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This article focuses on Henry Mills' apartment.
For Regina Mills' house, see Mills House.

I kind of expected my favorite writer to have a little more... success. This place is a dump.
Lucy to Henry Mills src

Henry Mills' Apartment is a Seattle location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twenty-second episode of the sixth season.


During Fifth Curse

After Henry is affected by the Dark Curse in the New Enchanted Forest, he is brought to Seattle, where he gains a new life as a Swyft driver and is an author working a new book in his apartment. One night, he returns home and places his keys on his cabinet, with the swan keychain attached to them as a keyring. From the neighborhood of Hyperion Heights, a young girl named Lucy knocks on his door, firstly asking if he is Henry Mills and then declaring to him that she is his daughter. Henry, holding the door slightly ajar, looks perplexed by her statement, but Lucy pushes her way in. The girl remarks upon his unkempt home, using her finger to trace the dust on a ledge, and notes that despite that he is her favorite author, he hasn't had much success. She tries to persuade him that everything he wrote in his book actually happened to him and his family, and insists he returns to Hyperion Heights with her to rescue them from a curse, including her mom, who was his true love Cinderella. Because Henry does not buy her story and unceremoniously tells her to go home. Only after Lucy has left, Henry sees his laptop is missing, but in its place is a note from Lucy, who admits in writing that she took it and the only way he will get it back is by meeting her at Roni's in Hyperion Heights. He does as Lucy asks in order to retrieve his laptop while continuing to be skeptical of the girl's repeated claims about the curse and his lost memories, and eventually returns to the apartment. There, he begins the first sentence of his new story by typing, "Once upon a time..." on his laptop screen. ("The Final Battle Part 2", "Hyperion Heights")

In the morning, Officer Rogers visits Henry at his apartment to ask him about a female character in his book, whose likeness bears an uncanny resemblance to someone he once knew, however, Henry confirms the woman is just a fictional person he made up. As Rogers turns to leave, Henry requests his help with locating a cemetery where some of his family are buried. Although it's not his usual line of work, Rogers agrees to try. Later, on orders of Victoria Belfrey, who wants Henry to be driven out of Hyperion Heights, Weaver and Rogers obtain a search warrant for the apartment and go in to see what they can dig up about him. Weaver finds evidence that Henry, at some point, had a daughter, whom he thinks is a vulnerability they can exploit. Rogers seems uncomfortable with this, but when questioned by Weaver about where his loyalties lie, he does not go against him. Before leaving the apartment, Rogers swipes the swan keychain from Henry's dresser. Later in Hyperion Heights after Rogers slips the keychain into Henry's apron instead of framing him for stealing Victoria's bracelet, Henry expresses confusion over how the keychain got from his apartment and into his pocket. ("A Pirate's Life")

Before heading out to scope out a possible new writing assignment, Henry is at the bar talking to Roni. Kelly, Roni's sister, comments on how often Henry is at the bar and wonders if he sleeps here too, but Henry tells her that he has his own place. ("A Taste of the Heights")

After following Henry's advice about reconciling with her stepsister Jacinda, Ivy shows up at the apartment to thank Henry by giving him a box of mochi from Lucky Cat Cafe. As the pair sit down to talk, she admits she has done terrible things like her mother Victoria has but wants to continue making amends for her own actions. Ivy asks Henry to help her track down her other sister, Anastasisa, by being the hero she knows he is deep down inside. ("Knightfall")

While still at the apartment, Ivy receives a cup of hot cocoa from Henry, which she fondly recalls Anastasia used to make for her all the time whenever she was feeling down. She has hopes it is not too late to make amends with her, and Henry gives her the suggestion she could give a genuine apology to show how truly sorry she is. Ivy agrees, deciding she is going to leave to find Anastasia, but when Henry wants to join her, she instead redirects him to be with someone he is meant to be with: Jacinda. Since things are not going so well with Jacinda, Henry considers maybe he is meant for a life of wallowing and that at least it'll help him be a better writer. Ivy tells him to stop being so cynical because things will get better for him eventually, and when that happens, she hopes he can forgive her. She says that out of everyone she has wronged, she is the sorriest for what she has done to him. Henry is confused by her apology, but Ivy elaborates on how she wishes she could've met him before she became who she was and that she might've made better choices in life. Before heading out the door, she gives him a kiss on the cheek and says goodbye to him. After Ivy's departure, Henry hears a knock on the door and thinks she came back, but instead, it's Rogers, who has brought Tilly, who is a murder suspect in two deaths. As Tilly is asleep on the couch, Rogers and Henry whisper about locating an alibi for her as they don't believe she is a killer. Tilly, overhearing them, tells them she doesn't have friends who can provide one. Rogers asks if she can account for where she was between 3 and 4 PM yesterday at the time of Hilda's death, but Tilly cannot, so instead he looks for circumstantial clues. He notices sugar on her jacket, which helps Tilly remember that she grabbed beignets from Sabine's food truck yesterday. While Rogers and Henry are away investigating, Tilly looks through Henry's belongings in the apartment until she finds a book on Robin Hood. She hopes to pass the time by reading it, but then she sees a sticker stuck to her shoe. She recalls it was on an apple which she bought from the grocery store yesterday, and believing she has found an alibi for herself, she leaves the apartment to go there. Tilly returns to the apartment with Rogers and Henry after finding her backpack and begins sifting through it for evidence. Much to her confusion, she finds two hair clippings, which Rogers tells her were tokens that the killer took from the victims. Despite not remembering if she killed anyone or not, Tilly becomes convinced she did it, and out of fear of herself, she leaves in a hurry. ("The Girl in the Tower")

