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7 19 Before the Land Without Magic lost its magic, humans killed all of Gothel's tree nymph family and caused the world loses its magic. After Gothel wiped out all humanity for revenge, she leaves for the New Enchanted Forest and plans to start a coven to reclaim the world again thousands of years later.
There is a gap in the timeline here of thousands of years.
7 09
7 07 Hook travels from the Wish Realm to the New Enchanted Forest in search of a flower with the power to defeat Rumplestiltskin. In the meanwhile, has a child with Gothel, disguised as Rapunzel which can get Gothel out of the tower, like a prison. This leaves Hook to take care of the child he names Alice.
Gap of several years.
7 13
Gap of couple of years again.
7 14 Alice escapes the Tower.
There is a gap in the timeline here.
7 05 Tiana is in search of Dr. Facilier to help her find a prince in order to save her struggling kingdom. She then meets Robert, disguised as a prince, and believes that she will marry him. He then reveals his love was stolen by Facilier and begs Tiana for help. She, eventually, gets the frog and Robert kisses it, becoming a frog as he and his love hop away.
7 04 Mr. Gold arrives in the New Enchanted Forest in search for the guardian and Alice immediately runs into him, thinking he is also here for the prince.
7 01 Henry Mills and Ella meet. She steals his motorcycle and heads to the ball. He finds an unknown way to get there and arrives before she does. They fight their way out of the castle after Lady Tremaine falsely accuses Ella of murdering the Prince.
7 03 Tiana saves Ella from a royal guard trying to kill her. Tiana informs her about the Resistance and their mission to overthrow Lady Tremaine and the royal family. Ella leaves behind a glass slipper for Henry to find her.
7 01 Henry finds Ella's glass slipper and starts Operation Glass Slipper.
7 02 After, Henry summons Hook and Regina Mills, they arrive to save him from the clutches of Drizella. Emma Swan later arrives to tell Henry she's pregnant and she and the real Hook return to Storybrooke. Regina, Henry, and Wish realm Hook begin their mission to find Ella.
7 03 Once entering the Resistance, Regina, Henry, and Hook are greeted by Ella and Tiana. Tiana explains their mission and they agree to join the fight.
7 06
7 15
7 08
7 16
Gap of at least several months.
7 10 Lucy is just born. Drizella informs the group that she plans the enact the Dark Curse, but just before she finishes her words, the heroes trap her in a form of a statue via Blood Magic with the help of Lady Tremaine.
7 12 Tiana becomes the new queen of her kingdom.
7 11 After Robin is whisked away to this realm, Zelena comes to Tiana's Palace and blames Regina for trying to help her daughter for using magic. After Zelena rescues Robin from Gothel, they both start live in Emerald Acres Farm in the New Enchanted Forest.
7 14
7 18
Gap of 8 years
7 10
6 21
6 22
7 10

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