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Prince Mirza is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the seventh episode and is portrayed by co-stars Michael Sangha and Daniel Zolghadri.


Before First Curse

Mirza is born into the Agrabah royal family to an unnamed mother and his father, the Sultan. During a meeting, in which he is present for, some officials complain to the Sultan about a supply blockade with their northern neighbors, which needs to be sorted out. The Sultan refuses to help and asks Mirza to explain why. The prince states it is against policy, but when an official inquiries for the specific policy, he doesn't know the answer. A serving boy, Jafar, responds that it's the farming policy, and he elaborates on its structure. As the officials mutter in surprise, Sultan smooths over his own embarrassment by joking that even servants in Agrabah are educated; causing the subjects to laugh. Humiliated, Mirza later confronts Jafar and asks him for his name. When Jafar attempts to reply, the prince strikes him across the face and clarifies that servants are too lowly to have names. Mirza then forces Jafar to repeat it as an answer, however, he slaps him again after his response comes too slowly. Witnessing the dispute, the Sultan approaches, but rather than scold Mirza, he encourages his son to continue disciplining Jafar as servants should know their place. With his father's approval, the haughty prince smacks the servant once more. Throughout all this, Mirza remains unaware Jafar is his half-brother. ("Bad Blood")

Years later, when Mirza is older, Jafar too has grown and accumulated much power as a sorcerer. Storming into the palace, the former servant threatens to kill the aged Sultan, and upon noticing Mirza secretly eavesdropping, he challenges him to a fight. Fearfully, Mirza tries to run away before he is swiftly killed by Jafar's magic as the Sultan watches in horror. Despite his son's cowardice, the Sultan expresses grief for Mirza's death, which angers Jafar, who desires recognition as his son since he, rather than the prince, would do anything for him. ("Bad Blood")




  • Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationship
  • Dashed lines denote marriage relationships and relationships that result in offspring
  • denotes the deceased
  • The Sultan was never married to Ulima



  • The name "Mirza" is of Persian origin and means "prince". It is derived from the word amirzadeh, itself derived from Arabic amir, meaning "commander", combined with the Persian word zadeh, meaning "offspring".[1]




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