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I wasn't always the gardener here. I-I-I was a doctor, b-before the warden took control and ruined everything. He... he made me a prisoner.
Dr. Jekyll src

Mr. Hyde's Hospital is a Land of Untold Stories location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twenty-second episode of the Fifth season.

Mr. Hyde's Hospital is based on Dr. Jekyll's Laboratory from Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.


After Third Curse

Mr. Hyde assigns an orderly named Poole to keep watch on his other half, Dr. Jekyll. Without either Hyde or Poole knowing, Jekyll begins growing a purple flower that will serve as the final ingredient in a serum meant to permanently separate himself and Hyde into two different bodies. Meanwhile, after sending the Camelot inhabitants home, Zelena, David Nolan, Mary Margaret Blanchard and Hook accidentally end up in the Land of Untold Stories. Hoping to find out where they have ended up, they encounter Dr. Jekyll. While he is in the midst of collecting one of the flowers, the group comes over and asks him for magic to repair a broken wand they need for returning home, but Jekyll declines to help them, in fear of punishment from Hyde, and tries to make them leave. Moments later the orderly appears and uses a magical taser to knock them out. As they come about, they notice their cell insulated with magic. Greeted by Mr. Hyde who thinks the Dark One sent them here, Mary Margaret tries to reason with him, claiming they too hate Rumplestiltskin. Mr. Hyde refuses to believe them. After this, Jekyll regains control again and visits the prisoners. He agrees to repair the wand in the hospital lab if they will take him with them when they return home. In the lab, he succeeds in fixing the wand, but when Poole catches him, he lies about the warden ordering him to repair the wand. Despite the latter's protest that Hyde doesn't like to be disturbed, he forces Jekyll to drink a serum to wake up Hyde. Hyde acquires the wand and opens a portal, transporting Pandora's Box from the Land Without Magic to this land. His plan is to use it to blackmail Mr. Gold. ("Only You")

Later, the Groundsman visits Zelena, David, Mary Margaret and Hook in their cell and tells them that Mr. Hyde possesses the wand, yet he has managed to steal the cell key from the Orderly. He frees them and they travel to the Groundsman's place. Later, Mr. Hyde, who has been successfully separated from Dr. Jekyll, throws a tantrum as he was not able to get through a portal to the Land Without Magic with the rest. Suddenly, Mr. Gold shows up in his lab. As Mr. Gold strangles Hyde with magic, Hyde tells Mr. Gold that he knows a way to free Belle from the sleeping curse and proposes a deal. Mr. Gold eventually consents to the deal deal, in which he'll receive information about how to wake Belle, and Hyde can have Storybrooke for himself. ("An Untold Story")

Hyde tells Mr. Gold about the Temple of Morpheus, which has sands that will allow Mr. Gold to walk inside Belle's dreams and wake her up. Afterwards, Hyde makes his way to Storybrooke, while bringing other inhabitants from the Land of Untold Stories with him. ("The Savior")


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