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Just 'cause you possess something don't mean it's yours. Nothing in this shop belongs to you.

Leroy to Mr. Gold src

Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer, briefly known as Gold & Son Pawnbrokers and Antiquities,[2] is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the first episode[1] of the first season of Once Upon a Time.


During First Curse

After the Dark Curse is cast, the town of Storybrooke is created, and within it, some of the former residents of the Enchanted Forest live here. One resident, Mr. Gold, is the town rent collector, and also owner of the pawnshop. He collects various antiques and some belongings that were once owned by the former residents of the Enchanted Forest. As the caster of the curse, Regina gains all the power over the townspeople that she always wanted, but grows disillusioned with it. She heads to the pawnshop to complain to Mr. Gold about her unhappiness, to which he directs her to Dr. Hopper's psychiatric office. Instead, she tries to remind him about their former lives, but Mr. Gold has no idea what she means, as he did not retain any of his Enchanted Forest memories. Regina departs, disappointed, when Mr. Gold fails to understand what she is looking for. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

One day, ten years into the curse, after David and Mary Margaret regain their memories because of a pixie flower, they form a plan to consult Mr. Gold, whom they believe is also "awake" like them, to find their daughter Emma. David goes to the pawnshop to get answers from the man, but Mr. Gold is seemingly still cursed with no recollection of his past life. Annoyed at Mr. Gold playing dumb, David grabs a nearby sword to threaten him, with Mr. Gold insisting that trying to frighten him isn't going to make him remember something he doesn't know. David, deciding the man actually doesn't remember anything after all, heads for the door as he notes out loud that he and Snow will have to find Emma on their own. At the mention of Emma's name, Mr. Gold's memories return in a flash, however, he still has no answers for David about where Emma is in this world. He finds out that it was the pixie flower that awoke David and Snow, and suggests that they can use the same flower dust to reunite with Emma. ("Awake")

Eight years later, Regina comes to Mr. Gold again hoping he can help her find a suitable child to adopt. He questions if she is ready to be a mother, though Regina attests it's something she needs. Mr. Gold agrees to procure an infant, but advises that once she becomes a mother, it means putting the child's interests before her own. In a short time, he informs her of a baby from Phoenix who was previously placed with a family in Boston, but the adoption did not go through, leaving her with the open opportunity. Some time after Regina has adopted the child and began caring for him in Storybrooke, she bursts into the pawnshop carrying the baby, Henry, in a crib while angrily confronting Mr. Gold over something she learned about the child's birth mother, who was apparently found in the woods eighteen years ago. Regina recognizes the woman as the savior of the curse, but Mr. Gold, again, has no idea what she is talking about. Instead, he assumes Regina's furious and nonsensical outbursts are because of the pressures of motherhood getting to her head. ("Save Henry")

Ten years later, Emma stops by Storybrooke and decides to stay in town for a couple of days. She hears the woeful tale of a pregnant woman, Ashley, who is not optimistic about her baby's future because everyone believes she can't raise a child. Emma tries to help Ashley take the reins of her future by stressing that no one can decide what she wants except herself. Ashley takes Emma's words to heart, and breaks into the pawnshop to steal back the adoption papers she previously signed to give up her baby to Mr. Gold. While taking the papers back, Mr. Gold stops her, but she blinds him with pepper spray and runs away. Ashley tries to leave town for Boston, but goes into labor and gives birth at the hospital to a baby girl. Emma forces Mr. Gold to severe the deal with Ashley by promising to owe him a favor in the future. ("The Price of Gold")

After waking up from a coma, David's relationship with his wife, Kathryn, still doesn't feel right, and he struggles with intense feelings for another woman, Mary Margaret. He finally declares to Mary Margaret his intent to leave his wife and asks to meet her tonight at the Toll Bridge. Flattered and overwhelmed, Mary Margaret decides to accept David's offer as she, too, has strong feelings for him. On his way to the bridge, David gets lost and happens to ask a passing Regina for directions. Instead of giving him the route to the bridge, she directs him to the pawnshop. He goes inside to ask yet again for directions, and sees a miniature windmill that is reminiscent of the one in front of his house. Confused, yet recognizing the windmill, he spins it and regains his memories of his life with Kathryn. He leaves for the Toll Bridge, and regretfully tells Mary Margaret that he is going back to his wife. ("The Shepherd")

Due to the unexpected death of the town sheriff Graham, Regina wishes to appoint her lackey, Sidney, as the new sheriff. She fires Emma and takes away the deputy's badge Graham gave her, and holds a press conference introducing Sidney as the new sheriff. It is put to a stop by Emma, who points out it is against the town clause rule to appoint a sheriff, but not against the rules to appoint an candidate for an election. Thus, Emma begins to run for sheriff against Sidney. Regina confronts Mr. Gold in the pawnshop accusing him of giving Emma the clause about it being against the rules to appoint a sheriff. Ignoring her accusations, Mr. Gold comments what a shame it is that Graham passed. Regina questions if he is going against her, and he replies he is not; at least not directly. Mr. Gold purposely starts a fire in town hall while Emma and Regina are inside. Emma saves the mayor and is branded a hero by the public. When she finds evidence of his crime, she goes to speak with Mr. Gold about it, but he dances around the topic and states if he did start the fire, it is so Emma can prove herself worthy to the townspeople. Emma does not want to go along with the scheme, though Mr. Gold warns that exposing him will also force her to exit out of the electoral race. Emma ends up telling the truth to the townspeople and forfeiting her place in the election, but her valiant honesty earns her the sheriff's badge. ("Desperate Souls")

Orphan siblings Ava and Nicholas have been living on their own without a legal guardian since their mother passed away. Emma attempts to track down their biological father through a compass Ava possesses. She asks Mr. Gold if he knows anything about the compass, and he tells her a man bought it from his shop. He doesn't recall and pulls out an index card out to reads the name of the person—Michael Tillman. In actuality, the index card is blank with no name on it, and Mr. Gold read the name from memory. Eventually, Emma convinces Michael to take in the children as his own, despite that he had no prior knowledge of their existence. ("True North")

Mary Margaret is held as a prime suspect in the disappearance of Kathryn, whose car was found at the town border. Emma has the suspicion Regina is framing her, and expresses the possibility of this to Mr. Gold in his pawnshop. He acknowledges Regina is strong, but Emma may be stronger than she realizes. ("Heart of Darkness")

A mysterious guest in town, August, sends Henry into the pawnshop as a decoy to distract Mr. Gold while he himself goes in through the back to search for a certain item he has been looking for. Since the murder charges against Mary Margaret have been dropped, Henry wants to buy a gift to welcome her back. After Henry leaves with the gift, Mr. Gold catches August snooping in the backroom. August claims to be looking for maps, and is directed to the front of the shop. Meanwhile, Kathryn's safe reappearance prompts Regina to storm into Mr. Gold's shop in an irked mood. She demands an explanation of why Mr. Gold broke their previous deal. They agreed "something tragic" would happen to Kathryn, and Regina thought the intent behind it was that Kathryn might end up dead, but instead, she was kidnapped and held prisoner, which Mr. Gold says fits the part of the deal. He admits to breaking only one deal in his whole life, and this was not one of them. With great shock, Regina realizes the forged DNA test and falsified evidence against Mary Margaret will likely trace back to her. She ponders why he made the curse so she could cast it, and he tells her to figure that out. ("The Return")

Consequentially, Mr. Gold is duped by August into thinking he is his long lost son, Baelfire, and discovers the actual truth that the man's father is Marco. August comes into the pawnshop for a meeting with Mr. Gold, but is stunned to see Marco is there as well. Marco receives an antique clock to fix, and on his way out, he greets August, who is too agape to say anything back. Mr. Gold inquires why August seems to be afraid to speak to his father when he only has a short amount of time to live. Changing the subject, August wants Mr. Gold's help in getting Emma to believe in magic as he alone can't do it while she is distracted by the ongoing custody battle for Henry. Mr. Gold is unsure if he can trust August, but promises to push Emma in the proper direction. During the same day, Emma visits Mr. Gold to obtain his cooperation in the custody case, which he flat out refuses to have anything to do with. He states Regina is too powerful, Henry would suffer, and with the added risk of likely losing, he doesn't want to engage in a battle he might not win. Emma is desperate in not leaving Henry with a woman who might be a sociopath, namely Regina, but he remains firm on his decision. Frustrated, she stalks out and goes to see August for assistance. August tries his best to help Emma open her eyes to the curse, but she thinks he is delusional. ("The Stranger")

Regina has a horrific nightmare of her greatest fear coming true—the curse breaking. She realizes her apple tree is withering, and promptly asks Mr. Gold why. He jokingly remarks perhaps it's her fertilizer, but she believes the curse is weakening, to which Mr. Gold shows no concern for. He brings up the possibility she may have to give up Henry for the curse to stay, but Regina disagrees. Regina wishes to be rid of Emma, though both know killing the savior would cause the curse to be undone automatically. She concludes from his choice of words that he actually wants the curse to break, and tries to strike a new deal—get rid of Emma without causing her death, but Mr. Gold is completely disinterested. He advises she should leave town when the curse breaks as the residents will seek vengeance from her. Later, Regina saunters into the shop to tell him with extreme satisfaction of the perfect plan she has laid out. Mr. Gold easily guesses she is going to use the Sleeping Curse on Emma, though he warns all magic comes with a price. Regina is smugly sure she has won the battle and the curse will not be broken. Instead, her price comes when Henry, not Emma, bites into the apple and falls into a coma. ("An Apple Red as Blood")

Henry's current comatose state pushes Emma to finally believe. Putting her differences aside from Regina, they go together to Mr. Gold to delve for a magic cure. He has a way for Henry to be revived in the form of a true love potion, which he specifically asks Emma must be the one to retrieve it. He kept it safe by hiding it in the belly of a beast, and this is the creature Emma must defeat to obtain the potion. Alas, Mr. Gold tricks Emma into handing over the potion to him, and brings it back to his shop to examine it closely. He hears the shop door bell chime; alerting him to someone's presence, so he hastily puts the potion back in its case. A woman asks him if he is Mr. Gold, and he turns around to answer but is too stunned for words upon seeing Belle; who he thought had died in the Enchanted Forest. Belle says someone told her to find him because he'd protect her. He is in shock, but vows to do just that. Belle is puzzled over his reaction, and wonders if she knows him. Mr. Gold says she doesn't, but soon will. ("A Land Without Magic")

