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3 08 Young Rumplestiltskin arrives with his father Malcolm in Neverland, where he is hopeful they can have a new start. Malcolm has been to Neverland before, in his dreams, and remembers flying. He wants to fly again, and remembers that pixie dust is necessary to fly. When Rumplestiltskin refuses to climb a tree to get pixie dust, Malcolm does it, and is greeted at the top by the shadow, which resides over Neverland. The shadow tells Malcolm that he will not be able to enjoy Neverland's power with the burden of his child, leading Malcolm to return to the ground and give up his son, saying that "A child can't have a child." As the shadow drags Rumplestiltskin back to the Enchanted Forest, he sees his father turn into Peter Pan. 

Pan is greeted by the shadow, who tells him that his youth is not eternal, and that when the hourglass on Skull Island runs out of time, he will die. Pan says he will search for a way to be immortal, at some point learning that the heart of the truest believer is the only thing that can save him.

Several years pass during which Peter Pan resides on the island.
3 05 Captain Liam and his brother Killian arrive in Neverland aboard the Jewel of the Realm along with her crew. They are there in order to retrieve a magical plant that can heal all ailments for their king. Shortly after arrival they encounter Peter Pan, who tells them the plant they are after is Dreamshade which does not heal, but is the most deadly of poisons. Killian becomes skeptical of the intentions of their quest upon learning this information, but Liam has faith in their king. He still believes the plant has healing properties. They climb to the top of a cliff where Dreamshade is growing. In order to demonstrate his loyalty and to prove Killian wrong, Liam cuts his arm open with a thorn from the plant. As Dreamshade is in fact lethally poisonous, he collapses to the ground, close to death. Pan appears and reveals a spring behind the wall of Dreamshade. He tells Killian that the water holds the magic of Neverland and will restore Liam's life, but for a price. Pan tells Killian he must pay this price before he leaves this world, but Killian ignores the remark and the Jewel of the Realm sets sail for home with its Captain and his brother on board.
Am unspecified amount of time passes after Killian returns to the Enchanted Forest and becomes a notorious pirate. During this time, Milah, Rumpelstiltskin's wife, runs away with Killian. Baelfire goes to the Land Without Magic, and Rumpelstiltskin comes across Killian and Milah. He kills Milah and cuts of Killian's hand, turning him into Captain Hook.
2 04 Captain Hook kidnaps William Smee and uses his magic bean to transport themselves and the entire crew of his ship to Neverland.
Baelfire spends a few months in 19th century London, eventually being found by Wendy Darling and a few weeks later becoming part of the Darling family.
2 21 Wendy Darling is taken to Neverland by the Shadow and has a great deal of fun there, but when night falls, the air is filled with the sounds of crying children who miss their parents. The Shadow does not allow them to leave, but makes an exception for Wendy because he only wants boys to stay in Neverland. The Shadow plots to take away one of Wendy's brothers, but Baelfire sacrifices himself to protect them. Upon approaching the island, Baelfire is unwilling to let himself be held captive and wards the Shadow off with flame from a matchstick. He is dropped in the ocean and fished aboard the ship of Captain Hook.
2 22 The Lost Ones from Neverland come aboard to search for a boy Peter Pan is looking for, but do not find him. Baelfire stays on the Jolly Roger under Hook's protection, but finds out the pirate has been lying to him about knowing who his father, Rumplestiltskin, is as well as his past relationship with Baelfire's mother, Milah. Disgusted, Baelfire leaves for Neverland. One of the Lost Ones, Felix, tries to match Baelfire's face with the parchment drawing of the boy Peter Pan wants, but there's no resemblance. The drawing is actually of Henry Mills. Pan has Felix put Baelfire with the other boys. At some point, Baelfire becomes a Lost Boy.
Wendy and the Darlings come to Neverland to rescue Bae, but fail, and Wendy is captured. All the Darlings are forced to do Pan's bidding. (mentioned in "Good Form")
Sometime later, Captain Hook begins working for Peter Pan, and presumably does so for a long time. He eventually stops and resumes searching for a way off the island. (mentioned in "Dark Hollow")
Killian kidnaps Tiger Lily and brings her to skull rock. (mentioned in "Awake")
Over a century passes, but because time stands still in Neverland, no one grows any older.
3 11 While searching for a way out of Neverland, Captain Hook and Smee meet Tinkerbell, who has lost her wings because of her encounter with Regina. Captain Hook tells Tinkerbell that he is looking for a way back to the Enchanted Forest to kill Rumpelstiltskin, saying he would risk his life for two things, love and revenge.
Hook makes a deal with Pan, who creates a magical portal, and Hook and his crew leave Neverland aboard his ship. (mentioned in "Nasty Habits")
In 1992, Baelfire finds a way out of Neverland and goes to the Land Without Magic.

