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Michael Raymond-James is the American actor who portrays Neal Cassidy on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Michael Weverstad,[2] professionally known as Michael Raymond-James, was born on December 24,[1] 1977[2] in Detroit, Michigan,[3] and graduated from Clarkston High School in 1996, where he was a football and track standout.[4] He started out doing theater and studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York while paying his way through with odd jobs like waiting tables or building fences in Connecticut. Following several stage appearances in New York, Michael was invited to Los Angeles by a casting director where he met with several agents and executives to get a start on his career.[3]

His feature film debut was the 2006 American drama Black Snake Moan as Gill Morton with big name stars Christina Ricci, Samuel Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Michael has built up his acting credits through guest stars on television like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Boston Legal, Medium, ER, Cold Case and Lie to Me. He took a starring role in 2010 FX series Terriers as Britt Pollack, which was canceled shortly after its first season. He's well known for his portrayal of Cajun accented René Lenier on True Blood and made a notable two episode guest star on the second season of The Walking Dead as a smooth talking and menacing drifter named Dave.



Year Title Role Notes
2006 Black Snake Moan Gill Movie
2010 The Twenty Freeman Movie
2008 True Blood Rene Lenier 15 episodes
2010 Terriers Britt Pollack 13 episodes
2011 Law & Order: SVU Eddie Skinner Episode: "Smoked"
2012 The Walking Dead Dave 2 episodes
2012–Present Once Upon a Time Neal Cassidy 27 episodes


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.

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