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This article focuses on the second iteration of the mushrooms.
For the first iteration, see Magic Mushrooms.
Isn't it pretty? It's so soft... so innocent. Who could guess it could cause so much pain?
Drizella to Henry Mills src

New Wonderland Toadstools are magical fungi featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the eight episode of the seventh season.

New Wonderland toadstools are based on the Wonderland mushrooms from the novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and the Disney film Alice in Wonderland.


After Fourth Curse

At one point in time, Gothel visits New Wonderland and unearths a special mushroom that can be used to curse someone's heart. One day, she appears before Rapunzel and tempts her with the mushroom, saying that she can use it to curse Marcus' wife Cecelia and make her disappear. At first, Rapunzel rejects this offer as she claims she would never hurt an innocent person. During Drizella's birthday party, Rapunzel serves the guests as Cecelia tries to persuade her not to work on her daughter's birthday. She tells Marcus about Drizella's lukewarm response to her gift and expresses how much she feels like an outcast around her own family. After seeing Drizella's favoritism towards Cecelia, she gets increasingly jealous and poisons Cecelia's lavender lemonade, causing the woman to flee to New Wonderland. ("One Little Tear")

As Henry is searching for Cinderella after she goes into the Infinite Maze to find Alice, he is magically frozen by Drizella, who plucks a spotted mushroom and cuts into it, with intentions of poisoning his heart so that he and Cinderella can never share true love's kiss without there being fatal consequences. Henry makes a feeble attempt at trying to convince her that Cinderella isn't interested in him, but Drizella insists she is not leaving things to chance. She cuts into the mushroom and prepares to slather some of the poison on Henry's chest, but Cinderella arrives in time to punch her in the face, making her recoil and totter off balance from the impact. Drizella is then surprised by Alice, who dumps a looking glass on her to send her home. ("Pretty in Blue")

Wish Hook engages in a pistol duel with Captain Ahab to prove he has not gone soft. However, unbeknownst to either of them, Gothel coated Ahab's bullet with poison from the toadstool. When Ahab's bullet grazes Hook, he is affected by the curse, making him unable to go near his daughter Alice. ("Knightfall")


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