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Did I hear that right?
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SCENE: Past, one year ago. The Enchanted Forest. Prince Phillip rides through the woods. Aurora prepares a picnic.

Aurora: You're late.
Prince Phillip: I came as quickly as I could.
Aurora: I'm hungry and I miss you. (Phillip embraces her. They kiss.)
Prince Phillip: (Looking at Aurora’s belly, gently stroking it) You're always hungry now.
Aurora: And cranky. I'm sorry. I know, there are royal responsibilities.
Prince Phillip: None that match my responsibilities to you. Our family. I'm the one who should be sorry.
(In the distance, thunder and rumbling can be heard. Purple clouds rise.)
Aurora: (Looking up to the sky) What is that? Is it a storm?
(Their horses flee the scene in panic. Lightning hits the ground.)
Prince Phillip: That's not a storm. It's magic. Come. We need to get you to safety. Now. (They turn to run. With one final rumbling the purple clouds disappear.) Are you alright?
Aurora: Yeah, I think so. What was that?
Prince Phillip: I don't know.
(They turn around and face a group of former Storybrooke residents: Snow White, Prince Charming, the Dwarves, the Evil Queen, Neal Cassidy, Granny, Red Riding Hood, Hook and Belle).
Aurora: (Surprised) Snow? What happened?
Snow White: We’re back.

SCENE: Land Without Magic. Present day. New York City. Restaurant „Ostria“. Emma Swan enters. A man awaits her.

Man: Hey.
Emma: Sorry, I'm late. (The man stands up and embraces Emma)
Man: I guess that means you caught the guy.
Emma: So optimistic. I like it.
Man: If you hadn't you'd have cancelled.
Emma: You know me too well.
Man: Emma Swan always gets her man. (A waiter serves a glass of wine)
Emma: And apparently my drink. Thank you.
Man: Thank you. How did Henry's volcano do at science fair?
Emma: It was Pompeii all over again. Thank you for your help (They clink glasses.)
Man: Come on. All I did was convince him not to use real lava.
Emma: His teachers did appreciate that. Let's eat. I'm starving.
Man: Let's do it. (Emma looks at the menu enlisting small plates. The scene changes to both of them enjoying a meal.) Are you happy? With your food - are you happy?
Emma: We are happy.
Man: I'll be right back. (standing up.)
Emma: Okay. (A waiter takes the plate away.) Thanks. (Emma’s cell phone beeps.) Hang on, I'll just finish one quick work thing. (Hook sits down opposite to Emma.) You!
Hook: (interrupting) I can explain.
Emma: (angry) You are a stalker!
Hook: Don't scream. Just hear me out. I don't do this very often. So treasure it, love. I’ve come to apologize.
Emma: For trying to kiss me?
Hook: I was simply trying to jog your memory.
Emma: It's time for you to go. Now.
Hook: Your parents are in great danger, Emma.
Emma: You really have no idea what you're talking about.
Hook: Cause you think you're an orphan? Because that's haunted you your whole life? I'm here to tell you everything yo believed is wrong.
Emma: You don't know me.
Hook: Alas, I know you better than you know yourself. I have proof. Take a gander. (He hands Emma s small piece of paper.) Here's an address. If you wanna know who you really are, who your parents are, go there.
Emma: Leave. Now.
Hook: You've been there before. A year ago. You just don't remember.
Emma: A year ago I was in Boston. Till a fire destroyed my apartment and I moved to New York to have a fresh start with my son.
Hook: Regina did really a number on you.
Emma: You're a crazy person. Or a liar. Or both.
Hook: I prefer dashing rapscallion. Scoundrel?
Emma: Give me one good reason not to punch you in the face.
Hook: You really don't believe me? (He leans a bit closer) Try using your superpower. Yep, I know about that. Use it. See that I'm telling the truth.
Emma: Just because you believe something is true, does not make it real.
Hook: Maybe. Maybe not. I know you, Swan. You sense something's off. Go to that address. Take a chance. Then you'll want to talk. When you do I'll be in Central Park. By the entrance of the zoo. Don't do it for me. Or you. Do it for your family. They need your help. (Hook leaves.)

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Aurora and Prince Phillip welcome the arrived group.

