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  • The comment you left in the comment field for Wish Cruella's article is unacceptable. A user suggested a quote and CoolDudeAl replied that he liked the current one way better, to which you replied "Current one way better? buahaha. lol." Making fun of others and laughing at them will not be tolerated on this wiki. Do that again and you will be blocked.

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    • OMG. Stop being fragile. Just stop. Ancient chinese vase ich much stronger than this. Before you reply: Yes: some people are very much fragile and even air can hurt their feelings.

      And I will repeat: Current one way better? buahaha. lol

      BTW. This tv series was dying since 5th season. I still love it but less and less viewers says a lot about it. It will end by next friday / saturday in Poland via internet. Blocking someone because some other is VERY FRAGILE is your decision. Me? Meh.

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    • Because of your rude and disrespectful comments, you have been blocked for a month.

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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  • Hey! Before I undid your edit, I wanted to check with you, because i might be wrong XD

    I don't remember David's father being mentioned in "Broken". When was it?

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    • s02e01 "Broken". When she was supposed to choke Charming by wallpaper, but Henry showed up.

      Part of Script:
      00:36:34,057 --> 00:36:36,559
      You think you're some heroic prince?

      00:36:37,895 --> 00:36:41,163
      Please. You're nothing but the son of a shepherd

      00:36:42,800 --> 00:36:45,467
      I should've killed you when I could,

      00:36:45,502 --> 00:36:48,036
      and now...

      00:36:48,070 --> 00:36:49,371
      now I can.

      00:36:49,405 --> 00:36:51,306

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    • Nice! Thanks for adding that!

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    • A Spy in the Mirror
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  • Hi.

    I had to delete your comments. According to our policies:

    • Comments are to be utilized to discuss changes to the article. For example; changing an infobox image, giving a reference to a spoiler or update that applies to the page, suggesting the addition or removal of a section, etc. Please note that the five vote consensus applies only to infobox image and quote changes, not to major updates to an article's content.
    • Do not use comments to discuss theories or thoughts on the article's subject. Please use the forums for this.


    I suggest you to read all of them for the future :)

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