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Brennan Jones was put under a Sleeping Curse by his captors because of being a fugitive. His soul is sent to the Netherworld. (mentioned in "Swan Song")
More than one century passes.
4 14 Princess Aurora is placed under a Sleeping Curse by Maleficent in a vendetta against Aurora's family and her soul travels to the Netherworld.
A gap in the timeline of a couple of years, in which the Queen is now fully-grown.
1 21 The Evil Queen feeds Snow White a poisoned apple, which places her under a Sleeping Curse. The effects of the Sleeping Curse give Snow White the appearance of death, though she is merely asleep. While unconscious, her soul is sent to the Netherworld.
An unspecified amount of time passes while Snow White sleeps.
1 01 The Sleeping Curse is broken by Prince Charming when he gives Snow White true love's kiss. However, as a side effect of the broken curse, she continues to travel to a burning room in the Netherworld when asleep, but over time it wears off. (mentioned in "Into the Deep")
Before or after that, Brennan Jones is awakened by his nurse who he fell in love with while he was asleep, he then reunites his son. (mentioned in "Swan Song")
An unspecified amount of time passes between Snow White's awakening and approximately a year before the Dark Curse is cast.
About a year before the casting of the Dark Curse, as Aurora's body is protected by Cora's shield spell, she is not touched by the Dark Curse's powers and not transported to Storybrooke. She remains asleep with her soul trapped in the Netherworld while time comes to a halt for 28 years in the Enchanted Forest. (mentioned in "Broken", "Queen of Hearts")
28 years, plus an unspecified amount of time after Emma Swan arrives in Storybrooke pass.
1 21 Henry Mills, in order to prove to Emma that his mother's curse is real, takes a bite of the poisoned apple turnover made from the same apple that cursed Snow White. He remains trapped in the Netherworld until awakened by the power of true maternal love in the form of a kiss from Emma, which simultaneously breaks the Dark Curse.
1 22
An unspecified amount of time passes after the Dark Curse is broken.
2 01 After the Dark Curse is broken, Prince Phillip, accompanied by Mulan, is able to travel to the palace where Aurora sleeps and breaks her curse.
2 07 Due to recently being woken from the Sleeping Curse, both Aurora and Henry begin experiencing the after effects in their souls returning to the burning room when asleep. The two do not actually discover each other until Mr. Gold gives Henry a necklace that enables him to control the flames in the burning room. (mentioned in "Tallahassee")
2 08 While in the Netherworld, Henry attempts to relay a message from Mr. Gold to Aurora regarding the ink that can aid Emma and Mary Margaret in defeating Cora so they can return to Storybrooke from the Enchanted Forest. However, Aurora is forced awake before she hears Henry. David volunteers to be placed under a Sleeping Curse to relay the message to Aurora himself. He falls victim to a Sleeping Curse created by Regina and arrives in a dark room. After much searching for the burning room, David smashes the ground and falls into it. Unexpectedly, he meets Mary Margaret, and relays information about the ink. They try true love's kiss so David can wake up from the Sleeping Curse, but are unable to touch. He is left stranded in the Netherworld as Mary Margaret awakens from sleep.
2 09 Following Emma and Mary Margaret's safe return to Storybrooke, David receives true love's kiss and returns.
An unspecified amount of time passes during which Henry is kidnapped and taken to Neverland and Aurora and Mulan rescue Phillip's soul after a Wraith attack.
3 01 Upon finding an injured Neal on the beach, Aurora, Phillip and Mulan take the man back to the princess' palace. Upon Neal's request, Aurora enters the Netherworld in order to find Henry and tell him that his father is alive and to pass on the message to Emma that he loves her. However, she is unsuccessful as she is unable to locate him.
A gap of two years.
5 18 In Oz, Dorothy sneaks off to put Zelena to sleep, because she fears losing Ruby, who she has fallen in love with. Zelena catches her and places her under a sleeping curse, knowing that there is no one who loves her enough to break it. After falling under the sleeping curse, Dorothy's soul travels to the Netherworld. After Ruby returns, thanks to the silver slippers, she gives Dorothy true love's kiss, which breaks the sleeping curse.

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