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This article focuses on the mirror magic.
For the character, see Magic Mirror.
For the world-crossing items, also known as "Magic Mirrors", see Looking Glasses.
You said you didn't have a clue where Sidney was! He was in your mirror this whole time?!
Emma Swan to Regina Mills src

Mirror Enchantments are spells featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the second episode of the first season.


List of Uses

S Ep Type By Used on
1 7 Mirror Spying Magic Mirror Huntsman
1 9 Mirror Crossing Evil Queen The Evil Queen's mirror to the Blind Witch's mirror
Mirror Spying Magic Mirror Snow White and the Dwarves
1 11 Mirror Trapping A genie wish The Genie of Agrabah
1 21 Two-way Mirror Communication Evil Queen A mirror in King George's dungeon and a mirror in the Evil Queen's dungeon.
1 22 Mirror Spying Magic Mirror Prince Charming
Mirror Crossing Evil Queen Prince Charming
2 2 Two-way Mirror Communication Rumplestiltskin Unknown mirror and a Looking Glass
3 2 Mirror Spying Magic Mirror Snow White and Prince Charming
3 5 Two-way Mirror Communication Regina Mills Regina Mills' two-mirror object
3 6 Mirror Spying Magic Mirror Snow White and Ariel
Mirror Crossing Ursula (Deity) Unknown mirror to Evil Queen's mirror
3 10 Mirror Spying Evil Queen The Evil Queen's mirror and a reflective guard plate
3 16 Past-gazing via Mirror The Wizard of Oz The moment when Cora abandons baby Zelena
Mirror Spying The Wizard of Oz and Zelena Regina and Rumplestiltskin
3 17 Mirror Spying Emma Swan Ariel and Prince Eric
3 20 Mirror Spying Zelena Regina and Rumplestiltskin
4 1 Mirror Trapping Regina Mills Sidney Glass
Past-gazing via Mirror Sidney Glass The moment when Marian is captured by the Evil Queen
4 8 Mirror Spying Ingrid Emma Swan
Astral Projection Ingrid N/A
4 14 Mirror Spying Rumplestiltskin The burning tree
4 20 Mirror Spying Evil Queen Sheriff of Nottingham
5 12 Two-way Mirror Communication Magic Mirror The Evil Queen's mirror and Cora's mirror
5 18 Mirror Spying Zelena Dorothy Gale under a Sleeping Curse
5 19 Past-gazing via Mirror Regina Mills The moment when Zelena and Hades talk
6 8 Mirror Spying Evil Queen (Serum) Snow and David Nolan,
Mirror Trapping Evil Queen (Serum) Regina Mills and Emma Swan
6 20 Mirror Spying Magic Mirror Snow White, Prince Charming, the dwarves, Geppetto, Pinocchio and Granny
7 6 Mirror Spying Regina Mills Rapunzel Tremaine


On-Screen Notes


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