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It's so... it's beautiful. It's where I belong.

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Mount Olympus, also known as "a better place", is a world featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twelfth episode of the fifth season.

Mount Olympus is based on the location of the same name from Greek Mythology, and the Disney film Hercules. It is also based on the concept of Heaven.


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Before First Curse

Mount Olympus is the world where the souls of deceased people without unfinished business can enter to live out a happy afterlife. The father of Zeus and Hades, Kronos, is the king of Mount Olympus. As the ruler, he is the owner of the Olympian Crystal. Eventually, Kronos chooses his son Zeus to succeed him. However, Hades becomes jealous of Zeus so he decides to kill their father to take the Olympian Crystal. As he tries to murder his older brother, Hades is defeated by Zeus, who stops his heart and breaks the Olympian Crystal. Hades leaves Mount Olympus to be the ruler of the Underworld, as Zeus becomes the new king of Mount Olympus.[1] ("Souls of the Departed", "Last Rites")

Zeus' demigod son, Hercules, goes on to complete eleven of his twelve labors in a quest to gain access to this world and finally join his father, but he dies trying to complete his twelfth labor. ("Labor of Love")

During Second Curse

Shortly after meeting his demise at the hands of Zelena, Neal's soul is able to move on peacefully to Mount Olympus. ("Quiet Minds", Souls of the Departed")

After Third Curse

While Hercules is trapped in the Underworld after death, he receives help from an old friend in order to move onto Mount Olympus with Megara. ("Labor of Love")

Some dead people need to clear away their unfinished business in the Underworld before moving on to Mount Olympus. It is possible for a deceased person, such as in Daniel's case, to be able to complete their unfinished business on their own. For some others, like Liam, Megara and Henry, they require help to wrap up their unfinished business. When they do, a pathway will open up for them to reach Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus can also be accessed through other parts of the Underworld, such as the cave where Hades attempted to drop Hook into the Acheron. ("Souls of the Departed", "Labor of Love", "Devil's Due", "The Brothers Jones", "Last Rites")

After sacrificing himself to save Regina's life, Robin Hood's soul moves to a better place, where he rests in peace.[3] ("Last Rites")

After Fourth Curse

After succumbing to old age, Belle's soul is able to move to the afterlife where she patiently waits for her husband to join her. ("Beauty")

After Fifth Curse

After ripping out his heart in an attempt to save his oldest friend, Weaver collapses dead and arrives at Mount Olympus soon after, which appears to him as a vacant, foggy area. He eventually hears Belle's voice and the pair are reunited before sharing a kiss. ("Leaving Storybrooke")

Known Inhabitants

Ways to Access Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is accessible by walking through a portal to this place, which is only opened if the person trapped in the Underworld completes their unfinished business. This portal is most of the time opened in the Fiery Cave. Only dead people without unfinished business are allowed to go to Mount Olympus. Other dead people must complete their unfinished business before moving on to Mount Olympus. ("Souls of the Departed", "Labor of Love" et al., "Last Rites")


On-Screen Notes

  • Mount Olympus is the world located at the top of the Underworld.[4]

Filming Locations


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