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Did I hear that right?
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SCENE: Wonderland. Present. The bottle currently containing the Knave of Hearts travels down a waterfall and into a stream below, tossing and turning. The bottle finally comes to a stop on some rocks, where it is discovered by Lizard. Curious, she picks it up, opens it, and in a mist of red smoke and sand, Knave appears. She promptly embraces him.

Knave: Lizard? Whoa. (Looks away from half naked Lizard. Lizard fixes her towel.)
Lizard: Will?!
Knave: I thought you were dead.
Lizard: I thought you were stone. What were you doing in there?
Knave: Long story, involves magic. Even if I understood it—which I don't—I definitely don't have time to explain it. (He proceeds to start to walk away. Lizard runs after him.)
Lizard: You're leaving?
Knave: Last I saw, Alice and Cyrus were in real trouble. I have to make sure they're safe.
Lizard: But you just got here.
Knave: I know. We'll catch up later. I've just got to—
Lizard: Will, wait! (Knave is immediately propelled backward in front of Lizard; much to both of their confusion. What just happened? (Knave discovers something in his back pocket.)
Knave: Bloody hell. (He hands the objects to her; revealing the three wishes.) I think these are for you.
Lizard: (Confused.) What are they?
Knave: Wishes. (Involuntarily.) Mistress mine, my will is thine. Tell me your wishes three. (In realization.) Bollocks! I'm pretty sure I'm a genie, Lizard.
Lizard: (At first, she is shocked, but then smiles.) And I'm your master.

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Alice and Cyrus' hideout in the Outlands. Alice wakes up and sees Cyrus beside her.

Cyrus: Alice!
Alice: Cyrus? I can hardly tell what's real and what's a dream.
Cyrus: You were in a deep sleep. But I promise, you're very much awake. (She feels his face.) See? Totally real. (He kisses her hand.)
Alice: We're together. We did it.
Cyrus: You did it, Alice. (They begin to kiss; only for an offscreen Red Queen to interrupt.)
Red Queen: Ugh. You two are even more insufferable together. Do you know that? (Alice turns around and is shocked. She reaches for her sword.)
Alice: What are you doing here?
Cyrus: Alice, wait!
Red Queen: Don't threaten me, darling. (She attempts to use her magic, but is stopped by Cyrus.)
Cyrus: Enough! Now we can work together, or we can perish together.
Alice: Why on earth would we work with her?
Cyrus: She doesn't remember.
Red Queen: Or maybe she just doesn't care.
Alice: What are you two talking about? Wait, why are you two even talking at all.
Cyrus: The Knave. We have to save him.
Alice: (Growing more confused.) The K—why do we need to save him?
Red Queen: Same old Alice, only thinking about herself.
Cyrus: One more word, and I'll let her give you what you deserve. (To Alice.) The wish that you gave to the Knave—he used it to end your suffering. And as a result, he not only saved your life, he granted me my freedom.
Red Queen: Unfortunately, as you know, magic always comes at a price.
Alice: (In realization.) And a bottle always has to have a genie inside. Oh no. So Will, he's...
Cyrus: I'm afraid so. That's why we can't leave Wonderland. Not yet.
Red Queen: We have to save him.
Alice: "We" don't have to do anything. (To Cyrus.) You're not seriously considering—
Cyrus: Alice. If there's one thing I know from being a genie, it's what people wish for in their heart of hearts. And I am telling you, the Queen wants the same thing as you do—to be with the one she loves. To be with Will.
Red Queen: Besides, if you want to find him before Jafar does, you need all the help you can get.
Cyrus: And having a little bit of magic on our side might prove to be useful.
Alice: (Sighs.) Very well, then. We find the bottle, and we save the Knave. And then get the hell out of Wonderland.

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Jafar enters the Wonderland Castle and ascends to the throne while the old prisoner watches from inside his cage.