Snow White: How’ve things been since we left? The Ogres?
Aurora: Defeated. We’re restoring our kingdom and our lives.
Snow White: (nods) And congratulations.
Aurora: (smiling) Is it that obvious?
Snow White: You are glowing.
The Evil Queen: Why is she pregnant and I'm the one who's sick?
Prince Phillip: We have much to celebrate. And know that you and your friends are welcome in our kingdom. If you need anything we’re at your service.
Prince Charming: Thank you, but all we need is horses. We have our own kingdom. Our own castle.
Snow White: (resting a hand on Charming’s shoulder) Our castle was destroyed in the curse.
Hook: Well played, your Majesty. You laid waste to everything.
Aurora: Not everything. Her castle still stands.
The Evil Queen: Of course it does. I protected it.
Prince Charming: Well, technically, the castle doesn't belong to her. It was Snow's before she took it.
The Evil Queen: Well, to be fair, I married into it.
Snow White: That you did. And now, we’re taking it back. (smiling she takes a step towards The Evil Queen) And you are coming with us.
The Evil Queen: You can't be serious.
Snow White: Everyone out there is scared and confused. They need hope. What better way to do that then to return united? You're coming with us. I know you don't like it. You'll learn to. For our good. For yours.
Prince Charming: (to Phillip and Aurora) Thank you again for your hospitality. We should begin preparations.
Prince Phillip: Good luck to all of you. (Prince Charming, The Evil Queen, Hook and Snow White walk away.)
Aurora: (worried) You know we can't pretend this didn't happen. They've returned. We have to tell her.
Prince Phillip: Aurora, we can't. You know what'll happen to them. What she'll do.
Aurora: We both know if she ever found out we hid this, she would take it out on our child. We have no choice. She has to know. We have to trust that they can take care of themselves. It's not up to us to save them.

SCENE: Land Without Magic. Present day. New York City. Restaurant „Ostria“. The man returns and sits down again. He notices Emma reading Hook’s note

Man: Hey. What's that? (sits down.)
Emma: (pockets the paper.) Nothing. (A waiter serves Emma a dessert.)
Man: Hope you're still hungry.
Emma: Walsh, I couldn't eat another bite.
Walsh: You remember our first date? You were being you. (chuckles) So I couldn't swing a dinner. I brought you here for lunch, which didn't stop you from ordering an ice-cream sundae, which wasn't on the menu. I bribed the chef. They made one up.
Emma: I remember. I was nervous. Now I'm full.
Walsh: Will you at least look at it? (He turns the sundae around so that Emma can see an engagement ring placed on the plate.) Emma, I don't want to freak you out, but I couldn't wait any longer. I love you. I love Henry. I love our lives together and I wanna have a future together. (He stands up and kneels down taking Emma’s hand.) Emma Swan, will you marry me?

SCENE: Land Without Magic. Present day. New York City. Emma leaves the restaurant. Walsh catches up with Emma.

Walsh: I thought the worst thing that could happen was you'd say no but I never thought you'd walk out on the bill.
Emma: Walsh.
Walsh: No, no, no. I was gonna pay. It was- I'm kidding.
Emma: I'm sorry. This wasn't- You just took me by surprise. That's all. A lot of things took me by surprise tonight.
Walsh: Look, surprise was kind of part of the plan but I can see now it was not a great plan. So-
Emma: Doesn't it all just seem a little fast to you? I mean, we've only been together eight months.
I've had leftovers in my fridge for longer than that.
Walsh: I know. I threw them out. Might have saved your life.
Emma: How do you (pauses) we (pauses) know that this is right?
Walsh: Emma, speaking for myself, I’ve known this was right since the moment you walked into my furniture shop. Why do you think your order was ready two weeks early?
Emma: You commitment to excellence?
Walsh: (chuckles) I couldn't wait to ask you out. It seemed the most non stalkery way to speed things up.
Emma: I do love that end table.
Walsh: That's a start.
Emma: I do love you. You know that, right?
Walsh: Yeah, I do. And I love you.
Emma: I'm not good at fast.
Walsh: I know. I knew who I was proposing to. I knew you would say this is too fast and that's why we don't have to get married anytime soon. We can wait a year. Or more. Look, I don't care if we don't get married until we’re 65 years old and Henry already has kids. Okay? All I know is that I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.
Emma: Can I have some time to think?
Walsh: Take as much time as you need. I will be here when you're ready.