While torn between a chance at a job offer in New York or staying in Hyperion Heights to be with Jacinda, Henry is in his apartment looking at the piece of Cinderella's glass slipper that Lucy once gave him. Someone knocks at his door and he answers thinking it is Jacinda but finds Weaver has come to see him. Henry, recalling the detective gave him a black eye last time, inquiries if he is here to give him another one. Weaver apologizes for the trouble he gave him and insists he has made significant changes in his life since then. Henry states he is short on time because he's due for his flight soon, but he agrees to help Weaver after seeing a copy of his novel contains scribbles from the Candy Killer. Henry then leaves his apartment to go with Weaver to the police station, where he examines the killer's writings to further understand what his motives are. ("Breadcrumbs")

Over at his apartment, Henry continues to try and persuade Jacinda that the blood test result he previously showed her is real and could prove everything in his book actually happened. Jacinda ponders how he could possibly be Lucy's father but she somehow magically forgot about it. Henry explains how it felt like love at first sight for him when he first met her in Hyperion Heights, though now he believes it was because he already loved her before in their old lives. Henry offers up the glass shards he has as proof she is Cinderella before having her hold them and encouraging her to try to believe. Jacinda seems to consider it, but then her phone buzzes with a text from Sabine. She apologizes, stating Sabine needs help at the food truck and begins leaving. Henry asks if he freaked her out, and Jacinda admits he did somewhat. Later in his apartment, Henry maps out the characters from his book and manages to match some of them to real life people in Hyperion Heights. Rogers and Tilly come to him for help with the Eloise Gardener case, and the three of them brainstorm the probability that, if Eloise really is in a coven of witches, the reason she isn't using magic is because the bigger the spell, the more magic users are needed for it. After getting a call from Samuel about the coven members being spotted at a theater, Rogers leaves Henry's apartment with Tilly to go there. Henry continues his research in his apartment as shards from the glass slipper, having been used by Samdi in voodoo magic, enter his body and remove the poison from his heart. Suddenly, he gets a call from Jacinda, who tells him about finding the glass slipper, which, unknown to both of them, is the same one that Lucy gave Samdi to use. ("Flower Child")

Visiting Henry at his apartment, Roni gives him some food as he makes her a cup of coffee. She slips him a diluted dose of memory potion in his drink but is disappointed when he drinks it and nothing happens. Roni remarks that perhaps Gothel was right about him losing his belief. Henry insists fairytales are not real and explains away past happenings, like the glass slipper being a coincidence that he and Jacinda needed to get over themselves in order to be together and the fact nothing magical occurred after their kiss proves he was trying too hard to be happy by being someone else. When Roni asks about the map he made of characters from his book, Henry agrees Nick's delusions got into his mind and he went too far down the rabbit hole with all of it. A stunned Roni then asks if he wants to believe, to which Henry states he does but he is invested in his and Jacinda's real lives and is done searching for himself in some imaginary past. ("Is This Henry Mills?")

After Fifth Curse
To celebrate the broken curse and the reunion of her family, Lucy makes cupcakes for herself and her parents, with each one having a lit candle. Henry fondly recalls how his own mother made a wish on a cupcake that reunited her with him, and now that Jacinda and Lucy are with him, he doesn't know what to wish for. They all blow out their candles together, but Henry opens his eyes to see he is now alone. Rumplestiltskin of the Wish Realm reveals himself to be the culprit, explaining that he kidnapped them to his realm and won't give them back until Henry forfeits Weaver's dagger to him. ("Homecoming")


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