After First Curse

With the Dark Curse broken by Emma, Storybrooke's residents regain their Enchanted Forest memories. Though Mr. Gold promises Belle he will not kill Regina in revenge for locking her up, he resorts to another method to getting even. Under the pretense of looking for clothes for Belle, he opens a cabinet in the backroom to retrieve a box containing a medallion inside. Later, Mr. Gold brands Regina with a symbol on the medallion and summons a Wraith to suck out her soul. When confronted by David, Emma and Mary Margaret about the purple smoke that crept through town earlier, he bringing magic to Storybrooke, but won't say the purpose behind doing so. Out of nowhere, the shop begins to shake violently, and outside, the residents are panicking over the Wraith. He fully admits the creature will get rid of Regina. Once they are gone, Belle comes out, and having overheard everything, she is upset he still hasn't changed from his old ways. Mr. Gold snaps that she's only known him presently for one hour so far, to which Belle storms out of the shop in tears. After the mess with the Wraith comes to an unexpected resolution, Mr. Gold absent-mindedly spins his wheel when the door chimes, and Belle walks in. Mr. Gold states the Wraith is gone, so Regina is alive. She takes note of the chipped cup, which Mr. Gold fondly mentions as his one treasured item, and because of it, she must leave him as he is a monster. Belle asserts that's all the more reason she must stay with him. ("Broken")

Henry wants nothing to do with his adoptive mother, Regina, since both Emma and Mary Margaret were sucked into the portal the hat previously created to bring the Wraith to another land. He moves in with David in the apartment. Along with the loss of her son, Regina feels powerless without the full restoration of her magic powers. She scavenges through Mr. Gold's shop for her mother's old spell book. Mr. Gold redirects her to the library, but she stubbornly asks for the spell book. He feigns ignorance of which book it is, though criticizes she is turning into her mother's likeness with this necessity for power. In her own defense, Regina rebuffs she doesn't have time to slowly work her way back with magic, and needs it now. Mr. Gold still won't give the book to her, and asks her to leave; adding a "please" at the end of his sentence. To his horror and Regina's satisfaction, the "please" incantation no longer works now that the curse is broken. He refuses to help her regain magic since this will make her more powerful than him. However, he finally hands it over whens he threatens to reveal to the townspeople that the Enchanted Forest still exists. She ignores his usual warning about the price of magic. On her way out, he remarks that she bears a stronger resemblance to her mother now. Mr. Gold begins packing for a trip out of town to find his son when David comes to ask for magic for finding someone. Though David possesses a belonging of the person, he doesn't allow him to see it. Mr. Gold gives him a potion to pour over the item, which will lead him to the person. As part of the deal, they both agree to peace and disregard in each other's affairs. Mr. Gold's plans to venture out of Storybrooke are dampened once David mentions that the town line cannot be crossed without losing one's Enchanted Forest memories. He has a subtle unmoved reaction to the news, but when left alone, shows rage by smashing his cane into the glass cases. ("We Are Both")

While asleep at home, Belle has a terrible nightmare about Mr. Gold harming Leroy, who storms into the shop demanding his ax back. Leroy also accuses Mr. Gold of keeping Belle as another one of his possessions. She tries to intervene, but Mr. Gold turns into Rumplestiltskin and begins choking Leroy to death. Awakening in bed, she creeps into the basement to see Mr. Gold spinning gold and placing a thread into a beaker. Later, she asks about what he was doing in the basement, but he avoids the topic. He gives the excuse that it was just a spell to enhance the power of his magic, but Belle is displeased over his power cravings when he actually needs the courage to open up to her. She disappears without telling him. Later, they reconcile once Mr. Gold admits the necessity of magic so he can find his son. ("The Crocodile")

Dr. Whale is attacked after resurrecting Regina's dead lover, Daniel, and has his arm ripped off by the man. He stumbles into Mr. Gold's shop pleading to have his arm reattached because there is no other way to get it back. Magic does its job, and Mr. Gold is able to reassemble the arm onto Dr. Whale's body. ("The Doctor")

Henry begins to have an unexpected dream connection with Aurora in the Enchanted Forest due to both of them having recently awoken from the sleeping curse. The after effects of the curse breaking is to suffer a prolonged period of nightmares trapped in a fiery land called the Netherworld. Henry is able to communicate with Aurora while asleep in the real world and conscious in the netherworld. Aurora informs him she is with Emma and Mary Margaret, and the current situation with Cora. Mr. Gold urges Henry to tell Aurora about a special squid ink in a jail cell that will help Emma and Mary Margaret stop Cora. Because Aurora is awakened and forced out of the netherworld before she hears what Henry has to say, David volunteers to go under the sleeping curse so he can speak to Mary Margaret. He is not afraid as true love's kiss will eventually awaken him again. Regina mixes the curse's ingredients in Mr. Gold's shop. Henry walks in and asks if she has used magic recently. She replies she has been trying hard not to, which makes Henry happy, especially since she is helping David and Mary Margaret. Regina comments there is one thing that David and she can agree on—that he and Mary Margaret always find each other. Mr. Gold explains the easiest way to be put under the sleeping curse is by blood, so Regina uses a needle to absorb the liquid of the curse and puts it into the spinning wheel. Henry gives him the protective necklace he received from Mr. Gold. David asks how he will find Mary Margaret if they will presumably be in two different areas. Mr. Gold says that is what they need to find out. David pricks his finger on the needle; falling fast asleep. Some time passes, and Henry grows anxious as to why David is not awakening while Regina tries to sooth his worries. ("Into the Deep")

Regina and Mr. Gold are still waiting for David to wake up, but he won't until Mary Margaret gets back to Storybrooke to give him true love's kiss. Both are not looking forward to the possibility of Cora coming through the portal instead. Additionally, he points out that even if Emma arrives back, she'll still be taking away Henry. He subtly hints that neither option is very good for her, though Regina reasons she is trying to be better for Henry's sake. He interjects that is not likely to happen if Cora arrives in town. Reluctantly, she agrees to a plan to stop Cora from accessing Storybrooke. Before they go, Regina goes to Henry, who is reading from his storybook to a sleeping David, to tell him that they are going to prepare for Emma and Mary Margaret's return. Instead, they steal the fairy dust from the mines. With the use of a fairy wand, Mr. Gold absorbs the dust and uses it on the wishing well to create a dangerous trap to kill anyone who passes in through a portal. Once Ruby and the dwarves discover the theft, they notify Henry at the pawnshop. In turn, he tracks down Regina and persuades her to lift the trap on the portal just as Emma and Mary Margaret come through. Mary Margaret hurries to the pawnshop to give David true love's kiss to release him from the Sleeping Curse. In another part of the shop, Emma talks to Mr. Gold about the squid ink scroll in his old cell in the Enchanted Forest, which is capable of melting the jail bars. She wonders why he, while he was imprisoned there in the past, did not escape by using it. Mr. Gold affirms that was exactly where he wanted to be. Emma is also confused why Cora couldn't rip out her heart; as she attempted to do earlier; and was blasted away by something inside herself. Mr. Gold believes because she is the product of true love, thus has power in magic. Henry is pleased Regina has changed for the better and hugs her in an embrace. They are interrupted by Emma and their group of friends inviting Henry to dinner. He leaves with them while Regina tearfully watches on. ("Queen of Hearts")

Regina is accused of murdering Archie, but even after an interrogation, Emma strongly believes she has moved on from her Evil Queen days and is on the path of redemption. Emma believes Mr. Gold to be the culprit instead, and she and parents go to the pawnshop. They walk in on Mr. Gold and Belle as they are preparing to go out on a picnic. Emma thinks he killed Archie as the scene looks like someone is framing Regina. Mr. Gold asks for any witness to the crime, and the only one available is Archie's dog Pongo. Using a dream catcher, he instructs Emma to use it to look into Pongo's memories of the night Archie was killed can be extracted. She holds it, and using her own magic, is able to see Pongo's recollection of Archie being murdered by "Regina". ("The Cricket Game")

Belle meets up with Mr. Gold in the shop where he shows her the potion capable of allowing him to cross out of town. Mr. Gold explains that it works by pouring the liquid over one of his treasured items, Baelfire's shawl, and by wearing it, he can keep his memories. She wishes to go with him, but the potion is only enough for one person. Mr. Gold learns through a phone call that Belle was attacked by Hook in the library and exits the pawnshop to rescue her. While is gone, Hook's accomplice, Smee, steals the shawl and delivers it to the pirate. Once Mr. Gold discovers this, he is furious and wants to go after Hook. He requests for Belle to lock herself up in the library and gives her a gun as a defense. Belle wanders onto Hook's ship and retrieves the shawl as Mr. Gold briefly assaults the pirate before leaving with her. As revenge, Hook shoots Belle at the town line and inevitably causes her memory loss. ("The Outsider")

Distraught over Belle's loss of her Enchanted Forest memories, Mr. Gold takes out the chipped cup in his shop while mulling for a way to help her. Suddenly, Cora walks in with a box. She offers him a deal—in exchange for the item inside the box, he will help her find Regina. She further entices him to accept it by telling him what is in the box—a magic globe—will be of use to track down his son, Baelfire. Mr. Gold asks if she has any spells that can recover someone's memory, but she only knows what he himself taught her. They shake hands to call for a truce, and Cora leans forward to seal it with a kiss; shocking Mr. Gold. The next morning, Mr. Gold tests out the globe by pricking his finger and squeezing a drop of blood onto the surface of it. The blood is absorbed, and a map of the world is created on the globe. The globe lights up at a certain area on the map to show where Baelfire is currently located—New York. Later, he forces Emma to fulfill the long-standing favor she still owes him by coming along in search of his son. ("In the Name of the Brother")

David and Mary Margaret are alerted to Cora and Regina's plans in stealing Mr. Gold's dagger. They believe the dagger is hidden in the pawnshop, so with Mother Superior's help, she attempts to magically break the protective shield on the building, but it fails. Mary Margaret wonders if Mother Superior knows any dark magic since it might help deter Cora. She recalls the time in the Enchanted Forest when the Blue Fairy—Mother Superior's counterpart—gave her the candle containing dark magic. Mother Superior is puzzled and can't recall such a time. A moment passes, and David's cell phone rings with Emma on the other line giving him the location of the dagger in the clock tower. They nab the dagger, but are forced to give it up when Cora and Regina threaten the life of Johanna. ("The Queen Is Dead")

