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Crickets are trouble. Noisy bugs.
—Myrna to Jiminy src

Myrna, also known as Puppet Dragon and Puppet Princess,[1] is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the fifth episode of the first season and is portrayed by guest star Carolyn Hennesy.

Myrna is an allusion to the Cat from the children's novel The Adventures of Pinocchio, and Gideon from the Disney film Pinocchio.


Before First Curse

Myrna and her husband, Martin, make a living putting on a puppet show for people at an unnamed village, while they have their young son, Jiminy, sneak around the crowd to steal everyone's belongings. Afterwards, they both assess the collected money and trinkets. Jiminy finds a cricket and admires it, but she says they are just "noisy bugs". He admires the creature's freedom and even longs to lead a similar life, though his parents are certain Jiminy can never change his fate as a pick-pocketing swindler.

Many years later, she and Martin are still up to their old tricks. They talk about which scam to run next, but Jiminy interjects that they make enough from the puppet show. Despite their son's reluctance to continue stealing from people, Myrna and her husband recognize they are getting old and wish for Jiminy to take care of them in the same lifestyle. Sometime after, Myrna and Martin realize Jiminy is planning on getting rid of them so he can live a life of freedom. They secretly take a potion he receives from a dealer and switch it with their own brand of a fake elf tonic. At nightfall, they arrive at the house of a young couple, Donna and Stephen, and pretend to be homeless and in need of a place to stay for the evening. While being served a hot meal inside the couple's home, Myrna speaks of a nearby town being hit by a plague, and the only reason she, Martin and Jiminy are immune is due to their possession of an elf tonic. Donna and Stephen are swindled by the trio into giving up all their valuable items in exchange for the fake elf tonic. Once outside, Jiminy is so furious at his parents that he cannot help himself from throwing his own potion at them, which is actually the fake elf tonic containing nothing but rain water since they switched his bottle with it earlier on. In horror, Jiminy runs back into the couple's house to find the pair have already ingested the potion and turned into wooden puppets. Myrna and her husband catch a glimpse, but rather than being shocked, they laugh humorously at the situation, and show no remorse even when the couple's son, Geppetto, stumbles in to see his parents' current state. ("That Still Small Voice")


Jiminy Cricket
Archie Hopper


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  • Hers and her husband's names, Myrna and Martin, is the complete name of well-known psychiatrist, Myrna Martin, who specializes in child/adolescent and family therapy. Jiminy's Storybrooke counterpart, Dr. Hopper, is also a psychiatrist, who treats Henry.

Character Notes

Production Notes

  • The production team looked at many "great comedy actors" for the role of Myrna,[3] before landing on Carolyn Hennesy.



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