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You know, when you're in New York, you've got to go to the public library. No offense, but it blows the one here away. It's got these lions outside of it...

Henry to Belle src

The New York Public Library is a Land Without Magic location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twenty-second episode of the fifth season.


Before Second Curse

After Emma and Henry are given new memories by Regina, they settle down New York City, where they live a happy life together. Sometimes when Henry is upset, they go to the fountain outside the New York Public Library, where Emma gives Henry a coin and tells him to wish her problems away. One day Henry is upset because he notices that his mother is lonely. When Emma takes him to the fountain, he wishes that their family would be complete. A few days later, Hook shows up at Emma's doorstep and brings the two of them back to Storybrooke, where they are reunited with their family. ("New York City Serenade", "An Untold Story")

After Second Curse

Mr. Gold suggests to Belle that they go to New York for a proper honeymoon, which Belle agrees to. While helping Belle pack, Henry recommends that she goes to the public library, saying how it "blows the Storybrooke version away" and has lion statues in front of it. ("Heroes and Villains")

After Third Curse

Henry and Violet embark on a quest to destroy magic once and for all. They travel to New York City, where Henry reveals his father Neal once told him about his past research on destroying magic. He intends to finish what Neal couldn't, and from reading his father's journal, he and Violet are led to the Midtown Library's rear reading room. Henry finds storybooks that look like the one he owns, except they contain different stories, but none of them reveal how to destroy magic. Violet spots a replica of the Holy Grail, which she deems the source of all magic. Henry places the grail next to the Olympian crystal, and when the crystal begins to be absorbed into the grail, it proves magic can be destroyed. As they leave, Mr. Gold shows up and magicks them unconscious and steals the crystal. When his moms arrive, Henry convinces Emma that she was wrong for not believing in Regina, and he defends his decision to destroy magic because he doesn't want to lose either of them to magic. Regina uses Henry's blood to locate Mr. Gold, which fails because Mr. Gold has disabled magic. ("Only You")

Despite being told to wait in the library, Henry rushes off to find his moms, who left to confront Mr. Gold. After spotting a magic storm cloud above the Hotel d'Or, he and Violet reach Mr. Gold's hotel room, where Henry absorbs the crystal's magic into the grail. Only then, he learns Emma, Regina, and Mr. Gold all needed the crystal to rescue their families, as they are trapped in another realm. Henry blames Mr. Gold for the mess they are in, and storms off to sulk at a fountain outside the library. Violet keeps him company until Emma stops by to talk. Emma gives him a penny to make a wish on the fountain since making wishes used to cheer him up, but Henry reminds her that only worked when he was living in New York with no memory of Storybrooke or magic. He expresses guilt over destroying magic, as he believed it would help their family, but now, he's made things worse. With the Dragon's help, Henry and the others are able to see their families in the other realm, but unable to open a portal. To find more magic, the Dragon advises that they seek magic with the power of belief. Back at the fountain, Henry persuades his family to make wishes on pennies, which creates magic in the crystal, but not enough. In order to acquire more, he rallies a whole crowd of New Yorkers into believing in magic and making wishes, causing a geyser and then a portal to appear in the fountain, allowing Henry's family to come through. Mr. Gold slips into the portal without anyone's notice, intending to confront Mr. Hyde about Belle. When Henry's family returns, the crowd applauds over the display, but a disappointed Henry realizes the people mistook real magic for a street act. Emma assures him that it was still worth it because, for a moment in time, he helped people to believe in magic. ("An Untold Story")


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