A severely injured Mr. Gold is brought back to Storybrooke via Neal and Henry sailing Hook's ship into the dock. In the pawnshop, he directs Emma to draw a barrier at the front door with invisible chalk. Then, he deliberately leads Mary Margaret to the enchanted candle. At the shop door, Emma and Neal converse about their past together. Previously, Neal informed her about his fiancée, Tamara, and asks how she feels about it. Emma states she doesn't care that he's engaged. Meanwhile, Mr. Gold presents Mary Margaret with the idea of killing Cora while saving his life. He explains that the candle can work if she whispers the intended victim over the person's heart. Since the heart is in a vault, she can use the incantation and then make Regina stick it back into Cora's body. During a face-off against Cora and Regina, Mary Margaret sneaks to the vault and casts the candle curse. At one point, Emma pushes the mother-daughter pair into a glass display as she enacts another shield in the back room to protect Mr. Gold. Cora, sensing someone has taken her heart, urges Regina to check the vault. Accepting his fate, Mr. Gold makes a phone call to Belle informing her of the kind person she is. Surprised by his father's gentle side, Neal bonds with him in their last moments together. After the shield breaks, Cora teleports Emma and Neal away so she prepares to kill Mr Gold. On his last breath, Mr. Gold asks if she ever truly loved him. Cora affirms she did, and then raises the dagger to stab him just as Regina shoves the heart into her mother's chest. With her heart restored, Cora feels genuine love for Regina for the first time, but quickly perishes in her arms as Mr. Gold is completely healed. Mary Margaret rushes in to stop Regina from returning the heart, but it's too late. ("The Miller's Daughter")

In a dream, Mr. Gold imagines Henry celebrating his birthday in the pawnshop. He allows the boy to pick anything from the store as a gift, to which Henry settles for a wand. While Mr. Gold demonstrates how to use it, the boy watches in awe. In the next instant, Mr. Gold uses the wand to turn him into a porcelain statue. Henry's grandparents and parents react in horror, to which Mr. Gold justifies needing to do it so the seer's prophecy doesn't come true. The prophecy dictates that a young boy will lead him to his son, but will also be his undoing. Mr. Gold assumes the boy must be Henry, and the "undoing" means his own death. Desperate to prevent this from happening, he uses his cane to smash the statue to pieces. Mr. Gold awakens in a cold sweat, relieved it was all a dream, yet anxious. ("Lacey")

Belle, with her false memories triggered by Regina, becomes the exact opposite of the person Mr. Gold once knew. Now going by the name Lacey, she is won over by Mr. Gold's dark personality and the two hang out in the pawnshop while drinking and chatting. Their time is interrupted when David and Mary Margaret arrive for another one of Mr. Gold's magical solutions. Lacey leaves the room in a huff, annoyed at the disruption, and tells him not to take too long. David and Mary Margaret are looking to locate a missing Regina, so Mr. Gold pulls out a bottle containing one of Regina's tears. On his order, Mary Margaret sheds her own tear to combine it with the existing one. After they are mixed together, he instructs that it must be placed in her own eye so they can find Regina. When they are gone, Lacey comes back in, having overheard the entire conversation, and is fascinated that Mr. Gold can use magic. He demonstrates by conjuring a beautiful necklace, which is then placed on her. Lacey likes the idea of them spending an eternity together, especially if he can make her immortal like him, too. However, Mr. Gold brings up the prophecy that threatens his own life. Puzzled, she wonders why he doesn't just get rid of the person to keep the foretelling from becoming real. ("Second Star to the Right")

The residents of Storybrooke face the possibility of being wiped out of existence when Greg and Tamara activate a trigger. Concurrently, Mother Superior just finished making a memory restoration potion and gives it to Leroy to bring back the memories of Mr. Clark. The potion will only work if poured and ingested in a special item belonging to the person, so the dwarves search in Mr. Gold's shop for a drinking stein that once belonged to Mr. Clark. Once Leroy finds it, he hands Mr. Gold a second dose of the potion for Lacey and leaves. From the backroom, Lacey comes out. She accidentally spills a cup of whiskey all over the table and hastily tries to use a certain shawl to wipe the stains. Mr. Gold angrily snatches it away, shouting that the shawl belonged to someone important to him and that she wouldn't understand. Previously, Mr. Gold's son Neal was killed by Tamara, and he still hasn't come to terms with the death yet. In this moment, Mr. Gold realizes the person he needs most is Belle. He takes out the broken shards of the chipped cup to fully restore it and pour the potion in. Lacey takes a sip, and then regains memories of herself as Belle. He apologizes for waking her up just when they are going to die very soon from the trigger. She comforts a grief-stricken Mr. Gold over the loss of his son. As they wait for the end, the trigger is halted by the combined powers of Emma and Regina. Amazed, Mr. Gold opens the shop door to glance outside as the effects of the trigger, which were turning the town into a forest, begin disappearing. ("And Straight On 'Til Morning")

While Mr. Gold is away in Neverland rescuing Henry from Peter Pan, Belle receives a visitor from the same land, Ariel, who gives her a sand dollar from him. They go to the pawnshop where Ariel changes into new clothes while Belle looks at the sand dollar. She sets off a projection of Mr. Gold, who tells her to find a particular item in the shop that can help defeat Pan. He hints that it can be found with the strength of their love. She cracks the code by recognizing he means the chipped cup. After placing it back in the cabinet, it activates a hidden panel in the shop floor and she takes out the mysterious Pandora's Box from inside. They are held at gunpoint by two strangers working for Pan, John and Michael, who interrogate them about the box. Then, the men leave for the mines to destroy the box for good, though Ariel and Belle make it in time to snatch the item back. ("Dark Hollow")

Following a safe return to Storybrooke, Mr. Gold seals Pandora's box in his pawnshop to entrap Pan in it forever. Belle expresses high hopes that now the prophecy won't come true, there are so many possibilities for his future. Mr. Gold agrees, and says the only future he wants is one with her included. Later, they exit the pawnshop as David, Emma and Mary Margaret run up asking for the box, since Mother Superior was just killed by Pan's Shadow, and they believe their nemesis is somehow controlling the creature. They take the box to the town line and release Pan on the outside of Storybrooke as Emma questions him. In truth, Henry is in Pan's body as the two switched bodies earlier on. Pan steals the Dark Curse scroll intending to cast it a second time, taking away everyone's memories, and turning Storybrooke into the new Neverland. ("The New Neverland")

After Pan enacts the curse, Mr. Gold forces both parties back into their original bodies with the use of a powerful Black Fairy wand. The idea is to switch them back so Henry will then be in possession of the Dark Curse scroll and can give it to Regina. In turn, Regina, as the original caster of the Dark Curse, can undo Pan's curse by destroying the scroll. Before returning Henry to his original body, Mr. Gold clasps a magic absorbing bracelet on Pan's wrist to render him powerless. Afterwards, Mr. Gold stays behind while everyone else goes to find Henry. When Pan wakes up, Mr. Gold gives him a chance to express remorse. Pan can only recall his son as an infant, who, throughout the years, took away everything he ever desired; whether it be freedom, money, time, dreams and the like. As Mr. Gold prepares to kill him with a sword, Pan rips off the cuff and materializes it on the latter's wrist. He shows his authority by magically throwing Mr. Gold into a shelf and reveals intentions of killing Belle and Neal after the curse fogs their memories. As a last word, he insults Mr. Gold as a degraded coward without his magic to hide behind and then stalks off to find the scroll. In frustration, Mr. Gold nearly cuts off his own arm to be rid of the bracelet, but decides he must sacrifice his life to save his loved ones. He stabs Pan as well as himself with the dagger, and they both fade out of existence. ("Going Home")

During Second Curse

During the second curse, Belle gains ownership of Mr. Gold's old pawnshop and runs the business in his place. The Wicked Witch, Zelena, has assumed a place in Storybrooke as Mary Margaret's new midwife. Entering the pawnshop, she asks for Mr. Gold, though Belle quietly states that he is dead. Zelena gives her condolences and then requests a baby gift for Mary Margaret. Once Belle turns to search for an item, Zelena freezes her in place and casually breaks into a compartment behind a wall painting using Mr. Gold's blood. Though everyone in town believes Mr. Gold to be dead, he is currently being kept as a prisoner in Zelena's cellar. She takes a plant, night root, from the safe and later uses it to drug David. ("The Tower")

Belle is stunned to learn from Emma that Mr. Gold is alive and begins researching possible methods in which he was resurrected. Hook stays behind to help her, and while they are taking books off a shelf, someone begins ramming the pawnshop front door. Rather than Mr. Gold, Neal bursts in and is taken to the hospital. Discovering a burned symbol on his palm, Belle finds the mark's origin in a key to the vault of the Dark One, which Neal must have used to bring back Mr. Gold. Alarmingly, while using the key on the vault will revive the Dark One, it will also take the other person's life. Due to the new curse, Belle doesn't remember the past year she spent in the Enchanted Forest, in which Neal nearly died after using the key, but escaped death only when his father absorbed him into his own body. On the phone, she relays information about the symbol to Emma, who is then forced to magically separate Neal from Mr. Gold's body. Following Neal's death, a grieving Belle is consoled at the pawnshop by Mary Margaret while David lends support to a saddened Hook. ("Quiet Minds")

In Zelena's ultimate plan to take down Emma, who possesses her strongest weakness—light magic, she disguises herself as the mermaid, Ariel, in order to use Hook as a pawn for taking down the savior. As Ariel, she explains to David and Mary Margaret of her endless search for a missing Eric. Since only Hook managed to retain his memories from the lost year in the Enchanted Forest, they urge him to go along with Ariel to the pawnshop. Once there, Belle is pleased to see Ariel as she hasn't seen her since before the second curse was cast. The trio search the shop for any item belonging to Eric and eventually Hook finds the man's old cloak. Belle pours a locator spell onto the clothing, which magically floats and begins leading Ariel and Hook around town to Eric. ("The Jolly Roger")

Seeking answers about why her half-sister, Zelena, was abandoned by their mother, Cora, Regina walks into the pawnshop, but Belle refuses to assist her. Recalling that her life was once hellish due to Regina's actions, Belle considers it all the more reason she is undeserving of any help. However, when reminded that her precious Mr. Gold is enslaved by Zelena, Belle tells Regina about how she's piecing together what spell the witch wants to cast. Since only Cora knows the truth of Zelena's past, Regina takes the now-defunct enchanted candle with a plan to summon her mother from the land of the dead. ("Bleeding Through")