29 years passes as the Dark Curse is cast by the Evil Queen in the Enchanted Forest then broken by Emma Swan in Storybrooke, after which the townspeople of Storybrooke reconcile with their dual identities. After a crisis is averted, Henry Mills is kidnapped by Greg Mendell and Tamara

3 01 Greg and Tamara arrive in Neverland with Henry as their prisoner. They are confronted by the Lost Boys who tell them that the Home Office is a ruse created to lure them into bringing Henry to Neverland. The Shadow subsequently wrenches Greg's shadow from his body and Tamara is shot with an arrow. Not long after Greg and Tamara arrive in Neverland, Emma Swan, Mr. Gold, Regina Mills, Mary Margaret Blanchard, and David Nolan arrive there as well with Hook on his ship the Jolly Roger. Mr. Gold immediately leaves the group. Upon arrival the ship is attacked by a school of mermaids, but the group of heroes emerges victorious. Meanwhile, Henry escapes with a boy who claims to have once been a lost boy. After fleeing with him for some time in an attempt to get to the Echo Caves and an experience flying with pixie dust, the boy reveals himself to be Peter Pan, and he is after Henry's heart.
3 02 While everyone is asleep, Emma wakes up after hearing the sound of crying children. She goes to find the source of the noise and finds Pan, who gives her a map and says it will lead her to Henry when she accepts who she really is. When Emma fails to do this, Regina enchants the map to lead them to Pan's camp. They follow it and find Pan, who is upset they cheated and has Lost Boys ambush them. Hook warns everyone that the Lost Boys' arrows are coated with Dreamshade. During the fight, one of the arrows nicks David. Emma attacks a Lost Boy, but finds herself unable to kill him. The Lost Boys eventually retreat, and Emma and the others go back to their camp. Mary Margaret asks Emma why she didn't kill the Lost Boy, and Emma says it is because she looked in his eyes and saw that he was like her - an orphan. When Emma says she is an orphan, the map appears. Mary Margaret is upset, but admits that Emma was an orphan, and it is her job to change that. While Emma is picking berries, Pan appears and tells her that by the end of her time in Neverland, she really will be an orphan.

Meanwhile, Rumpelstiltskin cuts away his shadow and has it hide the dagger. A while after, he is holding the doll that his father gave him when it is snatched away by a cloaked figure. The cloaked figure turns out to be Belle, who claims he imagined a vision of her and tells him to let go of the past by getting rid of the doll. Every time he attempts to, the doll magically reappears, until he gives up and keeps it.

3 03 While everyone is on the way to Pan's camp, Regina complains and says she could just magic them there. They look at the map again, and find that Pan's camp has moved. Hook suggests they get help from Tinkerbell, who has a history with Regina that none of the others know about. When they go to Tink's house, Regina stays behind and is ambushed by Tink, who threatens to kill her with Dreamshade. Regina makes it easier by ripping out her own heart and giving it to Tink, and then gives a speech about how Tink should choose revenge over love. She asks Tink to help her find her son. When she says that she loves Henry, Tink agrees not to kill her, but refuses to help. When everybody else comes back, Mary Margaret tells Tink that if she helps them, she can come home with them to Storybrooke. Tink accepts. David asks her how that worked, and Mary Margaret says it is because it worked for her, that she never had a home until she had him, and that he was all she needed, which makes David feel guilty because he is dying of Dreamshade poisoning and hiding it.Back at camp, Tink tells Regina that by not meeting Robin Hood, she ruined his life too. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the island, Neal lands and is found by Felix.