SCENE: Land Without Magic. New York City. Present day. Emma’s apartment. Emma enters and enters the living room. Henry plays video games.

Emma: Mrs. Cuse said you were quiet tonight.
Henry: Not quiet. Concentrating. I’ve finally reached level 23.
Emma: Do you mind if a fifth-level wizard joins you?
Henry: At level 23? Good luck with that. (Emma joins the game.) So what did you say? To Walsh?
Emma: You knew? How?
Henry: Come on, mom. First date restaurant. A special night out. Writing was on the wall.
Emma: Technically, the writing was on the dessert.
Henry: So, what did you say? (Emma remains silent.) Poor guy.
Emma: I didn't say no.
Henry: If you didn't say yes, I stand by my poor guy assessment.
Emma: I just need some time to think about it. I mean, it's like a big step, kid. We’ve got a good thing going here, just the two of us.
Henry: Yeah, and we'd still have a good thing if it was just the three of us.
Emma: You think Walsh is worthy of joining our little family?
Henry: He's okay. (Henry pauses the game and turns around to face Emma) Mom, not every guy is like my dad. Not every guy is just gonna leave you.
Emma: He didn't just leave. He set me up to take the fall for his crime and left me in jail. He doesn't even know you exist. He doesn't deserve to.
Henry: This guy is not that guy. He wants to be with you. Us. He wants us to be his home. And anyways, I know you like him.
Emma: How?
Henry: Cause he's the first guy you've dated I’ve ever met. (Henry resumes the game.)
Emma: When did you get so wise?
Henry: Somewhere after Level 16 when I became a knight.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Travel preparations are under way.

Sneezy: Grumpy, look at us. We’re back to normal.
Happy: We’re handsome again. (Jiminy Cricket lands on Grumpy’s shoulder.)
Grumpy: Hey Jiminy, is that you? (Jiminy chirps affirmative.) Where you've been? (Jiminy chirps again.) Really? No kidding? (Jiminy chirps.) Okay. Okay. (to Prince Charming) Hey, Your Highness. According to Jiminy 50 more Storybrooke folk landed not two miles from here. They're popping back all over the place.
Prince Charming: That's good. At this rate we'll have the whole kingdom back in no time. Grumpy, you and the dwarves, spread the word. All new arrivals make haste for the Queen's Castle.
Grumpy: Consider it done. (The dwarves leave and Prince Charming joins Capt. Hook.)
Prince Charming: That's a lot of supplies you have there, Hook.
Hook: Well, you know what they say about preparation and all that.
Prince Charming: There's no need to overload your horse. The Queen's castle is less than a day's ride from here. We'll have everything we need once we get there.
Hook: Aye. That would be lovely if I were going to the Queen's castle.
Prince Charming: You're not coming with us?
Hook: You're a perceptive prince, aren’t you?
Prince Charming: Where are you going?
Hook: Listen, mate. The Enchanted Forest is your home. Mine is the Jolly Roger.
Prince Charming: Hook, you don't even know, if it's -
Hook: (interrupting) Regina told me how that bloody thing worked. It returned all of our belongings to this land as well as us. It means that somewhere out there is my ship. All I have to do is find her.
Prince Charming: And what if you can't?
Hook: I'll just have to take another one, then, won't I? That's what pirates do. (He finishes his preparations.)
Prince Charming: (stepping back) Huh. And here I thought you're gone and changed.
Hook: (mounts his horse) I tried the hero thing. Didn't take.
Snow White: So, that's it? Emma's gone. You're gonna go back to be a pirate?
Hook: Back, my lady? I’ve always been a pirate. (He spurs his horse.)
Neal: Hey. What Hook said just now about all of our stuff being brought back here - is that true?
Prince Charming: What are you looking for?
Neal: I was thinking maybe we can stop by my father's place on the way to the Queen's castle.
Prince Charming: Neal, I know you're hurt, but Rumplestiltskin is gone.
Neal: Maybe. Maybe not. And if he's not maybe he can get me back to Emma.
Snow White: Neal, it's impossible. Regina was clear. The price of our return was a complete reset. No more portals. This is our realm for good. There's no way to cross over. Not without another curse.
Prince Charming: We have to move on. This is our home now. Now, I know, you miss them. So do we. Even if there were some way to get to them, they wouldn't remember us. The best thing we can do for Emma and Henry is the only thing we can do: Let them be and know we gave them their best chances.

