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  • I started a discussion here:

    Better to discuss it with a lot of people :)

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  • Hi :) You know, you just can't change the whole Zelena thing without asking or talking with someone.

    I know, the most of the time we use the distinction (Enchanted Forest) and (Storybrooke), but for some characters, like Regina or the Wicked Witch, we don't Because they were credited under the two names so Evil Queen for Regina (Enchanted Forest) and Wicked Witch of the West for Zelena (Enchanted Forest), like that we don't have to precise (Storybrooke) for their counterparts.

    You probably did that with some good intentions, but as I said, you just can't decide something like that by yourself :)

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    • Yes, thank you for letting me know. I just replied to you on the other thread.

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    • Sorry for the duplicate post! Yikes. I removed it right after I saw you responded to the forum thread. 

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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