During this time, Henry is given an arrow coated with Dreamshade and told to shoot an apple off of Felix's head. Instead, he shoots Pan, who catches the arrow with one hand.

3 04 Emma and the group are planning to invade Pan's camp when Tink tells them they shouldn't do it without an escape plan. Hook tells them that Baelfire is the only one to have escaped Neverland without Pan's permission, and leads them to his cave. They find many drawings on the wall, and they also find a coconut with holes in the top half and a candle in the bottom. Emma lights the candle and closes the coconut, forming a star map that she believes leads home. Unfortunately, only Neal can decode the map, and they all believe he is dead, causing Emma to break down in tears.

Meanwhile, Rumpelstiltskin is painting his face and knocking out Lost Boys when he runs into Neal, who escaped from Felix easily, who Rumple at first believes is a vision and attempts to strangle him. Neal convinces his father he is the real thing, and comes up with a plan to get Henry back. He summons a giant squid and has Rumple extract the ink, then they storm Pan's camp and Rumple knocks out all the Lost Boys and Henry. Neal shoots Pan, who catches the arrow with one hand. He tells Neal he doesn't remember anything, but Neal does remember, which is why he coated not the tip, but the shaft. Pan is paralyzed, and they grab Henry and run. Pan then tells Neal about the prophecy, causing him to not trust his father, and he paralyzes Rumple and leaves with Henry, almost immediately getting recaptured by Pan. Henry is taken back to Pan's camp, where he begins dancing with the Lost Boys.

3 05 Henry is playing in Pan's compound when a Lost Boy challenges him to a fight. Using his skills as the truest believer, Henry turns a stick into a sword and cuts the Lost Boy's face.

Emma and the others notice tally marks in Baelfire's cave, and Emma says it is because he lost hope, and that the same will happen to Henry. She says they need to find a way to give Henry hope. As they exit the cave, David gets angry at Hook and collapses, and Hook notices that David is running out of time. He drops something that belonged to his brother and claims he found it, and then tells the rest of the group about his brother's sextant which he believes is at the top of Deadman's Peak. He and David climb it, and at the top, Hook is confronted by Pan telling him to kill David. Instead, Hook leads David to the magical island water that can cure his Dreamshade poisoning in exchange for David never leaving the island. David drinks it.

Meanwhile, Emma, Mary Margaret, and Regina capture the Lost Boy Henry cut earlier. When bribing him fails, Regina rips out his heart while Emma restrains Mary Margaret. Regina rips a compact mirror in half, and gives the Lost Boy half. They use the mirror to talk to Henry, who breaks it when he sees Pan coming, but he now has hope.

David and Hook return from Deadman's Peak, saying they failed to find the sextant. David tells everyone Hook saved his life, but lies about the circumstances. They all drink Hook's rum and part ways, and Emma kisses Hook but immediately tells him it was a one-time thing.

Pan comes to Hook and tells him Neal is still alive, giving him a choice whether or not to tell the others.

3 06 Hook immediately tells Mary Margaret and David while Regina is teaching Emma magic, telling them they should rescue Neal but not tell Emma until after. Mary Margaret immediately blurts the secret to Emma anyways. Regina gets annoyed and goes off to find Rumpelstiltskin. The rest of the group goes to Echo Caves, where Neal is being kept. They must all reveal a secret to get him free. Hook goes first, revealing that he is in love with Emma. Mary Margaret goes next, saying she wants to have another baby. David then admits that he can never leave Neverland because of his Dreamshade poisoning and the magical island water. A bridge is formed, and Emma walks across. She tries to break the cage open, but Neal tells her she has to reveal a secret. She tells him that she has always loved him, but that she hoped he was dead to avoid facing the pain she felt all over again. They exit the cave.