Directly after Regina defeats Zelena with light magic, she repossesses the dagger and hands it over to Belle for safekeeping. A freed Mr. Gold heads back to the pawnshop where he regroups with Belle. She returns the dagger to him so he will never be under anyone's control again. However, Mr. Gold trusts Belle enough to let her keep it and then proposes marriage, which she accepts. Distracted in her happiness, Belle hastily sets down the dagger and embraces him. Without her notice, Mr. Gold switches in a fake dagger while keeping the real one for himself and later using it to kill Zelena as payback for Neal's death. ("Kansas")

With his vengeance towards Zelena quenched, Mr. Gold hides the real dagger by magically obscuring it in a pawnshop cabinet. Belle, feeling overwhelmed about the dagger's power, attempts to return it to Mr. Gold, but he refuses. Instead, he talks about their upcoming wedding. Belle happily reveals her father, Moe, has given his blessing. He jokes about Moe being the same person who tried to separate them, though Belle attests she has forgiven her father. She also believes Moe knows Mr. Gold is now a changed man. ("Snow Drifts")

After Second Curse

Trapped in an unfamiliar place, Elsa, after breaking out of imprisonment from an urn, discovers a familiar looking man on the front page of a newspaper. By nightfall, she breaks into his pawnshop. After looking around for a moment, Elsa quickly finds a pendant that she once gifted her sister, Anna. In tears, she swears by the necklace that she will find her. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Exiting the pawnshop, Elsa raises a ice wall blockade at the town exit to keep the residents from leaving until she is reunited with Anna. Hiding herself away in her own creation, Elsa, distrustful of strangers, accidentally entraps herself and Emma inside a cave. Willing to do anything to track down Anna, Elsa demands Emma's allies, David and Hook, find her. The two men burst into the pawnshop, where Belle and Mr. Gold are working, for answers. While Mr. Gold is displeased with their intrusion on he and his wife's martial bliss, Hook pushes him to do something to save Emma. Mr. Gold coldly suggests melting the ice, though it could kill Emma, which angers Hook. Before things get out of hand, David puts a lid on the situation by explaining Elsa found her sister's pendant in the pawnshop. Quickly, Belle hands him an information card with a photo of the necklace. David, recognizing the trinket belonged to a woman he knew as Joan, realizes she must be Anna. ("White Out")

Seeking answers about the urn, Elsa and her new allies, Emma and Hook, confront Mr. Gold at the pawnshop. He reasons it was by coincidence alone, considering his various antique collections, that the urn ended up in his hands. Additionally, Mr. Gold justifies he's changed, since losing a son and gaining a wife, and no longer has ulterior motives. Since they still do not believe him, he allows Belle to command him, with the dagger, into telling the truth. Though everyone assumes Belle has the real dagger, it is a fake, and thus, Mr. Gold lies and claims he knows nothing about Elsa or her sister. Later, Marian is afflicted by a freezing spell, and the townspeople mistakenly blame Elsa for the crime. On the hunt for the true culprit, Emma orders Hook to hide Elsa at the sheriff station. Instead, he takes her to the pawnshop. While Elsa curiously stares at the items in glass counters, Hook reveals to Mr. Gold that he knows the dagger is a fake. To buy his silence, Mr. Gold agrees to help Elsa, who gives him a white strand of Marian's hair. Mr. Gold then reverts the hair to its natural magical state, which flies off to the spell caster as Elsa and Hook follow. ("Rocky Road")

In preparation for his first date with Emma, Hook pressures Mr. Gold into restoring his lost hand or he'll spill the dagger secret to Belle. Hauling out the hand, Mr. Gold reminisces about keeping it, through the centuries, to remind himself that he should have killed Hook. He warns that reattaching the hand will bring out Hook's old personality, but the pirate ignores this. That evening, after the pawnshop is closed, Mr. Gold enters his car. Hook, experiencing violent outbursts, demands removal of the cursed hand, and he threatens Mr. Gold with exposure. Mr. Gold alleges he returned the real dagger to Belle, so Hook's leverage is useless. Out of anger, Hook buries his hook into Mr. Gold's chest, which has no effect on the Dark One. With no other choice, Hook concedes to another deal with Mr. Gold. Assisting him with offing someone, Hook then regains his hooked hand. Afterwards, he blackmails Hook, into keeping their current deal open, with a tape implicating him for murder. Mr. Gold also erases footage of himself so only Hook is culpable. Hook counters that he only followed Mr. Gold's orders to be free of the hand and to be a better man, which Emma will understand. In a twist, Mr. Gold reveals the hand was never cursed, and Hook's violent actions is his inner darkness shining through. Hook considers harming Belle as retaliation, but Mr. Gold promises, should it happen, he'll do the same to Emma. Later, Henry asks Mr. Gold for a pawnshop job. Though his true intent is to uncover Mr. Gold's knowledge about the storybook Author, Henry gains the man's sympathy after stating he is his closest relative to Neal. Mr. Gold agrees to take him in as an Apprentice. ("The Apprentice")

While storing the Sorcerer's box away with the dagger, Mr. Gold hears Belle calling for him. He quickly closes the safe as she arrives into the room; requesting that they get to the sheriff station since Emma has urgent news. Discovering the Snow Queen, Ingrid, is Emma's former foster mother, Belle and Elsa begin research in the library with no leads. Belle, however, holds a secret about having met Anna in the past and failing to save her from the Snow Queen. Guilt-ridden, Belle leaves the library and returns to the pawnshop to set things right. Belle then asks Mr. Gold to lead her to the Snow Queen, but when he refuses, she takes out the dagger and orders him to do so. Unable to not comply, lest Belle finds out the dagger is fake, Mr. Gold complies with her command. Later, a tranced Belle is manipulated into injuring Mr. Gold, who whisks them to the pawnshop. Coming to her senses, she talks about the Snow Queen's mirror, which taunted her about awful things; such as the dagger being a fake. After he convinces her it was just the Snow Queen's dark magic, she confesses her secret and apologizes for using him as well as the dagger. Forgiven, Belle embraces him; expressing remorse about keeping a secret from him as she knows he would never keep a secret from her. ("Family Business")

Since finishing sweeping duty at the pawnshop, Henry asks Mr. Gold if he can start learning magic. Mr. Gold mysteriously talks about having something capable of turning an old item into a new one, but he reveals it to be furniture polish; much to Henry's disappointment. Moments later, Belle, David, Elsa and Hook arrive requiring his assistance. As David explains, Emma is trapped in the sheriff station with the Snow Queen inside. Due to Belle's imploring, Mr. Gold agrees to help. They all exit the pawnshop, except for Hook, who stays behind to confront Mr. Gold about his suspiciously calm demeanor about the Snow Queen. He suggests that the two must have history, but Mr. Gold states that's solely his own business. After the Snow Queen escapes and Emma's magic spins out of control, Mr. Gold's services are no longer required, so he returns to the pawnshop. The Snow Queen, Ingrid, visits and reveals the dagger was once in her possession, so she knows its secrets. In exchange for knowledge of the last thing he needs to be free of the weapon's will, Ingrid wants the ribbons she and her sisters gave him in a past deal. In a whisper, she tells him that to be free of the dagger, he needs the heart of someone who knew him before his time as the Dark One. Mr. Gold replies that he'll gladly do it. ("The Snow Queen", "Smash the Mirror")

Emma, after unintentionally hurting Henry with her powers, goes to the pawnshop for a way to be rid of her magic forever. Pulling out a parchment, Mr. Gold explains it's a spell for permanently removing light magic. Since the spell's casting range will reduce nearby buildings to rubble, he instructs her to arrive at a remote manor in the woods. She agrees, and then promptly leaves. Only when she's gone, Mr. Gold crumbles and tosses the parchment, which is nothing but a cover for his true intent of tricking Emma into using the Sorcerer's hat and absorbing herself into it. Later, after Mr. Gold departs as well, Hook rushes in frantically calling for Emma. Fearing she's made a deal with Mr. Gold, his suspicions are confirmed when he sees Emma's hand print on the counter. Hook leaves a message on Emma's phone where he warns her against trusting Mr. Gold, who wants to absorb her into a hat. Then, he confesses knowing this due to having made a deal with him in order to be a better man for her. Finding an open map with a circled location, Hook takes off to this destination to save Emma. ("Smash the Mirror")

When Ingrid's spell infiltrates Storybrooke and its residents, Hook surprisingly finds himself untouched by the curse. Only after entering the pawnshop, he finds out from Mr. Gold that his lack of a heart kept him from being affected. In preparation for leaving town, Mr. Gold explains that once the stars in the sky align with the stars in the Sorcerer's hat, he'll be able to cross out of Storybrooke. With no idea where Regina hid Henry, he sends Hook to look for the boy. Unable to use their powers against Ingrid due to the ribbons, Elsa and Emma burst in for help from Belle or Mr. Gold, but there is no one around. Emma attempts to cut off the ribbon with a blade, but it has no effect. Recalling Ingrid stated her love for them flows throughout the ribbons, they devise a scheme to counter using Regina's hatred to get rid of the ornaments. Hours later, Ingrid sacrifices herself to stop the curse. While Mr. Gold watches over a sleeping Belle, Hook returns to the pawnshop to report he lost track of Henry. Desperate to keep Emma and the townspeople safe from Mr. Gold, Hook asks him to not hurt them. Mr. Gold agrees he won't, once he steps over the town line, as long as they do not get in his way. However, he makes no such promises for the people outside of Storybrooke. ("Shattered Sight")

Compelling Hook by squeezing his heart, Mr. Gold obtains knowledge from the pirate about remnants of Ingrid's magic on the town line, which will prevent those who leave Storybrooke from re-entering. Equally as troubling, the Arendelle natives need a portal to return home, and Mr. Gold is adamant that Belle does not see Anna, who knows about his scheme with the Sorcerer's hat. After setting down a breakfast tray near an asleep Belle, Mr. Gold wakes her up. Having changed his end game, he suggests going to New York for a proper honeymoon, which Belle agrees to. While closing a suitcase, Belle tells Henry about her upcoming trip out of Storybrooke, and he informs her about the town line restriction. Although her husband didn't tell her about it, she assumes he has found a loop hole around the issue. Noticing the boy is in an dampened mood, she inquiries after him, and Henry elaborates about the bad things that happen to Regina in the storybook. She optimistically believes it won't always be so since Regina is on a better path now. This cheers Henry up, and he thanks her by endearingly calling her "grandma". Belle humorously suggests using just her name is good enough, and she then asks him to help her look for another suitcase. After Henry pulls one from atop a cabinet, many items crash to the floor in a messy heap. As they clean up the pile, Belle sees a gauntlet, which Mr. Gold once traded to save her life. Recalling the gauntlet can find a person's greatest weakness, she later uses it and discovers where the real dagger is hidden. ("Heroes and Villains")