SCENE: Land Without Magic. The next morning. New York City. Emma’s apartment. Henry gets ready for school. Emma tidies up the kitchen.

Henry: Mom, do you have it? My permission slip? It's due today and if I don't hand it in I'll miss the museum trip next week.
Emma: Yeah, your permission slip is right here. (Emma takes a look at Hook’s note.)
Henry: Mom, is there something going on?
Emma: No, nothing.
Henry: No. You're doing it again. You're worrying.
Emma: No, I'm not. I'm thinking. There's a difference.
Henry: Are you thinking about Walsh?
Emma: No, I- (hesitates) Yeah, I am. Can you blame me for taking 24 hours to think through making a life-altering decision? Just want to make sure that nothing is wrong.
Henry: You're always look for something to be wrong. You don't have to do that you know. Sometimes it's okay to accept things are good. I got to go. I'm gonna be late. See you. Love you.
Emma: Love you, too. (Emma reads Hooks note. It reads: '89 Wooster Street. New York. NY 10012')

SCENE: Land Without Magic. Present day. New York City. Neal’s apartment. Emma breaks in the apartment and looks around. She notices a Dream Catcher hanging in the window.

Emma: (picks up the Dream Catcher) Flypaper for nightmares. Neal. (Emma walks around, picking up some letters. Again, she notices they’re addressed to Neal Cassidy. Walking around a bit further she picks up a key chain. Henry’s name is embroidered on it.) That's not possible.

SCENE: Land Without Magic. Present day. New York City. Central Park.

Hook: (relieved) Swan, I knew that’d work.It's good to see you again.
Emma: (angry) Why didn't you tell me it was Neal's place?
Hook: I think the tone of your voice answers that quite clearly. You never would have gone if I had.
Emma: What does Neal have you up to? Is he trying to get into Henry's life? How does he even know about him?
Hook: I’ve already told I'm not here because of Neal. I'm here because your parents are in trouble. Their entire kingdom has been cursed, ripped back to Storybrooke.
Emma: What are you talking about? (doubtful) My parents? Their kingdom? A curse? Do you know what you sound like?
Hook: Like a mad man, I'm sure. But it's true. Your parents need you. You're the only one who can save them. If you don't believe me at all, why did you come here?
Emma: Because Neal has a cameo with my son's name on it. (Emma shows Hook the key chain she’d picked up earlier.) How?
Hook: Don't you see? That is proof of what I'm saying. Henry must have left that in the apartment when you were in New York last year.
Emma: Not good enough. I want answers. Real ones.
Hook: There's only one way you'll get those. Drink this. (Hook hands Emma a memory potion.)
Emma: Drink the thing the crazy guy just offered me? No, thank you.
Hook: It'll help you remember everything you have lost. If one small part of you senses that, don't you owe it to yourself to find out, if I'm right? What do you say, love? Take a leap of faith. Give it a go.
Emma: Call me love one more time and you'll lose the other hand. (Emma cuffs Hook.)
Hook: Swan, what are you doing?
Emma: Making sure that you never bother my son and me again. (Emma whistles. Two police officers approach. Emma turns towards the officers.) This is the guy. The one who assaulted me.
Hook: It was a kiss.
Emma: There. He confessed. (Emma turns to leave.)
Police Man: Your under arrest for assault and criminal harassment, sir. You have the right to remain silent.
Hook: Swan, please. You're making a mistake. A terrible, terrible mistake. Swan, you family needs you.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Nearby the Dark Palace. Belle approaches Neal.

Belle: You'll see them again. Emma and Henry.
Neal: Well, let's hope I don't have to curse an entire kingdom to get back to them.
Belle: I heard you talking to David about Rumple. You know, we never saw his knife. I think we can get him back.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Nearby the Dark Palace.