Jafar: The Red Queen's reign is over! I'm the master of Wonderland now! (He turns to look at his father.) Enjoying the view, Father? Now you can watch me sit on the throne you didn't believe I deserved.
Old Prisoner: A throne is made when the man who sits upon it is worthy. Where you sit, Jafar, is nothing more than a large chair.
Jafar: And you, Father? Do you believe you were worthy?
Old Prisoner: More so than you.
Jafar: You tried to murder your own son.
Old Prisoner: If only I had succeeded... the world would be a far better place.
Jafar: (To the servants.) Remove him! (They do, and the Caterpillar enters.)
Caterpillar: Jafar. Or should I say, "Your Majesty"?
Jafar: You're back. You'd better have some good news.
Caterpillar: My men spent all night searching, but no luck. They'll head out again after they get some rest.
Jafar: Rest?! The third wish has been made! The genie is back in his bottle. Get more men! Raise an army if you have to! I need that bottle now, before someone else finds it!
Caterpillar: I've tried. But word's gotten out that working for you tends to shorten one's life expectancy.
Jafar: So does failing me. And you have failed spectacularly. (The eyes of his serpent staff begin to glow red and he then moves to kill the Caterpillar.)
Caterpillar: Wait. There might be one way to get what you want.
Jafar: Tell me.
Caterpillar: There's an ancient creature, imprisoned for a hundred years. Most are afraid to even speak its name, for fear it might return.
Jafar: Go on.
Caterpillar: It's more powerful than any army. And once you tell it what you want, nothing, no one can stop it. But I beg you not to—
Jafar: I need a name.
Caterpillar: It is called the Jabberwocky.

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. At the bottom of a hill near the river, Alice, Cyrus, and the Red Queen continue to track down the bottle.

Alice: So, if the bottle rolled down this hill, it most likely ended up here.
Cyrus: In the river.
Red Queen: Must we walk directly in the mud?
Alice: What's the matter, Queen? Or is only your hands you don't mind getting dirty?
Red Queen: Cyrus, you should really teach your girlfriend some manners... before someone else does.
Alice: Chances are the bottle carried downstream. We keep to the path of the river, we'll find Will. (She and Cyrus continue downstream as the Queen lags behind and slips in the mud.)
Cyrus: Alice, are you all right?
Alice: Yes, I'm fine.
Cyrus: Are you sure?
Alice: Of course I am. Yeah.
Cyrus: I can't even begin to imagine what you went through to get back here. How did you get back here?
Alice: Rabbit and the Knave came and got me out.
Cyrus: Out? From where?
Alice: (Realizing what she said.) From England. Um, they told me that you were alive and they brought me back to find you. But, what about you? How long were you in Jafar's prison? I can only imagine how horrible it was.
Cyrus: (Long pause.) We just have some catching up to do.
Alice: We just need to talk. That's all.
Cyrus: We won't always be such close quarters with the Red Queen. We'll find time to be together.
Alice: I know. It's just... she's so devious.(She turns around to find no sign of the Red Queen.) Cyrus?
Cyrus: What?
Alice: Where is she?
Cyrus: I don't know. She was right behind us.
Alice: I can't believe I fell for it again!
Cyrus: Alice, we don't know--
Alice: Yes, we do. A tiger doesn't change its stripes.
Cyrus: All right. So, what's her plan? Off to find the Knave on her own?
Alice: Undoubtedly. The more important question is why.

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Knave and Lizard enter the town square of Lizard's village.

Lizard:'Why risk you life going back for Alice and Cyrus? I mean, you promised you's help get them back together, and now they're together. For all you know, they already hightailed out of Wonderland.
Knave: You've got a point there.
Lizard: I'm just sayin', you've been through a lot. Fulfilled all your obligations. Don't you think you deserve a little "Knave Time"?
Knave: Well... I could use a chance to catch me breath.
Lizard: (Stares at the three wishes.) How about this? You grant me my first wish, and then you can run off, do whatever you want.
Knave: Fair enough.
Lizard: Okay. Let's see. I wish--
Knave: Wait! Be careful. There's rules to this genie business. Very, very important rules.
Lizard: Like what?
Knave: Like rules I'm trying bloody hard to remember. Uh, right. I'm not allowed...(Sighs.) I can't... something about... Here we go. I can't make anyone fall in love.
Lizard: Oh. Well, um, okay. How about this instead. You tell me something you want, and I'll wish it for you.
Knave: You serious?
Lizard: Sure. For old time's sake.
Knave: That's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me. Well, I don't want it to be too big. There's consequences in that. But something small, something safe, something like... (Thinks.) a beer. (Lizard smiles.) An ice-cold beer. Even better, beers for everyone in the village! (The crowd cheers.)