In the six weeks after Belle banishes Mr. Gold from Storybrooke, the pawnshop remains closed. One morning, Hook waits outside the pawnshop as Emma approaches. After handing her a cup of coffee, the two walk past the closed store and head towards the library. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

Hearing about Cruella De Vil and Ursula's arrival to town, Belle arms herself with a transfiguration potion in case the women decide to harm her. When the villainous pair do arrive to the pawnshop, she immediately warns them against trying anything or the potion will turn them into toads. Instead, Cruella and Ursula flatter her with praise for banishing the Dark One and even tell her about Mr. Gold's miserable condition in New York. While Belle is distracted by the conversation, Ursula reaches her tentacles into the backroom and snatches a wooden box. When asked if she is satisfied with Mr. Gold's suffering, Belle asserts she would never be pleased by someone's misery. She then questions if they are going to buy anything, to which Cruella asks her to find something for her car hood. Scoffing, Belle shuts her book and announces she'll check the inventory. Outside, David and Emma watch from their own car as Cruella and Ursula exit the shop and drive off. Phoning Belle, they learns a box is missing from the pawnshop, which leads David to search Cruella's car. Later, Emma retrieves security footage from the shop and downloads it to her computer. Finding visual evidence of Cruella and Ursula leaving the store with a box, she notifies her parents, but they have seemingly dropped their suspicions against the women. That night, as Belle is fixing an item display in the pawnshop, Mr. Gold secretly watches her from across the street. Inside the store, Will walks up to Belle, and as a shocked Mr. Gold witnesses, she kisses him. ("Unforgiven")

Since obtaining a missing storybook page from August's old bag, Henry studies it with a magnifying glass in the pawnshop. He suspects the page, illustrating a door, must lead to the Author. Belle drops by to check up on him and gives him a snack. Later in the day, she is convinced by Hook to let him hide the dagger so the villains can't obtain it. After doing so, she heads back to the pawnshop and finds a rose outside the door that Will left for her. Placing it in a vase on the counter, she happily admires it as Mr. Gold reaches the pawnshop door and sees her. Before going in, he dons his disguise of Hook again. There, he convinces her to swear a pirate's oath, in which neither of them will speak of the dagger to each other or anyone else. Still upset about her romance with Will, he asks about the new man in her life. Belle admits it's new, and although she's not completely over Mr. Gold, Will makes her smile. As he takes his leave, she inquiries why he and Will don't get along. With his back to her, he painfully states that the man took something he cared about. After exiting, Mr. Gold reverts to himself and sadly looks at Belle through the window before leaving. ("Enter the Dragon")

Hoping to stop Mr. Gold before it's too late, Emma and her allies rush to the pawnshop and ask Belle to forfeit the dagger. However, she recalls giving it to Hook the prior night, a claim he denies, which reveals Mr. Gold must have pretended to be him in order to get the weapon. As Belle painfully acknowledges that Mr. Gold has tricked her again, Hook expresses dark regrets about not stabbing him with the dagger, even at the risk of becoming the Dark One himself. While Emma and her parents rescue August from the villains, Hook gathers intel from Ursula. For information about Mr. Gold's plans, Hook agrees to return her singing voice, which is in an enchanted shell aboard the Jolly Roger. Ursula, with her ability to open portals, hauls the ship from the Enchanted Forest to Storybrooke. Strangely, the vessel is shrunken, so they head to the pawnshop, where Will gives them a magic concoction to restore the Jolly Roger. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul")

Once Maleficent casts a sleeping spell on the entire town, Belle falls unconscious behind the pawnshop counter, which is where Mr. Gold finds her after he enters the store. After placing her on a nearby bed, he sits down and begins talking to her about his plans. Due to the many debts accumulated from his questionable actions, Mr. Gold doesn't believe he can ever repay all of them, and therefore, wants to change things quickly with the Author's help. He vows, if possible, to come back for her. After he leaves, the women meet him outside and give him the much sought after door illustration. With a quick glance, Mr. Gold notices the page is fake, tears it up and then orders Maleficent to put Regina to sleep. Believing she is culpable, he and the others haul her to the vault. ("Best Laid Plans")

Since learning Zelena has been pretending to be Marian and Mr. Gold is threatening to make her kill Robin Hood, Regina devises a plan to rescue him from New York. To get Mr. Gold off her back, she purposefully gains sympathy from Belle about the troubles her ex-husband has been giving her. Belle then asks how she can help, to which Regin takes her heart, and orders her to summon Mr. Gold at the wishing well. ("Sympathy for the De Vil")

Belle, with babysitting obligations, kisses Will goodbye at the pawnshop before going to take care of baby Neal. With her gone, Mr. Gold steps out from the backroom to order Will to steal Belle's heart from Maleficent, who is guarding it for Regina. During the evening, Belle returns to the pawnshop with dinner from Granny's for Will. After walking in and finding her waiting for him, Will opens the box with her heart inside. She is surprised to learn Regina took her heart and that he and Mr. Gold worked together to get it back. As Mr. Gold tries talking to her, Belle rebuffs him, but he persists, apologizing for lying to her throughout their marriage. By returning her heart, he hopes Will can be her protector now, as he believes himself unworthy. After restoring her heart, he walks out. Will grabs her hand comfortingly, but she turns to stare at Mr. Gold's retreating form. ("Lily")

Suffering a bout of chest pains due to his darkening heart, Mr. Gold magically whisks himself and Isaac from the diner to the pawnshop. Stumbling into the backroom, he pulls out his heart, which is almost completely black except for a small shred of red still left in it. Hearing a noise, Mr. Gold reenters the store front, where Regina announces her plans of taking the Author since finding him was always her idea first. Seeing his disheveled state, she figures out that his heart is finally giving out. Mr. Gold proposes she has to work with him since he has the quill, but Regina simply snatches it from his hand and teleports away with Isaac, as he makes a feeble attempt to stop her before collapsing on the floor. Later in the day, Mr. Gold grows even more weak, just as Isaac returns to the pawnshop with both the quill and ink. Instructed to start writing, Isaac looks around for paper, until Mr. Gold poofs a new book, Heroes and Villains, for him. On the book's first page, Isaac begins the story with, "Once upon a time...". ("Mother")

Before he finishes writing the whole book, Isaac asks Mr. Gold for some last details, suggesting he can erase his memories of Baelfire. Mr. Gold declines, asking for memory altercations, so he remembers trying to save Baelfire and being the hero he wanted to be for his son. With that, Isaac ends the story by writing, "The end", as a glow emulates from the book and the room begins to shake. Outside, Emma, Regina and the Apprentice approach the pawnshop to find Isaac, but they are too late since the story has already been changed. Soon, everyone is whisked inside the Heroes and Villains book to live out their new lives, while Isaac leaves Storybrooke to begin his own happy ending. Finding himself alone in town, Henry enters the pawnshop, finding a vinyl player spinning a record, before he turns it off. Unsure of where his family are, he departs for the outside of town, hoping to find them. ("Operation Mongoose Part 1")

After Henry harnesses the quill and reverts everyone's stories, Isaac and Mr. Gold return to where they were before everything changed, the pawnshop. Grabbing Mr. Gold's car keys, Isaac hurries out the door to escape. He nearly runs right into Belle, who comes in to confront Mr. Gold for his actions in the alternate reality. However, her attitude softens when she realizes he is close to death. Mr. Gold recalls the happiness they had in the alternate reality, but Belle insists they already had that in Storybrooke, or they could have if it was enough for him. He reveals it wasn't enough because he doesn't believe anyone can love him. Belle reasons she knew what she was getting into and wasn't planning on pulling away. Mr. Gold blames himself for ruining things between them, and he asks her to go with Will, but Belle admits she doesn't love him. While she wishes to stay with him in his last moments, Mr. Gold pushes her to go since only the Dark One will be left once he dies and it'll be dangerous. Once he collapses for the final time, Belle gets help from the Apprentice to remove the darkness from his heart and trap it in the hat. The Apprentice then returns Mr. Gold's whitened heart to his chest and casts a spell to preserve him until he wakes up. Seconds later, the darkness escapes, infiltrating the Apprentice, before Emma saves him with light magic. After the darkness flies into town, the Apprentice tells Emma about the Sorcerer's past battle with darkness and how the Dark One was created from it. Since only the Sorcerer can defeat the darkness, he asks her to find Merlin. ("Operation Mongoose Part 2")

In the aftermath of Emma becoming the Dark One and disappearing to another realm, Mother Superior is tending to the weakened Apprentice when Hook and his allies burst in, desperate to find Emma. The Apprentice gives them his wand and states that only someone of both light and dark can wield it and cross realms. After telling them this, the Apprentice loses all his strength, closing his eyes, as the wand drops from his hand. Regina attempts to harness it, but it fails, as Hook ironically points out, because she's done too much good to ever be dark enough, leading him to suggest they get Zelena's help instead. Later, Mother Superior sees Belle watching over a comatose Mr. Gold, and she encourages the bookish girl to join everyone else, who all may need her resourcefulness. Belle declines, eager to stay with Mr. Gold, in case he passes away. To ease the girl's worries, Mother Superior conjures a rose in a glass jar and links it to Mr. Gold's life, so Belle will know he's still alive as long as there are petals still on the flower. Taking it, Belle then leaves the pawnshop. ("The Dark Swan")

After Third Curse

Six weeks later, some of the Storybrooke residents that went to Camelot return, after Emma wipes their memories and return them to the town. Belle resumes working at the pawnshop, with the rose sitting near her, as she scribbles at the counter. Hook enters, asking Belle about why true love's kiss hadn't worked for her and the crocodile. She affirms it did, except Mr. Gold became afraid of a life without magic and pulled away from her, causing the darkness to regain its grip on him. Hook then moves to leave so he can attempt true love's kiss on Emma, but before he goes, Belle cautions him to be careful since it's easier to hate a Dark One than love one. After Robin Hood is kidnapped by a fury, and Regina is unable to stop the fury, she comes to Mr. Gold in the pawnshop, blaming him for making her the way she is. She vows to prove him and everyone else wrong by being capable of protecting the town. From the front room in the pawnshop, Belle pokes her head in, calling for Regina, since she found information on the fury. From her, Regina learns the fury is a demon of the underworld that extracts an unpaid price of magic, and that she has until the full moon reaches its zenith before Robin is gone. Regina, mistakenly believing Emma summoned the fury, goes to confront her. ("The Price")

