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Thank you @OnceABC and @WonderlandOUAT for being such amazing shows and letting me be part of both.
—Milli Wilkinson on Twittersrc

Milli Wilkinson, formerly credited as Amelia Wilkinson, is the Canadian actress who portrays Alice's Daughter on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, and Young Cruella on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Milli Wilkinson is from Canada[1] and has been acting since 2010.[2] Her career began when she was enrolled in acting classes by her mother and her talent caught the attention of an agent. Her first acting job was an unreleased commercial for a movie.[2] Milli landed her first on-screen role as one of the body doubles portraying the rapidly aging Renesmee Cullen in the 2012 drama fantasy film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, although her face was digitally replaced with that of Mackenzie Foy.[3]

The young actress has appeared in three Hallmark Channel movies: Family for Christmas - where she worked with Lacey Chabert, Ice Sculpture Christmas and Date With Love,[2] and played the recurring role of Lala Marks in the drama television series Shut Eye.[2][4] Other roles of notes includes young Talia al Ghul in the Legends of Tomorrow episode "Left Behind"[5] and young Carolyn Tyler in the Proof episode '"St. Luke's".[6]


Thank you @OnceABC and @WonderlandOUAT for being such amazing shows and letting me be part of both. So sad this magical journey is coming to an end but best of everything for cast, crew and all involved.[8]


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