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Villagers are admiring various jewels.

Peasant Ringleader: One diamond pin! (The crowd cheers.) One ring—looks like rubies! (Crowd cheers again.) This'll feed us for months. The question is, what do we do... with her? (The camera pans down to see a dazed Red Queen awakening.)
Red Queen: Where am I? Who are you people?
Peasant Ringleader: "You people?" Do you hear that? "You people". (He laughs and another man forces the Queen to her feet.)
Red Queen: D-don't you know who I am?!
Peasant #1: Why do you think we hijacked you?
Another Man: Of course we know how you are. Or rather, who you used to be before Jafar threw you out of your fancy silver palace.
Red Queen: He didn't throw me out of the palace. I abandoned it!
Another Woman: Just like you abandoned us!
Peasant Ringleader: You took our harvests, let terrifying creatures take over our fields. You're the reason we're hungry. You're the reason we're suffering. And now you, "darling", will be the one to suffer.

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. In the palace, a gift-wrapped red box sits on a pedestal when Jafar enters. He takes it and opens it, revealing Tweedledee's severed head.

Jafar: Tweedle. You were so useful to me. Sorry to see you didn't come out... (He removes Tweedledee from the box and places him on another pedestal. ahead.
Tweedledee: Oh, thank you, Sire. That is much more comfortable.
Jafar: Now tell me where I can find the Jabberwocky.
Tweedledee: The Jabberwo—wo—why? What?
Jafar: I ask the questions, Tweedle. Show me where to find it.
Tweedledee: I would be more than happy But, with me not having a body, I'm afraid it's just not possible, is it? (A guard enters. Jafar magically removes to man's head from his neck.)
Jafar: Anything is possible, Tweedle. Would you like to be able to walk again?
Tweedledee: Of course.
Jafar: Then help me. And I'll help you.
Tweedledee: It took 500 men and Wonderland's most powerful magic to imprison the Jabberwocky. I must beg you, Sire, as your humble servant, do not do this.
Jafar: Yet it's precisely your fear, your willingness to do anything to avoid facing it, that I find so intriguing about this creature. You see... there's something in Wonderland that I want—a genie. And, quite honestly, I've grown tired of hunting for him. But perhaps with this creature at my side, the threat of releasing it, I won't have to hunt any longer. Because all of Wonderland will be falling over itself to bring him to me. (He fastens Tweedledee's head onto the new body.) And then Alice and her genie friend won't just be up against me. They'll be up against everyone.

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Lizard's Village. The crowd cheers on Knave, chanting his name as he sculls a beer. He slams his finished drink on the table and everyone cheers.

Knave: You are scandalous, you are Isabella. I tell ya. (Knave sees a smiling Lizard through the crowd. He approaches her.) Hell-o-va brood, that was.
Lizard: Exactly what we wished for, huh?
Knave: I can't remember the last time people were pleased to see me. "Don't steal the tarts, Knave." "Off with your head, Knave." These people love me. I couldn't of done it without you, Lizard. Now, what are we going to wish for next?
Lizard: Ah, I thought you said we had to be care.ful?
Knave: We are being careful. Do you see any consequences? I don't see any consequences. I'm sure I'll have a hangover in the morning but I don't think that has anything to do with the wish. Now we gonna come up with something that you want.
Lizard: I'm working on it.
Knave: Great. I have no idea what Cyrus was complaining about. Being a genie is bloody fantastic!

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Alice and Cyrus are still trying to find the Red Queen in the woods.