As part of a healing spell to help Mr. Gold wake up, Belle is missing a vital ingredient, something that touched Mr. Gold when he was not yet the Dark One. While she is in the midst of searching the pawnshop for the item, David and King Arthur arrive, explaining that someone from Arthur's camp stole a magic bean. They ask if anyone came in to pawn the bean, but she states that no one has. During the day, Belle briefly leaves the pawnshop to grab a sandwich from the diner, and in her absence, Emma kidnaps a comatose Mr. Gold to her house. Upon seeing the fallen petals regrow on the rose, however, Belle rushes back to the shop, believing Mr. Gold is close to waking up, but she finds him missing from his cot. ("Siege Perilous")

Reuniting with Mr. Gold at the library, Belle convinces him into seeking cover with her at the pawnshop. After making it there, Mr. Gold tells her about his leg limp, which is a constant reminder of his cowardice during the Ogre Wars, and that this fear within him persisted even after becoming the Dark One. Even with knowing how he got the limp, Belle believes he is heroic because he broke his own leg in order to be with Baelfire. When Merida shows up to kill Belle on Emma's orders, Belle and Mr. Gold barricade themselves in the back room. Merida breaks in, mistakenly shooting a mirror of the two, before cornering them. Prompted by Mr. Gold's inaction, Belle pulls a rug from under Merida, rendering her unconscious. On the way out, Mr. Gold grabs a potion and drives Belle to the townline, intent on escaping from Emma. ("The Bear and the Bow")

Sometime later, Emma steals a vial of squid ink from the pawnshop, which Mr. Gold finds missing from his safe. Because Emma admits everything she's done now is for his sake, Hook begins to suspect there is more to Emma's plans than just snuffing out the light. After he has walked into the pawnshop to consult Mr. Gold on the issue, Belle mistakes him for Emma in disguise and attempts to ready an ambush by hiding behind Hook with a crossbow, until Mr. Gold assures her it's actually Hook. Having had many regrets during his time as the Dark One, Mr. Gold deciphers that Emma is feeling remorseful about something she did, and Hook will have to get an answer from her. ("Birth")

After Hook turns on Emma after learning he is also a Dark One, Emma returns to the pawnshop to give back the remaining squid ink to Mr. Gold. Since Hook erased parts of her memory, she is unable to recall what his ultimate goal in Storybrooke is, and had hopes to finding this out by restoring everyone's memories from the dreamcatchers, but Hook has stolen them. To get them back, she asks Mr. Gold, who is set to duel against Hook, to stun him with the ink so she can retrieve the dreamcatchers. He, however, refuses, because he wants to win the fight with honor rather than using magic. ("Broken Heart")

With little time left until Charon comes to take him away to the Underworld, Mr. Gold calls Belle to the shop, giving her a potion and his car keys, and tells her to leave town to explore the world as she has always wanted. She, not knowing about his impending death, leaves to begin her departure. Emma and Regina then enter, seeking Excalibur from Mr. Gold. Not wanting her loved ones to be dragged to the Underworld, Emma wants to absorb the darkness and have Regina kill her with Excalibur, as a way to destroy all the Dark Ones and remove the mark of Charon from everyone. Mr. Gold, seeing a chance at self preservation, goes into the back room to get the sword, but before returning it to Emma, he douses the sword with magic, so that after Emma's sacrifice, he will regain his Dark One powers. Instead of Emma, Hook dies in her place, unknowingly restoring the Dark One powers to Mr. Gold. Afterwards, a moody Mr. Gold sits in the pawnshop drinking, and when he hears the front door open, he tells whoever it is to leave. The person walks in, revealing herself to be Belle, who has since learned the truth from Henry. Although she is mad he lied to her again, she is also pleased he was selfless on her behalf. Thus, Belle proclaims she doesn't need to see the world to know she wants to be with him. Later, Emma demands to see Mr. Gold at the pawnshop, where she tells him that she's been hearing the dagger's call. When she asks if he has it, he unveils the dagger to show her it now bears his name, Rumplestiltskin, once more. Realizing he used Hook's death to regain power, Emma threatens to tell Belle everything, unless Mr. Gold reopens the portal to the Underworld so she can save Hook. ("Swan Song")

Before Mr. Gold departs for the Underworld, he tells Belle in the pawnshop about the plan to rescue Hook. When Belle asks why it has to be him, he explains that his blood is needed to open the Underworld's portal, since he's the only person who has been to the Underworld and back. He promises to be gone for only a day or so, to which she tells him to come back to her after everything is settled. ("Souls of the Departed")

After being uncursed in the Temple of Morpheus, Belle goes through a portal to return to Storybrooke, where she walks down a street and passes by the closed pawnshop. ("The Savior")

While Mr. Gold is away, the Evil Queen enters the pawnshop and steals a coin from a cabinet. Mr. Gold immediately notices the theft after coming into the shop, and makes the Queen return the item to him. However, he offers it to her if she promises to not involve Belle or her unborn child in any of her plans. The Queen disdainfully agrees and then tries to seduce Mr. Gold. He is uninterested, but she vows that, sooner or later, he will given in after getting tired of waiting for Belle to fully accept him. ("A Bitter Draught")

On another day, Mr. Gold is setting up chess pieces on a board when David comes in for information about his father's coin. The older man senses David's desperation for the truth concerning his father's death, and agrees to provide the necessary details if he delivers a cassette tape to Belle. David consents to the deal, and Mr. Gold gives him a card with information about the coin. ("The Other Shoe")

After freeing Hyde, the Queen accompanies him to get Mary's necklace from to the pawnshop, where Mr. Gold unsuccessfully tries to strangle Hyde to death. The Queen stays true to her deal with Mr. Gold about not harming his wife, however, Hyde hints that he has something planned for Belle. ("Strange Case")

Following a failed attempt to cause discord between Henry and Hook, the Queen retrieves the shears and comes to see Mr. Gold in the pawnshop. She reminds him of an old lesson he once taught her about going after what she wants with everything she's got. When he asks what she desires, she kisses him. Outside, Belle arrives to slip a copy of her ultrasound scan under the door, without noticing what is going on inside the shop. Mr. Gold takes the Queen's kiss to mean she wants him, however, she presses the shears into his hands and admits what she truly longs for is Snow White's heart. ("Dark Waters")

Under the guise of the Queen's penmanship, Regina sends a note to Zelena, telling her to come to the pawnshop. Zelena becomes angry after walking in on a tryst between the Queen and Mr. Gold, and storms out of the room, with the belief her sister lied to her and wanted to make her jealous. However, the three discover the truth once the Queen sees the note, which she affirms that she did not write. Later, while Mr. Gold is looking at the ultrasound picture in his shop, Belle comes in to confront him about what she learned from Zelensa. She vows to stop Mr. Gold from ever using the shears on her son once he's born and criticizes him for once again making the wrong choice. Belle states that, instead of forcing his son to love him, he could try to be worthy enough of his love. Frightened by his prospect, Mr. Gold questions what will happen if he fails in his endeavor, to which Belle chastises him for being too weak to even be good, and that it's worse than him being evil. After she is gone from the shop, Mr. Gold's terrified expression morphs into one of hatred, as he blames Zelena for his current dilemma. ("Heartless")

One day, Belle unsuccessfully attempts to enter the closed pawnshop and notices Mr. Gold's car is still parked nearby, causing her to suspect her husband is up to something again. While Mr. Gold is cleaning a shop item, he notices the Queen walk in, and although she is dressed like Regina, he can tell the difference right away. The Queen playfully suggests she can role-play as Regina if he wishes her to, but he shrugs off her advances, stating that he has work to do. She, also having business to finish, asks for the hammer of Hephaestus, a mystical weapon that can give magic to those who have none. Upon finding out she is going to give the hammer to Henry, Mr. Gold cautions that her plan might backfire, and she'll end up alone and unhappy like most villains are. The Queen proclaims what she desires is a chance at a beginning rather than an end, to which Mr. Gold passes her the hammer and asks what she will offer him in return. She proposes that, after this deal, they are now on the same team as allies. Mr. Gold doesn't reply and instead advises her to remember Cora's words about love being a weakness. The Queen agrees, but also contends that love is a weapon as well. That night in the shop, Mr. Gold is spinning gold as Aladdin comes to steal the Sorcerer's wand for Belle, who wishes to escape with her unborn son to the Enchanted Forest. He checks the front of the shop after hearing a noise, but only finds an animatronic monkey moving on its own. After Mr. Gold walks off, Aladdin takes the wand from a drawer, in addition to stealing a genie lamp for Jasmine. Later in the pawnshop, Mr. Gold seals the Queen's prior deal to him with a kiss and tasks her with killing Zelena. ("I'll Be Your Mirror")

As part of a plan to find the shears, Hook enters the pawnshop and instigates a confrontation with Mr. Gold, by professing he'll stop the Dark One from ruining another son's life like he did with Baelfire's. An irked Mr. Gold moves to choke Hook, and with his guard down, Emma throws squid ink on him. The couple searches the inside of Mr. Gold's jacket for the dagger and shears, but they find neither. Hook searches the front of the shop, and Emma goes to the back, where she is unable to control her hand tremors. Emma bumps into a table, causing the items to crash to the floor, as she sees the same vision of her own death, except this time, there is a red jewel on the blade that kills her. Hook rushes in to check on her, while the ink wears off on Mr. Gold, who leaves the shop to find Belle. With persuasion from Belle, Mr. Gold decides not to use the potion and stores it away in the shop. When the Queen sees the unused potion, she angrily accuses him of using her just so she would help him kill Zelena. She mocks him for backing down because of Belle's persuasion, but in time, his wife will once again see him for who he truly is and leave him along with their child, making him as alone as he was when Baelfire left him. After Mr. Gold kicks her out of the shop, the Queen leaves, with their alliance now severed. However, without Mr. Gold's knowledge, the Queen steals the potion and poisons Belle's tea. Mr. Gold returns to the shop later to find the Queen waiting for him. She gloats about making Belle hate him, to which Mr. Gold swears to make her pay, particularly since he plays a long game and she is one of his pawns. After the Queen leaves, Mr. Gold has a meltdown by trashing the pawnshop. While Mr. Gold is away, Emma and Hook walk in on the ruins of the shop and retrieve the sword from Emma's vision. ("Changelings")

