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As the ruler of Mount Olympus, Kronos becomes the owner of the Olympian Crystal. Eventually, Kronos chooses Zeus, his eldest son, to be his successor. This causes Hades to be jealous towards his brother. Hades then decides to kill his father and takes the Olympian Crystal for himself. He tries to kill his brother, who catches him directly after their father is dead, but is defeated. Zeus stops Hades' heart and breaks the Olympian Crystal into halves, with Hades' stopped heart keeping him from reuniting the crystal halves and harnessing its power. As part of his punishment, Hades leaves Mount Olympus to the Underworld to become its new ruler. Zeus then becomes the new ruler of the land.[1] (mentioned in "Our Decay", "Last Rites")
A gap in the timeline of an unknown amount of years since Zeus becomes the ruler of the land.
At some point, somehow, Zeus goes to the human world, where he meets a women who later becomes the mother of his son, Hercules. (mentioned in "Labor of Love")
A gap in the timeline of more than thirty years since the casting of the Dark Curse.
Sometime before or after, Daniel ends up in this world. (mentioned in "Devil's Due")
5 12 In the Underworld, Prince Henry, after resolving his unfinished business with his daughter, is allowed to ascend into Mount Olympus. Later, after Hercules and Megara resolves their respective unfinished business, they too go to this land, where Hercules can finally reunite with his father, Zeus.
5 13
5 15 Later, when Captain Silver and his crew tries to send Liam and Hook to the Worse Place, Hades uses his magic and pushes Liam into the pit, but as he resolved his unfinished business with Hook, he was spared as the fire turned to water, with a portal to Mount Olympus opening for him. Liam and Captain Silver's crew is allowed to move on as Hook decides to stay in the Underworld.
5 21 After Hook and King Arthur help get a message to Emma about how she can defeat Hades, they both are granted a way into Mount Olympus, but Arthur chooses to stay back in the Underworld while Hook goes through the portal. Ending up in a hall of pillars, Hook is greeted by Zeus. Zeus thanks him for helping his friends defeat his misguided brother. As a reward, Zeus allows Hook to return to the land of the living.


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