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The Ballad of Mulan, also known as Mùlán Tzú and often shortened to Mulan, is an ancient Chinese poem featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by an unknown writer and incorporated in the book Musical Records of Old and New in the 6th century.

Traditional Plot

During a time of war in China, a young woman named Hua Mulan sees that her father has been conscripted into the army. Having no older brothers, she decides to dress as a man and goes to war in his place. She spends more than 10 years fighting alongside other male soldiers. Later, the emperor offers her a government post, but she turns it down saying that she would prefer to return home and see her family. At the end of the poem, Mulan finally reveals her female identity to her army comrades, who are shocked to see her as a woman.

Show Adaptation

Characters Featured

Original Character Adapted as First Featured in
Mulan Mulan "Broken"
Khan Emperor (mentioned) "The Outsider"

Locations Featured

Original Location Adapted as First Featured in
Historic China The Empire (mentioned) "The Outsider"
Mulan's home Chinese village "The Outsider"
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