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  • Hello! I've seen that you're not writing an eighth season because of timeline issues, but if you want, I can help you with them!

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    • Hi! That's very kind of you. To be honest, I tried to create a timeline to fit season 7 in, but it might be controversial since I had to make up a few headcanon theories to fit everything xD Jacinda and Robin's ages are a nightmare.

      Basically this would be my timeline

      - In my headcanon New Enchanted Forest's time is not frozen during the course; also wish realm always existed and Serum Queen's wish in 6x10 just merged the two realities:

      • 1993: Rapunzel is trapped into Gothel's tower
      • 2000: Rapunzel escapes
      • 2001: Gothel tricks Wish Hook and Alice is born - yeah, in my headcanon Wish Regina did not attempt casting the curse in 1983 (or maybe she did but Snow and Charming stopped her), after all we're told many things in Wish Realm happened differently than they did in the real Enchanted Forest. She fought Snow and Charming for a few years until they finally exiled her. Emma was very young when the fights happened and her parents never told her of the Evil Queen because they didn't want to make Emma anxious; because of this she looked very naive in 6x10.
      • 2011: Wish Hook seeks Maui's hook.
      • 2011/2012: Around this time Zelena encounters Hansel and Gretel
      • 2018: Alice escapes her tower
      • 2018/2019: Henry graduates and leaves Storybrooke. He spends a few years in another realm where time runs faster and he ages a few years and turns into Andrew West, then he finally reaches NEF. Zelena also leaves Storybrooke with Robin and they reach another realm where time runs faster and Robin ages faster. When Robin is 18 they go back to Storybrooke.

        At this point time starts running 10 times faster in the New Enchanted Forest than it does in Storybrooke.
        Why? I'll get to that later.
        In-universe explanation: Heh, I'll be honest, I don't know, maybe because Henry is the author and his destiny makes time runs faster. Or maybe someone cast a curse or something.

        7x02: Emma says she's pregnant. I can't believe she would wait so many years before getting pregnant, and Hook does seem much older than he was in season 6 (as for Emma's age, I guess Regina, Zelena and her can look younger because of magic), so this must be 5-6 years after season 6 at most. But Henry is played by another actor, so assuming he's 5 years older than he was in 2018, he must have spent some time in another realm where time runs faster.

        Season 7 flashbacks; Henry proposes to Cinderella, Lucy is born, and finally the curst is cast. Approximately 9-10 years are passed in NEF since Henry and Cinderella first met. Because time runs slower in Storybrooke, the town is still in the year 2019/2020.

        Gothel sends everyone back in time to 2017.

        A few months later Gothel is defeated, let's assume we are in early 2018 (because Robin says her younger self in Zelena's car is 5, she possibly rounded up her own age because she was nervous and couldn't think properly).

        Then all realms are united into one reality. I like to think that before doing this, Regina first undid Gothel's curse and took everyone back to their time. If she didn't and she truly reunited all realms before Gothel cast her curse, she would change the past and things would get complicated. Yeah, I know it might be a bootstrap paradox, but I personally don't like the idea.

        So, in my headcanon, Regina's family and friends were sent back to their time, which is year 2020 in Storybrooke, then the united realms "curse" is cast and the united realms scene is set in 2020, when Neal is 7 and Hope is about 1.

        Hopefully that made sense, unfortunately English is not my main language (I'm sure you noticed xD)
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    • Wow, it's a pretty clever timeline! It'd be great to see a S8 ^^ 

      Your english is pretty good, I actually didn't notice any mistake. Also, english isn't my main language either lol. My main language's spanish, I live in Argentina :P

      Where are you from? It's OK if you don't wanna say ^^ 

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    • I'm from Italy! :D

      Estudié un poco de español cuando iba a la escuela, pero hace mucho tiempo que no lo estudie y me acuerdo poco xD Your English is pretty good as well!

      Anyway I've been following your Season 8 and I'm enjoying it so far! Really looking forward to where it's headed! Also your "Once upon a Great Adventure" story sounds pretty good too!

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    • Tienes un muy buen español, de hecho! Se ve que recuerdas bastante!

      Thank you! The first three episodes weren't so good, but a remake of the first episode came out a few days ago, and I'm currently writing the other two!

      "Once Upon a Great Adventure" is over, it ended last week, but I'm very happy on how it was received and I really liked the ending of the season <3

      If you read Great Adventure or S8, please let me know your thoughts ^^ 

      I'm also really looking forward for your S7! :D 

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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