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This article focuses on the Facebook app.
For the Season Five episode with a similar name, see "An Untold Story".
The subject of this article is not considered canon material for the Once Upon a Time Universe.

Once Upon a Time: The Untold Stories is a Facebook app for ABC's Once Upon a Time. In this app, the player is tasked with collecting items that have been stolen from Mr. Gold's pawnshop. Once an item is found, the player is rewarded with an "untold story" in the form of a letter from one Once Upon a Time character to another.

The game can be found here. As of 2019, the game is no longer available.

Items to Collect



There have been several letters featured as rewards for returning the missing items.

Agrabah's Letter

Graham's Letter

Henry's Letter

Rumplestiltskin's Letter (1)

Rumplestiltskin's Letter (2)

Grace's Note

Ashley's Letter

Jiminy's Letter

Baelfire's Letter

Prince Charming's Note

Red's Diary Entry

The current letters are: Henry's, Rumplestiltskin's (2), Ashley's, Grace's, Jiminy's, Baelfire's, Prince Charming's and Red's.

Archie's Files


  • The loading screen uses the phrase, "Magic comes to those who wait".
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