Alice: We shouldn't be looking for the Red Queen. We should be looking for the Knave! He's the one in danger. The sooner we find him, the sooner we can leave Wonderland and start our life together.
Cyrus: But what if something's happened to her.
Alice: The only thing that's happened is that she's gone to get the bottle on her own.
Cyrus: Over there. Broken branches. And look a piece of her dress. Signs of a struggle.
Alice: Well, there's no trail.
Cyrus: But that doesn't mean there isn't one. Find me some moss from the north side of a tree.
Alice: What are you up to?
Cyrus: Just a little bit of magic. Stone as white as moonlight. A feather. An owl's is better but this will have to do.
Alice: Moss from the north side of a tree.
Cyrus: (Cyrus collects all the ingredients and places them onto a large stone. He rubs the white stone into the piece of dress) Locus mirabilis... (The piece of dress begins to levitate.)
Alice: What's it doing?
Cyrus: Looking for its owner. It should leads us right to her.
Alice: I thought you weren't magical anymore.
Cyrus: No, I'm not. It's a simple locator spell. Anyone can learn it.
Alice: Who taught you?
Cyrus: My mother. She taught all of us.
Alice: I wish I could of meet your family.
Cyrus: I do too. But I'm afraid they've been lost to me for a very long time. Anyway, enough of what we've lost. Let's see what we can find.

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Jafar reaches bridge that leads to the ancient tower holding the Jabberwocky but a guard stands in his way.

Jafar: I'm told this is the location that holds the Jabberwocky.
Guard: Turn back. No good comes from entering this god-forsaken place.
Jafar: I am the ruler of Wonderland, now. Step aside. If you want to live.
Guard: You must turn back. (With the power of his staff, Jafar lifts the guard up and throws him to the side. The guard quickly scrambles back in front of the bridge, readying his weapon.)
Jafar: Are you really willing to die to protect this beast.
Guard: I'm not here to save it. I'm here to save you.
Jafar: I appreciate your concern. (Jafar swings his staff, sending the guard backwards on the bridge.) But as you can see, I can take care of myself.
Guard: (from the ground.) You're a fool! The only thing waiting in that prison is death.
Jafar: Death and I have already met. Send him my regards. (Jafar magically breaks the guards neck and continues along the bridge towards the tower.)

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Men from the mob drag the tied up Red Queen to a stake to tie her up.

Red Queen: I'm not the monster that you think I am! Once upon a time I was—I was one of you! I know what it's like to be poor and desperate and angry at the lot you have in life! I know...
Peasant Ringleader: Then why didn't you listen to our pleas for help? Every winter, we beg for protection from the creatures that invaded our villages searching for food. Well, tonight...we finally have something decent to feed them. (The mob cheers. Cyrus and Alice spy from a distance behind some shrub.)
Cyrus: We can't just leave her there.
Alice: We don't even know what they're planning. (The mob cheers.) Though I grant it's not looking good.
Cyrus: Alice...
Alice: If we were the ones tied to stakes, do you think she'd lift a finger to help us?
Cyrus: Well, you're right. She wouldn't. But we're not her.
Red Queen: Think about what you're doing. Feed me to these creatures tonight, tomorrow you will be no better of than you are today. But you hold me to ransom, and the reward that I'll fetch will fill your bellies for years to come. I'm worth more alive than I am dead.
Peasant Ringleader: Alright. Who? Who would pay to save your life?
Red Queen: I'm the Queen! Surely somebody would--
Peasant Ringleader: Give us a name.
Red one.
Cyrus: We'll pay! (The mob turns around to see Cyrus and Alice.) True, the Red Queen has done terrible things. She ruled you by fear. Now the tables have turned and you want the same. (The mob cheers.) You're good, honest people. But if you kill her, tonight, in cold blood; than you're no better than she is.
Peasant Ringleader: How much are you going to pay for her?
Cyrus: (whispering to Alice.) Do you have any?
Alice: (whispers) No.
Cyrus: It was really more of a metaphor.
Peasant Ringleader: Move along strangers and leave us to our business.
Alice: (Alice draws her blade.) We're not leaving without the Queen.
Peasant Ringleader: Then you'll suffer the same fate. (The surrounding mob jumps the couple.)

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Night. The Red Queen is tied to a stake seemingly alone.

