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Well, this certainly is homey.
Isaac to Mr. Gold src

Mr. Gold's Cabin is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the tenth episode of the first season.


During First Curse

In the forest, Mary Margaret finds an injured dove and hurries to the pet shelter. Upon examining the bird, the veterinarian explains it will heal, but probably never reunite with its flock since that is a migratory species and the other doves will soon depart. Determined to help the bird find its companions, Mary Margaret ventures into the woods despite of David's warning of an upcoming storm. While in her journey, Mary Margaret faces danger, but David shows up just in time to rescue her. As it rains intensely, they seek shelter in an abandoned cabin. Alone in the house, they are compelled to discuss their complicated relationship. Just as they are moving into a kiss, Mary Margaret asks David how he could do this to his pregnant wife. David, however, is confused at her question. Before he can clarify or answer, the storm stops and Mary Margaret leaves to free the dove. ("7:15 A.M.")

A florist, Moe French, has his truck confiscated by Mr. Gold for not paying off a due loan. Witnessing the scene, Regina suggests robbing Mr. Gold in revenge. Moe follows through with the scheme and steals several items from Mr. Gold's house. Unbeknownst to Moe, that is part of Regina's plan to frame him while she herself snatches a cup which Mr. Gold cherishes. When Sheriff Emma is not able to retrieve the cup, Mr. Gold takes matters into his own hands by kidnapping Moe to the cabin in the woods for interrogation. There, Moe is tortured into revealing the whereabouts of the item, but he claims to have no knowledge about it. As Mr. Gold beats Moe with his cane and accuses him of inflicting pain to someone he refers to as "her", Sheriff Emma bursts into the cabin to rescue Moe and arrest Mr. Gold for kidnapping and physical battery charges. ("Skin Deep")

After getting advice from Archie, Mr. Gold decides to talk to August, who he believes is his long lost son. Near the abandoned cabin, he approaches the stranger. August lies about his identity, and as the pair reconcile, he asks Mr. Gold to prove he's changed by giving him the dagger. Mr. Gold forfeits the weapon, but in the next instance, August tries to use the dagger to control him. Realizing his son would never use magic against him, Mr. Gold prepares to kill August for his treachery when the latter reveals his agenda is to have Emma break the curse so he'll stop turning into wood. Fueled by his own motivations, Mr. Gold decides to let August live to see the mission through. ("The Return")

During Second Curse
Upon finding a spinning wheel in Zelena's farmhouse, Emma and her allies deduce Mr. Gold is alive. Wondering how that is possible since they all saw him sacrificing, the group gather at the diner early in the morning, when it is still closed. As they discuss Mr. Gold's whereabouts, David suggests they investigate some locations, such as his cabin in the woods. ("Quiet Minds")

After Second Curse

Having gotten kicked out of Storybrooke six weeks earlier, Mr. Gold makes a secret return and begins hiding out at the abandoned cabin. When his accomplices, Cruella, Maleficent and Ursula don't return until the next morning, he questions them on their whereabouts. The trio reveal Regina has joined their enclave, and they are suspicious about her motives. Mr. Gold vouches for Regina as she is in a lot of pain since losing another love and wants to change her story by finding the Author as they do. Later, Maleficent instructs Regina to kidnap Pinocchio as he holds knowledge about the Author, even though his memories from his time as August are wiped out. The plan goes off without a hitch, and the two women return to the cabin with a sleeping Pinocchio. There, Regina is stunned to see Mr. Gold is back, and he has his dagger again. Once Cruella and Ursula arrive, Mr. Gold explains Pinocchio is no use to them since he remembers nothing; however, August holds the key to their questions. Using the dagger, he reverts the boy to August, who will be tortured for information. ("Enter the Dragon")

Under interrogation, August reveals he gained information about the Author from The Dragon years ago when he was in Hong Kong, and he claims the research is in his old trailer. Mr. Gold goes to check, and, while he is away, the women guard August. Ursula, hearing someone summon her via a conch shell, excuses herself outside. Mr. Gold, suspecting August is lying, steals a potion from the nuns and forces him to ingest it so, every time he lies, his nose will grow. After lying twice, August admits there is a storybook page with a door that leads to the Author. While Mr. Gold believes the door is in another physical location, in truth, the door on the page itself can be opened to free the Author, though August does not say this. When asked where the door is, August states he doesn't know, and the potion's lie detector takes his answer to be honest, since he doesn't know where Henry currently keeps the storybook page. Regina and Maleficent then go with Mr. Gold to search the Sorcerer's mansion for the door. Cruella, left to keep watch on August, is quickly knocked out when Emma and her parents storm in to rescue him. As Emma undos his binds with magic, she and August share a friendly reunion. The mission is halted by Ursula, who refuses to let August go as he's the only way the Author can be found and give her a happy ending. Instead, she unexpectedly finds true happiness after regaining her singing voice with her father Poseidon's help, and decides to go home with him. Afterwards, Hook relates his fears to Emma about losing her since the Author supposedly doesn't give happy endings to villains; including a former villain like himself. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul")

Sent to retrieve the door illustration, Regina returns to the cabin with only a snapshot of the sought after item. When Cruella notices a light glare on the photo, Mr. Gold recognizes it is magic, and the Author must be trapped in the illustration. ("Best Laid Plans")

After recruiting the Author, Isaac, Mr. Gold takes him to the cabin, before he leaves abruptly after hearing Belle summoning him from the wishing well. When Cruella arrives, she demands Isaac return something he took from her, but he refuses. She expresses intentions of killing him, but both she and Isaac know it's no longer possible anymore. Cruella leaves, warning that she'll find another way to deal with him. After spying on the Author and Cruella's interaction through a crystal ball, Mr. Gold realizes they have history together. From Mr. Gold, Isaac learns that Cruella has since kidnapped and threatened to kill Henry if Emma doesn't kill him. Forced to come clean, the Author shows Mr. Gold a piece of paper, which he wrote on with his magic quill long ago to cancel Cruella's ability to kill. Using this to his advantage, Mr. Gold manipulates the situation so Emma is left with no choice but to kill Cruella, which will turn her heart dark. David and Mary Margaret later storm the cabin, seeking Cruella's whereabouts from Isaac, who reveals Mr. Gold's schemes. Horrified, the pair rush out, hoping to stop Emma in time. ("Sympathy for the De Vil")


Filming Locations


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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