Snow White: Regina's castle is just beyond the mountains.
Prince Charming: I think you mean our castle.
Snow White: That's going to take some getting used to. The last time I was there was just after my father's death. And I’ve always dreamed of returning. I just never imagined it would be with Regina by our side. (Grumpy approaches Snow White.)
Grumpy: I wouldn't count on that, sister. The Queen - she's missing.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Elsewhere in the woods. The Evil Queen buries something. Snow White approaches her.

Snow White: What are you doing?
The Evil Queen: (sighs) So, now you're following me?
Snow White: We were worried. And it looks like we were right to be. What are you burying?
The Evil Queen: Nothing that concerns you.
Snow White: Why does that make me think it does? What have you done? (Digging The Evil Queen shifts her weight and Snow White is able to glimpse something red lying on the ground.) Is that a heart?
The Evil Queen: (angry) Go away!
Snow White: It's your heart, isn't it?
The Evil Queen: I'm not having this conversation with you.
Snow White: I know you miss Henry.
The Evil Queen: (standing up) Not as much as I did when that was still beating in my chest.
Snow White: But, Regina, this isn't the answer. No matter how much pain you may feel, you can't just bury it in the woods.
The Evil Queen: Watch me. (kneeling down again she resumes her work.)
Snow White: You won't feel better. You won't feel anything.
The Evil Queen: (standing up) That's the point. I can't keep walking around knowing that I'll never see Henry, that he doesn't even remember who I am.
Snow White: I know exactly how you're feeling. I just said good-bye to my daughter. For the second time. Henry, too.But I promise you it will get better. (pointing at Regina’s heart) With that. Right now, it might be causing you pain, but I promise you, it will let you feel something else soon enough.
The Evil Queen: What's that?
Snow White: The one thing Henry always wanted you to find. Happiness.
The Evil Queen: I can't be happy without him.
Snow White: Find a way. For Henry.
(The Evil Queen sighs. She picks up her heart and restores it.)
The Evil Queen: Now let's get back to our castle. (The Evil Queen leads the way, Snow White follows her. Both of them are unaware to a peering red eye in the undergrowth behind them. As the creature flies off, rustling can be heard.)
Snow White: Did you hear that? There was something there. (The Evil Queen turns around and joins Snow White.) In that bush.
The Evil Queen: (briefly examining the undergrowth) There's nothing here, unless it flew away.
Snow White: (looking up to the sky) It did. (A flying monkey attacks them.) We need to find cover!
The Evil Queen: No. I don't run from monsters. They run from me. (launches a fireball at the flying monkey. Winging sideways the monkey is able to avoid the fire ball. Once again the monkey dives. It snatches The Evil Queen from the ground lifting her a few feet up in the air.)
Snow White: Regina! Regina! (Forcefully, Snow White pulls The Evil Queen down. Breaking free the monkey tears her sleeve and draws blood.) It's too fast.
The Evil Queen: I'm open to suggestions.
Man: (shouting) Get down! (Snow White and the Evil Queen duck. The flying monkey is struck by an arrow. Shrieking in pain it turns around and flees.)
Man: (reaching out to The Evil Queen) Milady. (noticing the claw mark) You're injured.
The Evil Queen: It's Your Majesty. And I'm fine.
Man: A simple thank you would suffice.
The Evil Queen: We didn't ask for your help. (standing up)
Snow White: Well, I'm grateful for the assistance. (The man pulls her up.)
Man: (shaking her hand) Robin. Robin of Locksley. (turning to his companions) And these are a few of my Merry Men.
Snow White: (introducing herself) Snow White.
Robin Hood: At last we meet. You know, there was a time when our faces graced Wanted posters side by side.
Little John: (nods into the Evil Queen’s direction) If you're really Snow White, why are you with her?
The Evil Queen: Her? Show some respect. Or at least some restraint at the buffet.
Robin Hood: You'll have to excuse Little John, but before you cursed this land we spent many a day running from your Black Knights.
The Evil Queen: Well, I'm sure you deserved it. (looking up to the sky) What the hell was that thing?
Robin Hood: I have no idea. We’ve never encountered the likes of it before. (In the distance a monkey shrieks again.)
Snow White: Come on. This way. We need to warn the others.