With the Dark One's dagger in Gideon's possession, he forces Mr. Gold to provide information about how to repair Hrunting's broken blade. Mr. Gold shows him a book in the pawnshop that states the blood of whoever forged the sword is needed, and then tries to talk his son out of taking an innocent life. Ignoring his warning, Gideon compels him to name the person, whom Mr. Gold reveals is Mother Superior, Gideon's fairy godmother. Gideon momentarily softens at the thought of having to harm her, but then, steels himself for what he must do to become the Savior. Before leaving the pawnshop to kill Mother Superior, he commands his father to not try and stop him. Mr. Gold leaves the shop in pursuit of Gideon and eventually drains Mother Superior of her magic in order to spare his son from committing an act of darkness. After this, Mr. Gold brings Mother Superior's comatose body to the pawnshop, where he tells Belle that the nun can be revived once Gideon is defeated and her magic returned to her. Upon learning what Mr. Gold did for Gideon, Belle thanks him for acting in their son's best interests, and that if he can do the right thing after so many dark deeds, perhaps there is hope for Gideon as well. ("Ill-Boding Patterns")

At some point later after the Queen has regained her human form, she manages to steal the Apprentice's wand from the pawnshop without Mr. Gold noticing. ("Page 23")

When Emma receives an ultimatum from Gideon to help him kill the Black Fairy or risk losing Hook forever, she and Snow go to the pawnshop to get information from Mr. Gold about the Black Fairy. Mr. Gold admits the fairy is his mother and his belief that she wanted to hurt him by stealing Gideon and torturing him for twenty-eight years. While Belle advocates for Emma to assist Gideon in the hopes of him turning to the side of good under her guidance, Mr. Gold stresses the necessity of taking out the Black Fairy, who is the originator of the Dark Curse and all the Darkness, in order to eliminate her as a threat to Storybrooke. ("Mother's Little Helper")

Receiving a surprise visitor at the pawnshop in the form of the Black Fairy, Mr. Gold inquiries about how she made it to Storybrooke. Gideon then steps into the shop, to which Mr. Gold realizes his son was responsible and chastises him for lying about wanting to be a hero when he is actually helping the Black Fairy. Offering a lukewarm apology, Gideon states that the Black Fairy is his mother and that perhaps one day Mr. Gold will understand his reasons for aiding her. When Belle comes out from the backroom, the Black Fairy walks up closer and expresses delight over meeting her. Belle, upon seeing her son, lets him know that no matter what he's done to help the Black Fairy, he can always come back to their side. The Black Fairy shoots down the idea, and when Mr. Gold attempts to attack her with a potion, she forces him to stop by seizing the dagger. After Mr. Gold is forced to do as he is told, the Black Fairy promises she won't order him to do anything else and that when he joins her side, it'll be because he wants to. Mr. Gold denies that he'd ever side with her, though the Black Fairy is confident he will change his mind once she brings darkness to the town. As the fairy sets down the dagger on the counter, she tells him that, by then, they can finally be the family they were meant to be. The Black Fairy then chuckles at him before she teleports herself and Gideon out of the pawnshop.("Awake")

In the pawnshop, Belle is relieved to learn from Mr. Gold that their son is not, in fact, evil and he is being controlled by the Black Fairy because she has his heart. Mr. Gold tells her of his plans to find a method of waking Mother Superior so Gideon can be free from the Black Fairy's control. After Mr. Gold has left the pawnshop, Belle puts a blanket on Mother Superior's body to keep her warm. Zelena pops into the backroom with baby Robin and notices the nun. Belle quickly clarifies that Mother Superior is not dead and Mr. Gold is working on bringing her back, to which Zelena remarks that she never liked the nun much anyway. With plans of killing the Black Fairy for messing with her, Zelena asks Belle to look after Robin in her absence. As Robin rests in a portable crib on the pawnshop counter, Belle entertains her with a baby giraffe plushie. Regina comes in asking for a spell ingredient when she sees Robin and immediately realizes where Zelena went, despite that she told her sister not to do anything rash. She then leaves to stop her. Later, Zelena returns to the pawnshop to pick up Robin after Regina suggests she go back to Oz. After Zelena destroys the Black Fairy's dark fairy crystals, she reveals Mother Superior's whereabouts to Emma and Regina, who need the nun's help to get more crystals from the mines. Belle explains to them about what happened with the nun and her role in allowing it to happen, although she is not proud of what she did in order to protect Gideon. She then encourages Mr. Gold into letting Emma revive Mother Superior since he hasn't yet found a solution and they shouldn't allow the Black Fairy to steal any more of Gideon's time from them. Once Mr. Gold acquiesces, Belle and the others watch as Emma crushes a light fairy crystal over the nun's chest, which restarts her heart. ("Where Bluebirds Fly")

With Mother Superior still asleep, Mr. Gold uses the trapped breath of an unhatched baby dragon to ease her into consciousness, however, when this apparently doesn't work, he storms out of the pawnshop to vent his anger. Belle follows him out to calm him down, and Emma later notifies her and Mr. Gold after noticing Mother Superior has begun waking up. Snow, sitting at the nun's bedside, chides Hook when he peppers the still groggy Mother Superior for an answer about where the other half of the Black Fairy's wand is. Mother Superior manages to say that the wand is located in the heart of Storybrooke, but before she can speak further, Snow tightens a hand around her neck to silence her. Emma is floored by her mother's actions, to which Snow's voice changes into the Black Fairy's before she reverts to her true self. David, standing near Mr. Gold, also morphs back into Gideon. The Black Fairy warns them not to try anything against her or she'll snap Mother Superior's neck, which allows her time to teleport away with the nun. Gideon prepares to follow her, but Mr. Gold clasps his wrist with a cuff to disable his magic. While Gideon is restrained in a chair, Belle questions him on where his heart is hidden but stops after seeing his inability to answer without the Black Fairy making him feel pain. Before trying out an alternative plan, Mr. Gold asks Belle if she trusts him, and she confirms she trusts that he'll do what is best for their family. Mr. Gold then douses his son with the Sands of Morpheus to go into Gideon's dream world, where he can speak freely without interference from the Black Fairy. Additionally, he takes Emma into the dream world too, as to prevent her from going after the Black Fairy when he hasn't regained Gideon's heart yet. The trio wakes up in the pawnshop after learning in the dream world that Mr. Gold was destined to be a Savior and fight a great evil, but this evil is the Black Fairy. Having gotten the other half of the wand, Regina enters with Belle before attempting to give the wand to Emma, who insists Mr. Gold needs to kill his mother. ("The Black Fairy")

The day of Emma's wedding, Belle locates Snow's old wedding dress in the back of the pawnshop and gives it to Snow. When Hook comes to the shop later to confront him about lying about killing the Black Fairy, Mr. Gold simply explains that he did what was necessary to protect his family. Hook gets even with Mr. Gold by hitting him in the neck with a blow dart infused with Dreamshade. As Mr. Gold begins passing out, Hook tells him that he put enough Dreamshade in it to knock him out long enough so Emma will have time to defeat his mother before he finally skin him as he has always wanted to. However, the Black Fairy suddenly appears before Hook, telling him that her son wasn't the only one looking out for his family. ("The Song in Your Heart")

During Fourth Curse

Under the Black Fairy's curse, Gideon's memories are altered so he remembers working alongside his father Mr. Gold in the pawnshop, which is now named "Mr. Gold and Son Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer". One day, the mayor Fiona visits the shop to give Gideon a basket of his favorite oatmeal cookies and asks him to fix her broken wristwatch. Mr. Gold plays along by pretending not to have his real memories and attempts to change his son's mind about his birth mother, Belle by showing him the book that his mother wanted him to have so he'd always know she loves him. Gideon, having been cursed to believe his mother abandoned him, refuses to touch the book and insists that his father should just accept the fact she left the both of them. ("The Final Battle Part 1")

Realizing her attempt to snuff out Emma's belief failed, Fiona rushes into the pawnshop to look for her wand. Gideon asks if she is picking up her wristwatch, but an impatient Fiona orders him to find her wand for her. Gideon is unable to disobey her because, contrary to what she let Mr. Gold believe, she still has his heart. After Gideon retrieves the wand from a box, Fiona uses it to decipher symbols that the Author wrote, which reveals the final battle will be won when light magic defeats light magic. Mr. Gold arrives to confront his mother about lying about Belle's death and actually separating him from her. Fiona insists she did it for his own good since Belle would have turned him away from his darker instincts, but she promises that once the final battle ends, her magic will reach uncharted levels that will allow her to make his family love him without him having to give up his Dark One powers. She even offers to revive his deceased firstborn, Baelfire, but as tempting as it is, Mr. Gold declines, no longer wanting to pay the price of magic. Mr. Gold grabs her wand, using it to magically choke her until she falls to her knees while vowing to make her suffer for what she's done to his family. Fiona mocks him for thinking that stopping her will end the final battle and instead tells him the message in Henry's Author symbols. She reveals this will be fulfilled as she has ordered Gideon, who also possesses light magic, to kill Emma, and not even her own death will undo the command she has given him. Despite this, Mr. Gold kills her anyway, causing the curse to break. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

After Fourth Curse

After the Dark Curse is broken, Mr. Gold stands in the pawnshop and drops the wand as it clatters to the ground. Belle, with her real memories restored, comes to find him, who assures her that he will save Gideon. Together, they leave the pawnshop to seek Gideon's heart in the mines. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

Sometime after the final battle has been won, Gold and Belle dance together in the pawnshop while Gideon, now restored to his infant form, rests in a crib nearby. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

Notable Items

Season One

"The Price of Gold"

"That Still Small Voice"

"The Shepherd"

"Desperate Souls"

"Heart of Darkness"

"The Return"

"The Stranger"

"A Land Without Magic"

Season Three
Season Four

"A Tale of Two Sisters"

"The Apprentice"

"The Snow Queen"

"Shattered Sight"

  • A knife
  • An animal's horn

"Heroes and Villains"


"Operation Mongoose Part 1"

Season Five

"Siege Perilous"


"Only You"



