matheus1234zx> 
[2020-03-13 01:36-36] <Bot of Solitude> and again I ask
[2020-03-13 01:36-42] <Schroeswald> that whole twist things is a great way to put a thumb on the scale
[2020-03-13 01:36-55] <Bot of Solitude> por qué?
[2020-03-13 01:39-30] <Matheus1234zx> i don't know lol
[2020-03-13 01:39-39] <Matheus1234zx> I'm watching Big Brother now
[2020-03-13 01:39-48] <Bot of Solitude> man
[2020-03-13 01:39-50] <Bot of Solitude> i remember
[2020-03-13 01:39-52] <Bot of Solitude> vaguely
[2020-03-13 01:39-58] <Bot of Solitude> when Survivor first came out
[2020-03-13 01:40-08] <Bot of Solitude> and it was a huuuuuge deal
[2020-03-13 01:40-17] <Bot of Solitude> now I can't keep up with these wild competition shows
[2020-03-13 01:40-38] <Matheus1234zx> big brother is a huge deal here this year
[2020-03-13 01:40-42] <Matheus1234zx> season 20
[2020-03-13 01:41-27] <Schroeswald> Survivor is still pretty good, but it can get pretty complex (oh, and it keeps finding ways to get rid of everyone who's good at the game before the finale, making it less earned)
[2020-03-13 01:42-17] <Matheus1234zx> lol
[2020-03-13 01:42-36] <Matheus1234zx> i wish there was a Brazilian version of this show
[2020-03-13 01:43-04] <Schroeswald> at least this season people good at the game will win, though I imagine the winner will still end up being someone who does nothing  all season
[2020-03-13 01:43-27] <Matheus1234zx> here, we call these people plants
[2020-03-13 01:44-58] <Schroeswald> are you a plant?
[2020-03-13 01:45-13] <Matheus1234zx> nah
[2020-03-13 01:45-18] <Bot of Solitude> plants are boring
[2020-03-13 01:45-24] <Bot of Solitude> i don't understand people who like plants
[2020-03-13 01:45-52] <Matheus1234zx> me neither
[2020-03-13 01:46-13] <Bot of Solitude> my boyfriend's mom gave me some little plants for christmas
[2020-03-13 01:46-14] <Bot of Solitude> and like
[2020-03-13 01:46-26] <Bot of Solitude> they haven't grown? I have no idea if i'm doing it right
[2020-03-13 01:46-49] <Matheus1234zx> are they dead?
[2020-03-13 01:46-52] <Schroeswald> thats why you should get a cactus for a plant
[2020-03-13 01:47-00] <Bot of Solitude> they're not dead
[2020-03-13 01:47-04] <Bot of Solitude> but like
[2020-03-13 01:47-09] <Bot of Solitude> I don't know anything about them at all
[2020-03-13 01:47-15] <Bot of Solitude> i water them, they get sunlight
[2020-03-13 01:48-56] <Matheus1234zx> another TV show has stopped production because of Coronavirus
[2020-03-13 01:49-07] <Schroeswald> stop cancelling all the time I spend with my friends! Locking me inside is not a good idea
[2020-03-13 01:49-34] <Bot of Solitude> i'm not trying to die
[2020-03-13 01:49-42] <Bot of Solitude> i do really want some damn chinese food though
[2020-03-13 01:49-54] <Matheus1234zx> not the safest option right now
[2020-03-13 01:50-11] <Bot of Solitude> bro
[2020-03-13 01:50-24] <Bot of Solitude> what do you mean by that?
[2020-03-13 01:50-38] <Matheus1234zx> going outside
[2020-03-13 01:50-41] <Matheus1234zx> with the coronavirus
[2020-03-13 01:50-50] <Matheus1234zx> is not the best option right now
[2020-03-13 01:50-59] <Bot of Solitude> if I die eating sushi and chicken fried rice that's okay
[2020-03-13 01:51-07] <Matheus1234zx> lol
[2020-03-13 01:51-14] ~ Matheus1234zx has left the chat ~
[2020-03-13 01:51-15] ~ Matheus1234zx has joined the chat ~
[2020-03-13 01:51-47] <Matheus1234zx> why do I feel like this Coronavirus crisis will be similar to the 2007-08 Writers strike, and lots of shows and movies will end up cancelled?
[2020-03-13 01:52-44] <Bot of Solitude> small price to pay to keep people from getting sick and possibly dying
[2020-03-13 01:53-01] <Matheus1234zx> yep
[2020-03-13 01:53-13] <Schroeswald> luckily all my shows are renewed already minus Manifest (which is my least favorite of them)
[2020-03-13 01:53-24] <Schroeswald> but yeah, lives>show
[2020-03-13 01:53-26] <Bot of Solitude> brb
[2020-03-13 01:53-37] ~ Schroeswald has left the chat ~
[2020-03-13 01:53-38] ~ Schroeswald has joined the chat ~
[2020-03-13 01:54-08] <Matheus1234zx> shows being renewed doesn't mean anything atm honestly
[2020-03-13 01:57-40] <Schroeswald> gtg, one last day of school before the great nothingness (oh wait, that sounds like I'm dying or killing myself or something, I am not)
[2020-03-13 01:58-54] ~ Schroeswald has left the chat ~
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