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The subject of this article is not considered canon material for the Once Upon a Time Universe.
Mirror, Mirror is a game for ABC's Once Upon a Time. The player simply asks the Magic Mirror what they wish to know about life, the show, or anything else they desire.

He will then select one of twenty different answers, unless you have a specific question related to the show, such as "Who is the fairest of them all?".

You can also send an e-card to a friend, or be shown your "true reflection" (only available when you log into your Facebook account). When you click on the Once Upon a Time book next to the Mirror, it will reveal more information about the show and its characters. The book includes wallpapers and trailers.

The setting is of the Evil Queen's palace in the middle of the night, with the fire in the hearth burning brightly and the moon shining full. There are cobwebs and candles on the walls. The Blue Fairy acts as the mouse cursor.

You can play this game here.

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