Red Queen: How, nice try, darlings. I suppose I should probably take this opportunity to say thank you.
Alice: For what?
Red Queen: Appears that you two are the only two people in Wonderland care whether I live or die. (Howls can be heard in the distance. They all become very worried.) We need to get rid of these torches. The creatures they're drawn to the light. (Cyrus sticks out his leg.)
Cyrus: I'm trying to reach.
Red Queen: Well, try harder!
Alice: I can't believe it! We're barely been together a day and this is how it's going to end. (Red glowing eyes can be seen in the woods.)
Cyrus: What are those things?
Red Queen: Now, that would be the Mome Raths. (Cyrus and the Red Queen are able to tip some of the torches over as the creatures draw closer.) The lights are almost out but they're still coming! (The notice a glow from Alice.) Alice, it's your necklace! (Alice manages to get a hand free. She rips off her necklace which is glowing bright red.)
Cyrus: I've never seen it glow like that.
Red Queen: That's really lovely, but get rid of the damn thing! Throw it! (Alice throws the necklace and the Mome Raths go after it.)
Cyrus: Well done. (Alice helps Red Queen and Cyrus to get free. Alice looks at her necklace.) Alice, leave it. We have to go now!

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Lizard's Village. Lizard looks out the front window at the street of a little house. Knave comes in.

Lizard: (smiling) Are you enjoying yourself?
Knave: It might be the best night of my life. Which begs the question, what are you doing in here all by yourself.
Lizard: ...
Knave: Ah, I get it. I think I understand what's goin' on here. (Knave approaches Lizard. He leans over to her ear.) You fancy someone. I knew it! Alright, out with it. Name the lucky bloke who caught your eye.
Lizard: I'll never tell.
Knave: Who helped Alice get together with Cyrus? I did. And now they're living their happily ever after. So clearly, I know a thing or two about helping women in love get what they want.
Lizard: You told me yourself, you can't make anyone fall in love with me.
Knave: Yeah, but I can help in other ways. Genie ways. Make him notice ya. Like really notice ya.
Lizard: Well, you tell me then. What makes you notice a girl?
Knave: Me? Let me think. Confidence. Confidence is a terribly sexy quality in a women.
Lizard: Alright, what else.
Knave: Passion. Spontaneity. Willing to take chances, explore new places. And style. She should really know how to wear a dress. And a naughty streak, don't hurt. But it all comes down to this: when I see her it feels like fireworks are going off.
Lizard: Fireworks?
Knave: Fireworks. Because without that, there's nothing.
Lizard: Alright, then. I want that. I want all of that! That's my second wish.
Knave: Alright, then. I think I can give that a go. (Purple smoke envelopes Lizard. When it clears it reveals her in an elegant dress. Fireworks can be heard overhead.) Right then. Let's get out there and show these lads the girl they've been missin'.
Lizard: I rather stay in here.
Knave: Come on. What are you so afraid of?
Lizard: I'm afraid that the man I like doesn't feel about me the way I feel about him.
Knave: Have you seen yourself? He'd be a complete and utter idiot and blind to boot. If you don't wanna go out there, I'll bring him back here for ya.
Lizard: No, wait.
Knave: Tell me who he is then.
Lizard: It's you, Will. It's always been you.

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Alice, Cyrus and the Red Queen walk through the woods.

Cyrus: You made the right choice. If you'd hadn't sacrificed that necklace we'd all be dead right now.
Alice: It shouldn't matter. It's an old object. Nothing more.
Cyrus: Exactly. (The Red Queen walks ahead.)
Alice: It's just it isn't how I imagined our first day together. I went through hell to find you. There were days I thought I'd never see you again. And now that we're finally together.
Cyrus: What?
Alice: I'm afraid.
Cyrus: What are you afraid of, Alice.
Alice: I'm afraid that the battles will never end. I'm afraid there will always be one more mission. One more thing from preventing us from being alone together. From truly having a happy ending. (They hear blasts in the distance.) Wh-What's that?
Red Queen: Fireworks. That doesn't make sense.
Cyrus: Why not?
Red Queen: That's one of the poorest villages in the kingdom. It can barely afford food. Certainly can't afford this.
Alice: Maybe they could. If someone wished for it.
Cyrus: And if someone made a wish.
Red Queen: Then we just found our genie.

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Inside Jabberwocky Tower.

Jafar: "Fiat lux" (He's staff becomes alit. Jafar notices pale bodies scattered around.)
Jabberwocky: (voice) Why are you here?
Jafar: I understand you have great power. (Jabberwocky chuckles.) There's something in Wonderland I need to find.
Jabberwocky: (voice) Listen to all your silly words. You're jabbering.
Jafar: I brought more than words today. I have the power to set you free!
Jabberwocky: (voice) Jabber, jabber, jabber. You're already so afraid. And I haven't even open the door yet.
Jafar: What door?
Jabberwocky: (voice) The one inside your head. (Chuckles.) Everyone has a door like this. Where you kept all your most terrifying thoughts. Your greatest fear.
Jafar: I've been around dark magic most of my life. You'll have no luck getting inside my head. (Jabberwocky laughs loudly.)
Jabberwocky: (voice) I'm not worried about getting inside your head. Don't you see. I'm already in there.

