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Mig Macario is the Canadian actor who portrays Bashful and Bashful (Wish Realm) on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Miguelito Macario Andaluz,[4] professionally known as Mig Micario, was born on March 16,[1] 1970[2] in Antimonan[3] of the province Quezon, Philippines as the youngest of six children. He was about four years old[5] when his family immigrated to Canada in 1974.[6] Mig grew up in Vancouver[7] and is bilingual in both Tagalog and English.[6] His early interest in participating in plays during elementary school led him several years later to join the high school drama club where he was discovered.[6]

He known for his ability to play a diverse range of characters with seemingly effortless ease. In his own words, if not for acting, it's more than likely he might've grown up to be like the gun toting, drug dealing characters he played on shows like 21 Jump Street, Wiseguy and The Commish. Mig was able to break out from the usual thug roles when he played the lead of Song Liling in the Tony Award winning play M. Butterfly at the Arts Club Theatre Company. His performance earned him a best newcomer nomination at the Jessie Richardson Awards. He went on to produce, write and direct the highly rated Summer Love - The Documentary, which explored rave culture and aired on Much Music.[7]

With nearly twenty-five years experience in the entertainment industry, he has appeared in over forty film and television projects; working with artists such as Johnny Depp, Maury Chaykin, Paul Sorvino, Dean McDermott and activist Jenny McCarthy. Mig made history when he was cast as George Amahit on the Gemini Award winning, dark comedy Less Than Kind as it is the first comedic series regular role written specifically for a Filipino in Canada if not North America.[7]

He is a familiar face on FOX's television blockbuster Fringe and Nickelodeon's The Troop. He can also be seen opposite Aaron Douglas and a stellar cast including Emanuelle Vaugier, Paul Campbell, Torrance Coombs, Andrew Airlie and Crystal Lowe in the SyFy network's Killer Mountain.[7]

From on-screen portrayals of a gang lord to Asian trans-gender diva spy to an overprotective Filipino father, his performances are consistently creative, courageous and charismatic. From comedies to drama, stage to screen and everything in between; Mig's unstoppable joy, enthusiasm and humanity add a unique depth to any project he works on. As a practicing Buddhist, he supports many youth and aspiring actors globally to realize their true potential.[7]



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