SCENE: The Land Without Magic. New York City. Present day. Emma and Henry walk to school together.

Henry: You wanna talk to me about Walsh, don't you?
Emma: How would you say that?
Henry: (holding a candy bar in his hands) You bought me candy at the drug store.
Emma: Okay. Maybe you're right. I have been thinking about him. Maybe what happened in my past with your birth father has kept me from living my life now. Maybe it's time for me to start looking forward. We start looking forward.
Henry: So, does that mean you gonna marry him? (Emma smiles) So, that's a yes. How are you gonna tell him.
Emma: Wait. Wait. First, I didn't say that I -
Henry: You could tell him at dinner tonight.
Emma: We're not having dinner.
Henry: I might have send him a text from your phone this morning. He's coming over at eight and I arranged to sleep over by Avery's so the two of you could be alone. It's okay, mum. If your gut's telling you to marry him, trust it.
Emma: Crap, I forgot to pick something up. Here. Take this. (She hands him a bag.) Go. See, if you can beat Level 24. I'll meet you up there. See ya.
Henry: (entering) See ya. (Emma takes a closer look at some photographs.)

SCENE: Land Without Magic. Present day. New York City. Hook leaves the 35. New York Police Department. Emma is waiting for him outside.

Emma: Hey. We need to talk.
Hook: I knew you wouldn't let me rot in that cage. I've been in my fair share of brigs, but none as barbaric as that. They force-fed me something called bologna.
Emma: (showing him the photos) What the hell are these? (confused) We never lived in a town called Storybrooke. We never took a flight from Boston to New York. We never did any of this.
Hook: So you believe me, then.
Emma: I don't know. You could have photoshopped these pictures?
Hook: (confused) Photoshopped?
Emma: Faked.
Hook: If you think these are forgeries, then why'd you spring me from the brig? Because as much as you deny it, deep down, you know something's wrong. Deep down, you know I'm right.
Emma: It's not possible. How can I forget all of this?
Hook: I promise you there's an explanation.
Emma: Not one that’ ll make sense.
Hook: (offering her the memory potion) If you drink this, it will.
Emma: If- If what you're saying is true I'd have to give up my life here.
Hook: It's all based on lies.
Emma: It's real and it's pretty good. I have Henry. A job. A guy I love.
Hook: Perhaps there's a man that you love in the life you've lost. Regardless, if you wanna find the truth, drink up. Do you really want to live a life of lies? You know this isn't right. Trust your gut, Swan. It will tell you what to do.
Emma: Henry always says that.
Hook: Then if you won't listen to me, then listen to your boy.
(Emma takes the potion and drinks it. Emma remembers Henry visiting her in Boston, her arrival in Storybrooke, fighting a dragon, breaking the Dark Curse, an encounter with the Wraith, Neal falling through a portal, Regina erasing Storybrooke.)
Emma: Hook.
Hook: (smiles) Did you miss me?

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Nearby the Dark Palace.

Neal: Good to see you again, Robin.
Robin Hood: You too, Baelfire.
Belle: (clears throat) Well, we’ve come a long way, haven't we?
Robin Hood: (joyful) Belle! (embraces Belle, then he turns to Neal) I believe you already know she was treating a poor thief far better than I deserved.
Neal: She does that a lot.
Robin Hood: And what of you? What of your journey? Were you able to find your son in Neverland?
Neal: Yes, thank you.
Robin Hood: I don't mean to pry, but I don't see the boy.
Neal: It's complicated but - uh, he's safe. He's with his mother.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Nearby the Dark Palace. Snow White and the Evil Queen walk together.

The Evil Queen: (turning around, she briefly watches Robin Hood) So, what do you think of our new friend? Can we trust him? He's a thief.
Snow White: Think of it from his perspective. How do you think he looks at you?
The Evil Queen: Point taken.
Snow White: He's kind of cute, mhm?
The Evil Queen: He smells like forest.

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Outside the Dark Palace.