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Alice, Cyrus and the Red Queen make it to the edge of a lake with the village on the other side.

Cyrus: Well, that sounds quite festive.
Red Queen: And if I know Will, he'll be at the center of it.
Alice: Maybe. Maybe he's just inside his bottle. And his master won't be very cooperative when he hears we want to take his genie away from him.
Cyrus: We're better off splitting up. We'll cover more ground that way.
Alice: Are you sure? What's to stop one of us finding the bottle and just running off.
Red Queen: I guess we're all have to simply trust each other.
Cyrus: Alice, wait.
Alice: We need to find the Knave, I don't want to come in second.
Cyrus: Of course. Have to find him and we will. But first... (Cyrus kisses Alice) I know how hard it was to part with the necklace. But that was a symbol of our past. Our life together now is about our future.
Alice: I know. It's just all those days and nights I spent searching for you that necklace was the only thing that ever made me feel truly connected to you.
Cyrus: Well, then. Maybe you need something else. Yeah, we were rudely interrupted at the Boiling Sea. I never had a chance to give you this. (Cyrus takes out a ring.) I believe I was about to ask you a question.
Alice: I said yes so quickly, I didn't make you do your speech.
Cyrus: It was going to be about risking my life for you and making sure nothing could keep us apart but we've done that now. What do I say to a women who's travelled worlds, risked her life to find me? (Cyrus gets on one knee.) For now and for the years to come. Whether we battling Mome Raths or fighting evil sorcerers. Or watching the clouds make their way across the sky. I will love you. And every moment will be a thrilling adventure for me because I'll be spending it with you. Alice...will you marry me?
Alice: Yes and yes again. And again forever. (Cyrus slides the ring on her finger.)
Cyrus: Now you don't have to be afraid anymore. (The newly engaged couple kiss in front of fireworks.)

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Lizard's Village. Lizard and Knave sit silently in a house.

Knave: I guess I was right. The bloke you fancy is a complete and utter idiot. Lizard, I'm sorry.
Lizard: No, it's alright. I'm fine really.
Knave: Look, you know I like you. I always have. You were a terrific mate and we had the best times together. It's just you don't love me. It's not just that. I don't love anyone. I can't love anyone. Not anymore.
Lizard: It doesn't have to be love. I just-I just wish you could feel something for me. Anything. (Lizard feels weak. Knave goes to grab her as she falls to the ground.) What's happening?
Knave: You make your third wish! Take it back!
Lizard: Will? (Knave returns to the bottle in a cloud of orange smoke.)
Knave: No, no! (From the bottle.) No, no, no. Liz, no! Liz! Liz! Liz, no.
Lizard: I just wanted you to feel something for me.
Knave: Sorry...I'm sorry. (Lizard takes her final breath.) Liz. No! (Knave cries.)

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Lizard's Village. Red Queen enters the village and notices a girl on the floor through the front door of a house. She enters to see if she's still alive. The Red Queen closes her eyes.