Meanwhile, Regina finds Rumpelstiltskin and shows him that his Fake Belle is really Pan's shadow. Rumpelstiltskin says he can only kill Pan if he dies too, but Regina says they don't need to, they can find another fate for him. Rumpelstiltskin says he has just the item in his shop, but they need to cross realms to get it. Regina summons Ariel, telling her that if she helps them she will get legs and find her Prince Eric.

3 07 Rumple tells Ariel that when she is in Storybrooke she should find Belle and give her a sand dollar, and that Belle would help her find the item she needs. Ariel swims off.

While Ariel is in Storybrooke, Neal tells the rest of the group (minus Regina and Rumple) that to get of the island, they need Pan's shadow. Hook, Neal, and Emma go to Dark Hollow to retrieve it while David and Mary Margaret go to tell Tink that they have a way off of the island. Mary Margaret is upset at David for not telling her that he could never leave Neverland, but eventually forgives him and they agree to stay in Neverland together. In Dark Hollow, Neal and Hook fight over a lighter to impress Emma, leading them to be pinned to trees by shadows, and Emma hides and uses the magic Regina taught her to light the candle. The flame attracts the shadow, and Emma seals it inside the coconut. The trio exits the cave, and Emma scolds the other two for their childishness, telling them that if she has to choose someone, she chooses Henry. They meet up with David, Mary Margaret, and Tink, and they all commence with rescuing Henry.

Ariel returns to Regina and Rumple with Pandora's Box, and tells them about Wendy, who is trapped in Neverland and who Belle wants them to rescue. Rumple agrees to do his best to rescue her.

Meanwhile, Pan takes Wendy out of her cage, telling her it's time to play. Henry goes off into the woods and finds Wendy pretending to be sick. She tells him magic is dying and only he can save it. He goes back and Pan says if he saves magic, he will save Wendy. Henry agrees. He then shows Henry Skull Island, where he says Henry will save magic.

3 08 David, Mary Margaret, Emma, Neal, Hook, and Tink meet up with Regina and Rumple. Neal tells them Rumple plans to kill Henry, and makes Rumple give him Pandora's Box and tells him not to use magic. Rumple agrees, and they begin walking towards Pan's compound. Rumple says he can cure David in Storybrooke, they just need more water. As they approach, they hear Wendy screaming for help. They rescue her after Regina knocks out the Lost Boys, and she tells them Pan needs Henry's heart to save him, which will make him immortal and kill Henry.

David and Mary Margaret go to get water to bring to Storybrooke, and Hook and Tink stay at Pan's compound with Wendy. Neal, Rumple, Regina, and Emma sail to Skull Island after Henry and Pan. Pan has cast a spell so no one with a shadow can pass, forcing Rumple to go in alone. He first takes Pandora's Box from Neal, then goes to face Pan, who switches the box out with a fake and traps Rumple inside the real one.

Emma and Regina create an eclipse to block out their shadows, and they and Neal rush in to save Henry, who has already ripped out his own heart. They tell him if he gives it to Pan he will die, but Pan says they are lying because they are adults, and Henry gives Pan his heart, immediately collapsing.

3 09 Emma, Regina, and Neal go back to Pan's compound, taking Rumple with them. Emma sympathizes with the Lost Boys, getting them to tell her where Pan is by promising them a home in Storybrooke. They say Pan is at his thinking tree. Emma, Regina, and Mary Margaret go there, where they are tied to the tree by their own regrets. Regina, however, breaks free, saying she doesn't regret anything she did because it got her to Henry. She rips Henry's heart out of Pan and puts it back in Henry, saving him. Henry is tucked into bed, but Pan appears below decks. Rumple, who Neal freed from Pandora's Box, traps Pan in there, but Pan first switches bodies with Henry. Regina puts Pan's shadow in the sail, and Emma, Neal, Hook, Regina, Rumple, David, Mary Margaret, Wendy, Tink, Henry, Pan, and the Lost Boys sail off to Storybrooke.

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