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This article focuses on the meadow full of middlemists.
For the plant, see Middlemists.

Hook: Tell me. What do you see?
Emma: Lots of flowers.
Hook and Emma Swan src

The Middlemist Field is a Camelot location on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the fourth episode of the fifth season.


Before Third Curse

During her time in Camelot, Emma is overwhelmed by seeing an apparition of the darkness, so Hook takes her horseback riding as a distraction. They ride onto the middlemist field, which, at first sight, is sparse. To help her forget about the darkness, Hook gives her a middlemist flower. Emma focuses on the flower, closing her eyes, and when she opens her eyes, she is surprised by the sight of the whole field blooming with middlemists. Relieved that she can no longer see the darkness, she happily shares a passionate kiss with Hook. ("The Broken Kingdom")

Unwilling to lose Hook to his Excalibur wound, Emma whisks him away to the middlemist field, where he attempts to convince her to let him go, rather than use Excalibur to make him immortal like her. Emma, however, cannot see past a future without him. After Hook seemingly dies of his injury, a heartbroken Emma harnesses Excalibur to tether his life to the sword, making him a Dark One. Once the enchantment is complete, Hook's body disappears to the Vault of the Dark One, while Emma undergoes a drastic physical transformation because of her use of dark magic. ("Birth")

After reuniting with a reborn Hook, Emma quickly loses his trust when he discovers she is hiding Excalibur from him. Angry she doesn't believe he is strong enough to fight the darkness, Hook teleports away. Emma returns to the middlemist field to look for him, but he is not there. She uses the last alternative, summoning him with Excalibur, to get Hook to come back. ("Broken Heart")

After Third Curse

Wanting to know what happened six weeks ago in Camelot, Hook freezes Emma with squid ink and demands the truth from her. Instead, Zelena uses a dreamcatcher to let him see his lost memories. Within it, Hook sees himself at the middlemist field dying of a fatal wound he got from Excalibur, before Emma turns him into a Dark One to save his life. ("Broken Heart")


On-Screen Notes

Filming Locations

  • In "The Broken Kingdom"[3] and "Birth",[4] the scenes at the middlemist field were filmed in Burnaby's Central Park.
    • For "Birth", the set was a tiny, round meadow set filled with middlemist flowers, surrounded by blue-screen material.[5] It was CGIed into a big flowery meadow in post-production. A similar gimmick was used for "Broken Heart", where the middlemist field set was being surrounded by natural grassy ground rather than blu-screen material.[6]


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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