Red Queen: Oh dear. (Red Queen quickly gets up from the floor and then notices the genie bottle and smiles. Alice and Cyrus meet up in the village.)
Cyrus: Anything?
Alice: Nothing. No sign of the Knave or the bottle.
Cyrus: Well, perhaps the Red Queen's found them.
Alice: Do you really trust she'll bring them back, if she did? (Cyrus sees the Red Queen with the bottle.)
Cyrus: I do now. (Alice turns around.)
Alice: Where did you find it?
Red Queen: Your friend, the Lizard, she had it.
Alice: What did you do to her?
Red Queen: Nothing.
Alice: Liar!
Red Queen: She was dead when I found her. If you don't believe me we can ask the genie if you'd like.
Cyrus: Good idea! Hand over the bottle.
Red Queen: As you wish. (The Red Queen rubs the bottle.) Oops. (The Knave appears from the bottle in a cloud of smoke. He appears in front of Alice and Cyrus.)
Knave: Thank god, it's you.
Red Queen: Actually, Will it's me. (Knave turns around.)
Knave: "Mistress mine, my will is thine. Tell me your wishes three". Ugh.
Red Queen: Yeah, I'm your master.
Knave: Bloody hell!
Alice: You did that on purpose.
Red Queen: Perhaps.
Alice: You're going to pay for that!
Red Queen: Oh, come on, Alice. A girl needs an insurance policy.
Cyrus: You were right. We should've had the Mome Raths have her.
Alice: Indeed.
Red Queen: Either way, we need to find the Rabbit, get out of Wonderland before Jafar gets us.
Knave: I'd prefer to take my chances with the homicidal maniac with a snake stick. Thank you, though.
Red Queen: No, you won't. Not any longer. When he gets you, he's going to have all three genies.
Cyrus: What do you mean, "all three genies"?
Red Queen: Exactly what I said. He's already got the other two locked in the bottles. When he gets the third one his power's going to be unstoppable.
Alice: Cyrus, what's wrong?
Cyrus: The other two bottles, what did they look like?
Red Queen: One's short, wide and it's got large jewels on the side. The other's one like an oil lamp. Why? Wh-what does it matter?
Alice: Cyrus, please tell me, what's wrong?
Cyrus: Those other genies, they're my brothers. The three of us were cursed in the bottles at the same time. I spent a hundred years searching for them. Eventually, I assumed they were lost. But if Jafar truly has them...
Alice: Then we'll stay. And we'll save them.
Cyrus: Alice, are you sure?
Alice: Happily ever after. It can't just be for us. It has to be for everyone. All of Wonderland.
Knave: I guess, this is where we part company, then.
Alice: Why is that?
Knave: Because I don't think this one's sticking around for any of that. And with her being my master and all.
Red Queen: Will, since when have I been to give up a fight.
Knave: Since, as long as I've known ya. You've always looks for the easy way out, Ana. The shortest way to get what you wanted. No matter who else it hurt. Now you got the three wishes in your pocket. The mother of all short cuts. Seems to suit you perfectly, don't it?
Red Queen: We're staying.
Knave: We are?
Red Queen: Yes we are. I have been a terrible Queen. These people, they deserve better than what I gave them. So we are staying. And we are fighting! Besides, there's four of us. Jafar's on his own. He doesn't stand a chance.

SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Jabberwocky Tower. Jafar's still trying to work out where the voice is coming from.

Jabberwocky: (voice) I've decided to join you. In exchange for my-ugh, freedom. I will help you find that which you seek.
Jafar: Excellent. But how can I free you, if I cannot see you. (Jabberwocky snickers.)
Jabberwocky: (voice) Look...up. (Jafar lifts his lit staff up to reveal impaled Jabberwocky. Jafar magically pulls out the blade that was keeping her there. She falls to the ground and lands gracefully like a cat. She stretches and her bones crack. She looks up to Jafar. Jafar steps back.)
Jabberwocky: Thank you. (She gets up and slowly walks up to Jafar.) I am known as the Jabberwocky.
Jafar: I am Jafar.
Jabberwocky: Well, Jafar, before we begin, I'd like to dispose of this blade.
Jafar: This thing. It must be quite powerful to keep you pinned up for all this time.
Jabberwocky: Indeed.
Jafar: I think I'll hold onto this if you don't mind.
Jabberwocky: What are you afraid of, Jafar?
Jafar: I'm not afraid of anything.
Jabberwocky: Not even (sighs) oh, the feeling of water filling your lungs. (The memory flashes of Jafar's head in water.) Your father's hands...holding you down. (Another memory flashes of the Sultan's hand upon young Jafar's head.) The feeling of there's nothing you can do save yourself. That you...are...powerless. (Jafar's bent over finding it hard to breathe.) And you don't know what burns more... Your father's betrayal or the lack of oxygen in your lungs. (Jabberwocky lets Jafar go of her spell and Jafar takes a deep breath.) Maybe you're right, Jafar. Maybe you should hold onto that blade. You never know when you might need it. (Jabberwocky walks by Jafar as Jafar stands in shook.)

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