Prince Charming: Look!
Snow White: What happened?
The Evil Queen: That's exactly what I'm about to find out. (The Evil Queen walks up to the crossroads and touches the air. Crackling a protection spell materializes.) A protection spell. The entire castle is encircled by it.
Prince Charming: Didn't you do this? Undo it.
The Evil Queen: Well, don't you think, if I could I'd be half way home by now? No, someone hijacked it.
Snow White: Who? Who's in there?
The Evil Queen: I don't know, but I'm gonna find out whoever 's eating my porridge. Nobody sits in my chair. Nobody takes our castle.
Prince Charming: Hey. We’ve got a lot of people looking to us. They're scared and rightfully so. Let's get them to safety first.
The Evil Queen: They'll be safe when whoever is in there is dead.
Snow White: Rushing in there is a bad plan, Regina. You know that.
Robin Hood: I can offer save harbor in Sherwood Forest. It's not far. We can offer food, shelter, and a thick canopy no creature will spy you under.
Prince Charming: Do you have weapons?
Robin Hood: We’re lousy with them.
The Evil Queen: Fine. Lead the way. But we’re coming back. And whoever did this is going to suffer.
Snow White: Regina, it's our home. We'll make it save again.

SCENE: Land Without Magic. Present day. New York City. Emma’s apartment. The kitchen.

Hook: Snow and the Queen settled their differences. Frankly, I was bored. I had a life to get back to. A pirate's life.
Emma: Glad to see you haven't changed.
Hook: There wasn't anything for me in the Enchanted Forest. Why would I stay? (They clink glasses) All was well until I got a message. A message saying that there was a new curse and that everyone had been returned to Storybrooke. The message told me that the only hope was you.
Emma: You came all the way back here to save my family?
Hook: I came back to save you.
Emma: Who could have done this?
Hook: (shrugs) Someone powerful enough to reach into this world.
Emma: Any more specific thoughts?
Hook: Alas, you're the savior, not me.
Emma: You know what I was yesterday? A mother. Till you showed up and started pocking holes in everything I thought was real. When I drank that potion it was like waking up from a dream. A really good dream.
Hook: Well, you have what matters most. Your son.
Emma: Now, I have to figure out how to explain this to him.
Hook: Alas, I could only scavenge together enough for one dose of memory potion.
Emma: Better start figuring out what I'm gonna tell him. (Doorbell rings.)
Hook: Who's that?
Emma: Walsh. Henry invited him.
Hook: (intending to stand up.) I could get rid of him.
Emma: No. My memories might not be real, but he is and so are the eight months we spent together. (sighs) I owe him an explanation.
Hook: What are you gonna say to him?
Emma: (sighs) I don't know. But I care about him too much to drag him into all this. Wait here.

SCENE: Land Without Magic. Present day. New York City. Emma’s apartment. Rooftop terrace.

Emma: Sorry, my place is just kind of a mess right now.
Walsh: Emma, it's okay to make a bold, romantic gesture without passing it off as a housekeeping malfunction.
Emma: Walsh, I can't marry you.
Walsh: It's too soon, huh?
Emma: It's not that? I need to go home and take care of some things.
Walsh: Home? You said you were an orphan. You said it was just you and Henry, that this was your home.
Emma: That wasn't a lie.There's a part of my life that I've been blocking out, and I think it would be impossible for you to understand.
Walsh: Come on. How do you know that? What changed overnight?
Emma: Someone from my past showed up.
Walsh: Henry's father? Another ex?
Emma: It's nothing like that. He's- He's more like a ghost.
Walsh: Okay, so that's how I'm supposed to sleep at night? You're trading me in for a ghost?
Emma: It kills me to have to make this choice at all, to leave us behind my whole life.
Walsh: Emma. If you love this life, than keep it. Stay. Just stay.
Emma: I can't. I wish you could see this the way I see it.
Walsh: And I wish you hadn't drank that potion.
Emma: (surprised) What?
Walsh: (knocks a chair aside) You just couldn't leave well enough alone.
Emma: (confused) What are you talking about?
Walsh: It's too bad. I actually kind of liked you.
Emma: Who are you? (Briefly Walsh’s pupils change to a red color. He leaps forward attacking Emma. Emma ducks. Walsh falls over the parapet. Looking down Emma notices a flying monkey winging back upwards.) Really? (Emma picks up an iron bar. For a few moments Emma wrestles with the monkey. Finally, she’s able to push it over the parapet. As it hits the ground it crumbles into dust.)
Hook: Swan! What the blazes was that?
Emma: A reminder that I was never save. All that I wanted, that I thought I could have was not in the cards for the savior. We leave in the morning.

