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This ship is much more than steel and rivets. It's a second chance.
Captain Nemo to Hook src

The Nautilus is a vehicle featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the sixth episode of the sixth season.

The Nautilus is based on the ship of the same name from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, The Mysterious Island and the Disney film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.


During First Curse
The Nautilus is built as an impressively high-tech submarine that allows its crew to journey underwater for years without having to worry about running out of oxygen. It is commanded by Captain Nemo, who is eventually joined by the orphaned Liam, who becomes his first mate. Nemo pilots the Nautilus in search of people who are driven by vengeance to stop them before they end up doing something they regret. The Nautilus also serves as a home for Nemo and his crew, who see each other as family. However, they seek a more permanent home and hear rumor of the Mysterious Island that can only be accessed with a special key. While using the Nautilus to search for this key, Nemo and his crew encounter Killian Jones, a man driven by a hunt for revenge over the crocodile who murdered his true love. While Killian is reluctant to join the crew, he agrees to assist them in retrieving the key. After the key is successfully retrieved, it is brought back aboard the Nautilus where Nemo explains his plan to Killian. However, Killian and Liam eventually realize that they are half-brothers and that Killian is responsible for leaving Liam an orphan. In the ensuing scuffle, Nemo is stabbed while trying to stop Liam from killing Killian, and Killian escapes. In an attempt to save Nemo, Liam has the Nautilus piloted into the portal to the Mysterious Island. ("Dark Waters")

After Third Curse

Through unknown means, the Nautilus ends up in Storybrooke when Mr. Hyde brings many inhabitants of the Land of Untold Stories, including Captain Nemo, Liam, and the rest of the Nautilus's crew, to the Land Without Magic where their stories can play out. Nemo, gravely injured but still alive, is separated from the Nautilus and its crew, leaving Liam to assume he has succumbed to his injuries and take control of the vessel. Liam has the crew capture Killian Jones and Henry Mills, blaming Killian for Nemo's apparent death, and keep them aboard the submarine. When Liam attempts to kill Killian once more, he is distracted by Henry, allowing Killian to knock him unconscious. All three later leave the Nautilus and return to Storybrooke. ("Dark Waters")

After Liam and Nemo have recovered from their injuries, they plan to leave Storybrooke in the Nautilus. Following Killian's broken engagement with Emma, he decides to join them, but a talk with Mary Margaret Blanchard changes his mind. As he steps onto the Nautilus to tell Nemo of his decision, the submarine starts to move and Gideon appears, revealing that he needs to get rid of Killian in order to enact his plan to kill Emma. ("Page 23")

As the Nautilus sinks underwater and is transported to the Enchanted Forest, Hook looks to Nemo for assistance with getting back to Storybrooke and to Emma, but the captain reveals Gideon used the last of their kraken blood for their unplanned trip and there's none left for creating a second portal. Hook then demands they hunt down a kraken as soon as possible. They succeed, but it does significant damage to the Nautilus before it escapes. The kraken later attacks a rowboat containing Aladdin and Jasmine. Hook arrives on the Nautilus in time to harpoon the beast, but in doing so, sends it to the bottom without retrieving its blood. The full extent of the damage wasn’t known until later when the seal shaft explodes and they start sinking. Nemo begins to accept that they will go down with the Nautilus, but Jasmine uses one of her genie wishes to bring everyone to safety on a nearby island. At shore, Nemo and Liam leave with the other crewmen to salvage the Nautilus, but not before bidding a final farewell to Hook ("A Wondrous Place")


On-Screen Notes

Storybook Notes

  • Kelly's prison book contains an illustration of Zelena looking out the porthole of the Nautilus. The cation reads "”I hate fish and I have no desire to live like one,” Zelena thought as she looked out the porthole."[3] ("Leaving Storybrooke")


Props Notes

Filming Locations


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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