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Once activated, the raw power inside can obliterate anything, even a god.

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The Olympian Crystal is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the twenty-first episode of the fifth season.

The Olympian Crystal is based on Zeus' thunderbolt from Greek mythology, and Zeus' thunderbolts from the Disney film Hercules.


Before First Curse

The Olympian Crystal is a powerful weapon with the ability to end someone's existence, and it was originally owned by Kronos, the King of Mount Olympus. When he chooses his older son, Zeus, to become his successor to the throne, this causes his younger son, Hades, to become jealous. Eventually, Kronos is killed by Hades, who decides to take the Olympian Crystal for himself. As he is about to destroy his brother with the weapon, Hades is defeated by Zeus. The latter stops his younger brother's heart and breaks the Olympian Crystal, making impossible for Hades to use or fix the crystal. As he leaves Mount Olympus for the Underworld, Hades takes the broken crystal with him, intending to keep it safe until he finds a way to fix it.[1] ("Last Rites")

After Third Curse

With a kiss of true love from Zelena, Hades' heart restarts and his banishment in the Underworld ends. When he leaves for Storybrooke, he takes the Olympian Crystal with him. After convincing Zelena that they must defend themselves from their enemies, he repairs the broken crystal, as fixing it is possible because his heart is beating again. Hades tries to appeal the idea of using the crystal to build a new kingdom for themselves, while she just wants a simple life in Storybrooke with him and her daughter. Mr. Gold offers Hades protection against the heroes in exchange for a piece of the crystal, but Hades rejects the deal. While Zelena is confronting Emma outside and Hades is gone from the room, Regina and Robin Hood enter to grab the baby. Hades attempts to finish off Regina with the crystal, but Robin takes the blow for her, dying almost immediately. Shortly after this, Zelena returns, with both Hades and Regina giving different versions of what happened. Hades encourages Zelena to kill her sister and fulfill her revenge against her, while Regina sways Zelena with the knowledge that Hades is incapable of changing his dark ways. Coming to terms with who Hades really is, Zelena pierces him with the crystal, causing his body to dissolve into ash. Later, Mr. Gold takes the remaining piece of the crystal from Hades' ashes. ("Firebird", "Last Rites")

Requiring magic to wake a cursed Belle, Mr. Gold absorbs Storybrooke's magic into the crystal. After Henry steals the crystal and leaves town with it, Mr. Gold misleads the heroes into thinking the crystal's destruction will erase Storybrooke for good. With Violet Morgan, Henry disappears to New York City to follow his father's defunct quest to destroy magic. As Regina and Emma are on the lookout for Henry, they discover magic use is now possible outside of Storybrooke because the town's magic is inside the crystal. In a library, Henry and Violet find a replica of the Holy Grail, the origin of all magic, that is capable of absorbing the crystal. As they leave the library, Mr. Gold magicks them unconscious before taking the crystal and checking into a hotel, where he prepares to uncurse Belle with the crystal's power. Instead, a portal from the Land of Untold Stories opens and absorbs Belle, who is in Pandora's Box, into it. ("Only You")

Learning their family is trapped in another realm, Regina and Emma work together to distract Mr. Gold and steal the crystal. As Regina secures a fake alliance with Mr. Gold, Emma sneaks into the hotel room to grab the crystal. Just after Emma seizes the crystal, Mr. Gold conjures it into his hand and calls out the women for trying to trick him. He explains having played along with Regina's ploy so he could obtain a strand of her hair, which he needs to locate Zelena, and hopefully Belle, in the other realm. With no more use for either woman, Mr. Gold magicks a fireball to throw at them, but Henry arrives to absorb the crystal into the Holy Grail. Only after this, Henry learns the repercussions of his actions, as Regina, Emma, and Mr. Gold all needed magic to rescue their families. With advice from the Dragon, Henry realizes regaining magic is possible through the power of belief. After convincing Regina, Emma, Mr. Gold, and Violet to make wishes on a fountain, magic begins to accumulate in the crystal, but not enough. Henry then rallies an entire crowd of New Yorkers into making wishes, and with enough magic, a portal forms in the fountain, allowing his family to jump through. Following a return to Storybrooke, Regina releases the crystal's magic back into the town, before the crystal itself dissolves away. ("An Untold Story")


Storybook Notes

Props Notes

welling in his eyes. Only these were not tears of sad-
ness. They smoldered with rage.
"You’re wrong about me, Father. I will make a great
Hades wiped the tears away as he said this, though his
voice was a vacuum of emotion. With cold determina-
tion, he approached a towering pedestal on the far side of
the bed chamber where an ornate filigreed box was left
unattended. Hades face betrayed a slight smile. He
knew this box held the prize he sought, and no one
would stop him from taking it now. He opened the box
and inside was an ancient crystal shaped like a crude
lightning bolt.
"The Olympian Crystal", he said reverently, with more
love than he had ever shown for leathery old Kronos.
"So…" a voice boomed from across the bed chamber.
Hades turned to see Zeus in the room, looking at him in
Judgment while touching the lifeless frame of their father
for one last time. "…your heart really is sickened."
Zeus stepped forward to his brother, in all his chiseled
might. And every inch of his muscle nauseated Hades,
but he maintained an even keel. For now.
"Will you not take a moment to mourn our father?

Who loved you?"
Zeus felt genuine compassion for his brother. And the
olive branch he offered bore no hidden thorns, only the
promise of reconciliation. That Zeus was capable of such
forgiveness only stoked the flames within Hades further.
"No, Zeus", Hades spat. "He only loved you."
Hades took the crystal into his hands. It was his now,
and no one would take it from him. Not even the
mighty Zeus. The powerful magic within it glowed for a moment.
"That power is not yours to wield," Zeus warned.
"The Olympian Crystal is dangerous. It belongs to the
"I should have been king," Hades said, wielding the
crystal like a septer. "And once I use this to kill you,
I'll rule any kingdom I desire.
He approached his brother, and for a moment, Zeus
[ illegible word] knowing that the crystal was powerful enough
to kill a god, even him. But Zeus bravely, perhaps
[three illegible words] proud. Hades raised the crystal,
had it pointing up at Zeus' chest, looking his
brother in the eye as he prepared to strike him down, by
[illegible word] it right into Zeus' heart, when…
("Last Rites")

  • The symbol of Jupiter (♃),[2] the Roman equivalent of Zeus, is printed on the handle of the Olympian Crystal[3] (it is also known as the astronomical symbol for the planet of the same name). Jupiter's symbol was originally the Greek letter ζ, Zeta (Ζ), the initial of Zeus' name.[2] ("Last Rites")


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