SCENE: Land Without Magic. The next morning. New York City. Emma’s apartment. The kitchen. Emma prepares breakfast for Henry.

Henry: Mom! Mom! You're hurting the eggs.
Emma: Right. May I ask you something?
Henry: Sure.
Emma: Do you believe in magic?
Henry: Of course.And the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. If it gets me a present, I believe.You're not sure you made the right decision, are you?
Emma: I just didn't feel like pancakes.
Henry: About Walsh.
Emma: Oh. (laughs) I made the right decision. I'm certain. It's gonna be you and me, kid, for a little while. Here you go (serves Henry the pancakes)
Henry: As long as you're happy. (standing up) Tasty. But I’ve got to run. I'm gonna be late for school. You kind of overslept.
Emma: Nope. How about we go on a trip?
Henry: Like a vacation? (sits down again)
Emma: Like I have a new case, and it's in Maine, and it might take me awhile, and I think we should go. It would be an adventure.
Henry: No school? A trip with you? Sold.
Emma: Good, 'cause I already packed.
Henry: When do we leave?
Emma: Now. (Knocking.)
Henry: Are you expecting someone?
Emma: Yeah. (Emma opens the door. Hook is standing outside.)
Hook: You're ready, Swan?
Emma: Henry. This is Killian. He's- I'm, uhm. I'm helping him with his case.
Henry: Did you skip bail?
Hook: Oh, he's still a little spitfire.
Henry: Still?
Emma: He's not a perp. He's a client.
Henry: Why are you dressed like that?
Hook: Why are you dressed like that?
Emma: Alright. Alright. Just make yourself useful, Killian, and get our bags.Henry, lend him a hand.
Henry: Wait. We’re already going? (Emma hands him his coat)
Emma: Yes, I just need one last thing. (Walking over to her wardrobe she picks up her red leather jacket.)

SCENE: Land Without Magic. Storybrooke. Present day. Emma drives down the main street. She parks the car.

Emma: It's really back. I'm really back.
Hook: As quaint and homey as you remember?
Emma: As cursed as I remember.
Hook: (attaches his hook) That's more like it, isn't it, Swan?
Emma: How you gonna explain that to him?
Hook: Well, that's more your concern. Perhaps it'll jog his memory.
Emma: Or give him nightmares. Last time, this curse took away everyone's memories.
Hook: This time we don't know what it did.
Emma: Then I'll find out. Stay here and watch Henry. Don't wake him or scare him or just let him sleep.
Hook: Aye. Where are you going?
Emma: To talk to my parents.

SCENE: Land Without Magic. Storybrooke. Present day. The Blanchard loft. Emma knocks. David opens the door.

Emma: Hi. Don't close the door. I- My name is-
David: Emma.
Emma: David.
David: (hugs her) You remember?
Emma: You remember.
David: Of course. What are you doing here?
Emma: Well, Hook found me. He brought me here. He said you were cursed.
David: Yeah, we’re back. Or never left. We don't know. We’re trapped again.
Emma: You know who you are.
David: Emma, this curse we don't know who did it. Or why. All we know is our last year it's been wiped away.
Emma: Wiped away?
David: All we remember is saying good-bye to you. It feels like yesterday.
Emma: But if you can't remember, then how do you know that it's been a -
Mary Margaret: Emma? Emma.
Emma: year.
David: (He puts a protective arm around a pregnant Mary Margaret) As you can see, a lot's happened.
Mary Margaret: We just don't know what. The whole year is gone.
Emma: Who the hell would have done this?

SCENE: The Enchanted Forest. Past, one year ago. Dark Palace. Regina's private chambers. The Wicked Witch is accompanied by a flying monkey.

Wicked Witch of the West: Did you get what I need? (Flying monkey screeches) Show me. (The creature holds up his claw.) That's her blood? The Queen's? (The monkey nods.) Lovely. (The Wicked Witch picks up a small bottle and the monkey pours the blood in) Now, I shall get my revenge. Of course, I will. The Queen may be evil, but I'm wicked. And wicked always wins.

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