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The best way to help her now is to let me do my work.
—Mrs. Rabbit to Cyrus src

Mrs. Rabbit is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. She débuts in the eighth episode. She is voiced by special guest star Whoopi Goldberg.


Before First Curse

Mrs. Rabbit lives a small, but comfortable home with her husband, Percy, in Wonderland with their two children. They receive Alice and Cyrus as guests late in the evening after the girl has been injured and needs immediate medical help. Mrs. Rabbit begins making a brew to heal Alice. Since the children are asleep, she asks her husband as well as Cyrus to keep their voices down. Later, Alice makes a near full recovery. ("Home")

After First Curse

By the Red Queen's machinations, Mrs. Rabbit and her children are kidnapped by her as a way to force the White Rabbit to obey her every command. In fear of his family's lives, he follows all the Red Queen's commands. She and her children are hidden away in an old abandoned wagon where they make some semblance of a home under a cloth covered table. They stay there until being discovered by Knave, and he persuades them it's safe to leave. They briefly reunite with the White Rabbit outside. For safety reasons, Mrs. Rabbit takes her two children to her mother's house while her husband continues on a journey with Alice and Knave. ("Home")

Wounded by Jafar, Cyrus is rushed to the White Rabbit's house by his mother, Amara, and Alice. Mrs. Rabbit suggests using willow root sap to close Cyrus' injury, but Amara refuses. Surprised at the woman's response, she talks about her own long-term experience in healing, but promptly approves when Amara uses magic to heal Cyrus. Unhappily, the White Rabbit complains about the bloody mess on the house carpet, though Mrs. Rabbit tries to calm him down. Alice, Amara, Cyrus and the White Rabbit team up to defeat Jafar, who has recently broken the laws of magic. The sorcerer is eventually cursed by the well guardian, Nyx, and becomes a genie. As a result, Jafar is stripped out of his former powers and the spell he used to remove restrictions on magic is undone. With Wonderland saved from tyranny, Alice and Cyrus leave for England. On the day of the couple's wedding, Mrs. Rabbit attends the joyous ceremony along with her husband. ("And They Lived...")


Mrs. Rabbit
White Rabbit


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Character Notes

  • Mrs. Rabbit states she learned herbal healing skills from her mother, who was taught by her own mother. ("And They Lived...")


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