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Once Upon a Time: The Complete Fourth Season is the official DVD and Blu-ray release of the fourth season of ABC's hit drama Once Upon a Time. It was released in North America on August 18, 2015.[1]


Love. As seductive and dangerous as magic, this potent, unpredictable force proves to be the ultimate weapon in the epic battle between good and evil in ABC’s "Once Upon a Time: The Complete Fourth Season". Soon after Emma and Hook unwittingly bring Elsa of Arendelle to Storybrooke, they encounter the mysterious Snow Queen, whose relentless obsession with both Emma and Elsa has chilling consequences. Meanwhile, it appears Regina has at last found true love with Robin Hood, but how will she react when her happy ending is thwarted yet again by a maddening twist of fate? Then, a banished Rumplestiltskin enlists the Queens of Darkness (Maleficent, Ursula, Cruella De Vil) in an insidious scheme to rewrite their own endings and corrupt the Saviors by turning her newly blissful heart pitch-black. Relive all 21 thrilling episodes of Season 4. Plus, delve deeper with never-before-seen bonus features as you revel in the intoxicating magic and mystery of Once Upon a Time – spellbinding now… and forever after![3]

Bonus Features[3]

  • Defrosting Frozen: An arctic blast hit Storybrooke this year as the characters from "Frozen and "The Snow Queen" took over the first half of the season. Defrost this 12 episode event as we talk to the actors who played Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Snow Queen and for the first time in forever, explore how Disney Animation's blockbuster film was adapted for the small screen.
  • Behind The Magic Tour: Join hosts Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin as they take you on an exclusive back stage tour on the stages of "Once Upon a Time". See the sets, meet the crew and eat the food as we go behind the scenes and find out what makes "Once Upon A Time" the most magical show on television.
  • Three Who Stayed: Meet three residents of Storybrooke who decided to stay in Storybrooke after the ice wall came down.
  • The Fairest Bloopers Of Them All
  • Deleted Scenes[4]
    • "Time Will Tell" - "White Out" - Scene 20
    • "The Babysitter" - "Breaking Glass" - Scene 3 (Blu-Ray exclusive)
    • "Friends Forever" - "Breaking Glass" - Scene 30
    • "Just Like Everyone Else" - "Smash the Mirror" - Scene 12A
    • "The Ice Cream Lady" - "Shattered Sight" - Scenes 27-28 (Blu-Ray exclusive)
    • "Chasing Happy Endings" - "Heroes and Villains" - Scene 6
    • "Laundry and Tea Cakes" - "Heroes and Villains" - Scene 8
    • "Magic Cake" - "Heroes and Villains" - Scene 11
    • "No Deal" - "Heroes and Villains" - Scene 15 (Blu-Ray exclusive)
    • "Camp Site" - "Unforgiven" - Scene 20F
    • "A Cow Named Nan" - "Poor Unfortunate Soul" - Scene 6 (Blu-Ray exclusive)
    • "Good Boy" - "Sympathy for the De Vil" - Scene 16
    • "The Lonely Author" - "Sympathy for the De Vil" - Scene 21
    • "Things Can Change" - "Mother" - Scene 8
    • "Empty Chairs at Empty Diners" - "Operation Mongoose Part 1" - Scenes 14-15 (Blu-Ray exclusive)
    • "We Can Fix It!" - "Operation Mongoose Part 2" - Scene 9 (Blu-Ray exclusive)


  • "Three Who Stayed" was previewed at the "Once Upon a Time" panel on July 11, 2015 at San Diego Comic Con.[5]
  • "Behind The Magic Tour" was previewed at the "Once Upon a Time" panel on August 15, 2015 at D23 Expo.[6]

Release Dates

  • Region 1: August 18, 2015[1]
  • Region 2: TBA
  • Region 4: November 25, 2015



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