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In a cave in the North Valley, you'll find an urn that contains Ingrid. Please do what I should have done long ago and release her. When you see her, please tell her I love her and I'm sorry.
Gerda's letter to Elsa and Anna src

The North Valley is an Arendelle location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the third episode of the fourth season.


Before First Curse

During a dispute gone wrong, Ingrid accidentally kills her sister Helga, and as a result, is imprisoned in an urn by Gerda. For reasons unknown, the urn ends up hidden in the North Valley. ("The Snow Queen", "Rocky Road")

Many years later, Gerda and her husband are on a sea voyage when their ship is caught in a terrible storm. Realizing neither of them will make it out alive, Gerda hastily jots down a long note, which explains her past with both of her sisters. She writes that she regrets trapping Ingrid in the urn and asks her daughters, Elsa and Anna, to travel to the North Valley and free her. Lastly, she requests Anna and Elsa to tell Ingrid how much she truly loved her. She then rolls up the note into a scroll, places it into a bottle and throws it overboard so Elsa and Anna will find it. Soon after, the ship capsizes and sinks. ("A Tale of Two Sisters", "Shattered Sight")

Anna's fiance Kristoff sneaks up to the Southern Mountains to spy on Prince Hans and his brothers. He overhears the princes' plan to get rid of Elsa by entrapping her in the magic urn. After relaying this information to Elsa, Kristoff proposes that he handle the situation by destroying the urn. Elsa decides to go with him, so they travel to the North Valley where the item is located. Though Kristoff hastens Elsa to do away with the relic, she curiously regards the ancient words on the urn, which may have information about others like her. As Kristoff continues to insist against her idea, she firmly refuses to smash the vase. Just then, Hans and his three brothers surround them. Elsa counters with ice magic, but Hans threatens her with Kristoff's life. Desperate, she promises the urn to Hans, and then apologizes for not listening to Kristoff earlier. Putting her trust in him, Elsa tells Kristoff that after she is gone, he must find Anna and save Arendelle. Smugly, Hans remarks that a monster like Elsa shouldn't rule Arendelle, and he uncaps the urn. A white liquid pours out, but while all three believe the substance will trap Elsa, the Snow Queen, Ingrid, arises from it instead. Having taken insult to Hans' previous comment, the Snow Queen turns him into an ice statue while the prince's brothers flee. The Snow Queen, though at first wary of Kristoff, is reassured by Elsa that he is an ally. ("Rocky Road")

After Second Curse

Anna finds a scroll inside a bottle and discovers it's a note from her mother. Rushing into the snow lair, she reads the letter to Elsa, Emma and Ingrid. They learn that Gerda, remorseful about trapping Ingrid, wants Ingrid to be freed from the urn and states she truly loved her sister and regretted trapping her away. She writes that the urn can be found in the North Valley and asks them to do what she should have done years ago and free Ingrid. Ingrid is moved to tears as she realizes she always had her sisters' love. ("Shattered Sight")


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