On-Screen Notes

  • The shop's address is number 3480.[49] ("The Price of Gold" et al.)
  • The logo on the shop windows is gold-colored and shows the name of the shop emblazoned with a stylized illustration of three gold coins.[49] ("The Price of Gold" et al.)
  • Mr. Gold running a pawnshop is a reference to his identity as a Dark One who loves to make deals: in pawnshops, visitors negotiate and haggle with the owner to sell, pawn or buy items. ("The Price of Gold" et al.)
  • The pawnshop is situated right across the street from Mary Margaret's apartment. This is proven in "Best Laid Plans", where the pawnshop can clearly be seen through Mary Margaret's window as Maleficent's sleeping spell approaches.[50]


Fairytales and Folklore


Popular Culture

Props Notes

From Uraltes chymisches Werk

  • The spell book that Mr. Gold is reading in "Dark Waters" is the same book that he is flipping through when Hook and Emma attempts to steal the Dark One Dagger from him in "Changelings". He also uses it to look up information for his son Gideon, on how to repair the Hrunting, in "Ill-Boding Patterns". [63]
    • One of the pages[64] (seen upside-down) contains an illustration of a crucified serpent, also known as an alchemical cross. This is an old alchemical symbol representing the "fixing of the volatile," as in making the elixir of mercury.[65] The picture is from a book about ancient alchemy: Uraltes chymisches Werk (Age-Old Chemical Work) by Abraham Eleazar, which was first published in 1734. Nothing is known about Abraham Eleazar, who was supposedly a Jewish alchemist. His name was most likely fictional, and the real author seems to have been a person called Julius Gervasius of Schwarzburg.[66] ("Dark Waters")
      • Note that the illustration has been modified for the show. The show's version is mirror-inverted and colorized, and the size of the cross has been changed. Extra symbols have been added and the caption has been changed to "Rex Mundi", which is Latin for "king of the world".
      • The opposite page[64] is adapted from The Book of Ceremonial Magic by the American-born, British poet and scholarly mystic A. E. Waite. The book was first published in 1889 and is an attempt to document many of the famous grimoires (textbooks of magic). The except in Gold's book is from chapter seven, "The Method of Honorius".[67] Note that most of the text is illegible on-screen. It can be read in its entirety in an online prop auction from October 2019[68] (the illegible text is set in fuchsia):


(differences are set in bold)
After the Office of the Dead the
operator shall extinguish the taper, and
at sunrise shall cut the throat of a male
lamb of nine days, taking care that the
blood does not gush forth upon the
earth. He shall skin the lamb, and
shall cast its tongue and heart into the fire.
After the Office of the Dead the
operator shall extinguish the taper, and
at sunrise shall cut the throat of a male
lamb of nine days, taking care that the
blood does not gush forth upon the
earth. He shall skin the lamb, and
shall cast its tongue and heart into the fire.
The fire must be freshly kindled,
and the ashes shall be preserved
for use at the proper time.
The skin of the lamb shall be
spread in the middle of a field, and for the
space of nine days shall be sprinkled four
times every day with water. On the
tenth day the lambskin shall be
coveredwith [sic] the ashes
of the heart and tongue,
and with the ashes. [sic]
The skin of the lamb shall be
spread in the middle of a field and for the
space of nine days shall be sprinkled four
times every day with holy water. On the
tenth day, before the rising of the sun, the lambskin shall be
covered with the ashes
of the heart and tongue,
and with the ashes also of the cock.
On Thursday the flesh
of the lamb shall be interred
in a secret place where no
bird can come,
and the magi with his right thumb shall
inscribe on the earth the sigil here indicated
On Thursday, 1 after sunset, the flesh
of the lamb shall be interred
in a secret place where no
bird can come,
and the priest with his right thumb shall
inscribe on the grave the characters here indicated

From Key of Solomon

From Lesser Key of Solomon

  • Another page[69] contains an illustration of a magic circle from Key of Solomon, an old grimoire incorrectly attributed to King Solomon. This particular illustration is from one of the earliest manuscript of the grimoire, entitled The Clavicle of Solomon, revealed by Ptolomy the Grecian, written in English and Latin and dated 1572. Note that the illustration has been touched up, colorized and modified by the prop makers: For example, the sensors in the north, east, south and west have been replaced with new symbols (a star and circle inside a circle), the Stars of David (✡) have been replaced with three five-pointed stars (☆), the text in the inner circle (which has no actual meaning) has been slightly modified and the two lowermost text passages have switched sides, while the word "Plemoma" (Esperanto for "people") has been added to the center. ("Changelings")
  • The illustration on the other side of the page[69] (seen through the paper) contains symbols from the outer circle of the Pentacle of Solomon, an illustration found in the Lesser Key of Solomon, an anonymous grimoire on demonology compiled in the mid-17th century. (Note that since the page is seen from behind, all the symbols are mirror-inverted.)
  • Two other pages[70] are adapted from other excerpts from The Book of Ceremonial Magic. The excerpt in Mr. Gold's book is from the section "The Conjuration of the Book"[71] in Chapter VII,[72] which is about The Grimoire of Pope Honorius, an 18th to 19th-century grimoire, claiming to be written by Pope Honorius III. Note that in The Book of Ceremonial Magic, the text on page two of Mr. Gold's book actually appears before the information on page one, with the information on page one being a direct continuation of the text on page two. Also note that most of the information on page two is too blurred to read on-screen. It can be read in its entirety in the aforementioned prop auction[73] (the illegible text is set in fuchsia):


(differences are set in bold)
You shall obey, serve, instruct, impart
and perform all in your power for the
benefit of those who command you,
and the whole without illusion.
If perchance some of the invoked
spirits be unable to come or appear when
required, they shall be bound over to
send others vested with their power,
who also shall swear solemnly to execute
all that the reader may demand, and
ye are all hereby enjoined by the
You shall obey, serve, instruct, impart
and perform all in your power for the
benefit of those who command you,
and the whole without illusion.
If perchance some of the invoked
spirits be unable to come or appear when
required, they shall be bound over to
send others vested with their power,
who also shall swear solemnly to execute
all that the reader may demand, and
ye are all hereby enjoined by the
Names of the Omnipotent Ones,

Most Holy Names of the Omnipotent Living God,
to fulfil [sic] everything as it is set forth above.
If ye obey me not, I will force you to abide
in torments for a thousand years.

to fulfil [sic] everything as it is set forth above.
If ye obey me not, I will force you to abide
in torments for a thousand years,
as also if any one of you receive not this
Book with entire resignation to the will of
the reader.
I conjure and command you, O Spirits, all
and so many as ye are to accept this Book
with good grace so that whensoever we
may read it, the same being approved
and recognised [sic] as in proper form and
valid, you shall be constrained to appear
in comely human form when you
are called accordingly as the reader
shall judge. In no circumstances shall
you make any attempt upon the body, soul
I conjure and command you, O Spirits, all
and so many as ye aye, to accept this Book
with good grace, so that whensoever we
may read it, the same being approved
and recognised [sic] as in proper form and
valid, you shall be constrained to appear
in comely human form when you
are called, accordingly as the reader
shall judge. In no circumstances shall
you make any attempt upon the body, soul
or spirit of the reader, nor inflict any harm
on those who may accompany him, either
by mutterings, tempests, noise,
scandals, nor yet by lesion or by
hindrance in the execution of the
commands of this book. I conjure you
to appear immediately when the
conjuration is made, to execute without
dallying all that is written and
enumerated in its proper place in the
said book.
or spirit of the reader, nor inflict any harm
on those who may accompany him, either
by mutterings, tempests, noise,
scandals, nor yet by lesion or by
hindrance in the execution of the
commands of this Book. I conjure you
to appear immediately when the
conjuration is made, to execute without
dallying all that is written and
enumerated in its proper place in the
said book.

An enchanted blade may ebb and wane
in time with scores of differing hands on
the hilt. Like an oft blood letted vein, energy
escapes. To invigorate the instrument in
question, the practitioner should find the smith
who originally forged the blade. Some blood of
that might will needed [sic] to commence the great
Make a magic circle with rope and estab-
lish the four quarters with a dedication to
the old ones. Mix the blood of the smith
with some wolfsbane and some juniper berries.
Pour this concoction into a cauldron and
stir it in a deasil motion on a clear evening
when the moon is waxing gibbous.
When the concoction has cooled, dip the blade
into the cauldron while willing the lost magic
to return.


Sanguinem et


*Latin for "blood and iron"[75]

  • According to magic lore, wolfsbane can be used to prevent shapeshifting, and has traditionally been used to protect homes from werewolves. Bundles of wolfsbane can be placed around barns and pastures to protect livestock from predators (this requires taking care that the livestock have no access to the plant, as wolfsbane is highly poisonous, and ingesting even a small amount can kill you). It can also be used to bring harm to another by creating "elf bolts" of sharpened flint dipped in wolfsbane juice and using it to pierce a poppet for the victim.[76]
  • In "The Black Fairy", wolfsbane is the last ingredient Fiona needs to create the Dark Curse.

Set Dressing

From The Works of Jacob Behmen, The Teutonic Philosopher

Filming Locations

  • For the first two seasons, an empty, rented building in Steveston Village doubled as the pawnshop.[130][131] The front room of the pawnshop was an actual room inside the building, while the back of the shop was a filming set inside a soundstage at The Bridge Studios.[131][132] According to executive producer Steve Pearlman, the set was built in a week and crammed with antiques in a day.[133]
  • In 2013, the gift shop known as It's POSH! moved into the premises,[134] but the building still continued to double as the pawnshop for exterior scenes. The interior scenes in the front room were now filmed on a set[135] inside a replica of the storefront, built at the at The Bridge Studios.[136] There was a permanent prop sign outside It's POSH!, which the gift shop covered up with own signs when Once Upon a Time was not filming exterior scenes.[137] During filming, the real sign came down to reveal the prop sign, and the front windows were staged. When the shop was closed for filming, the owners let their customers know through their Facebook page, so the customers wouldn't come down to pick up a gift and find the shop unavailable.[138]
  • For the sixth season, a portable pawnshop set was put up in the lane next to It's POSH! for exterior scenes;[139] turning It's POSH! into a separate business located next to the pawnshop.[140] After filming, the set was disassembled in pieces and rolled into storage in the parking lot behind Nikka Fishing & Marine,[139] the building that doubles as the Storybrooke library for exterior shots.[141]
  • The pawnshop set was rebuilt into Roni's for Season Seven.[144]

Other Notes


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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